Random Thoughts: Memo and Democracy

Yay! Got my first tax cut adjusted paycheck!
Now give me another tax cut.

I recorded the SOTU to watch later tonight. Please don’t spoil it for me.

So will the new Han Solo Star Wars movie cater to long time Star Wars fans or will it share the opinion of The Last Jedi that die hard fans of Star Wars are to be hated and punished?
“I know: Let’s add to Han Solo’s backstory that he’s a pedophile. That will teach Star Wars fans for ever loving anything.”

Are we to the point now that democracy–this constant win/lose contest everyone is dropped in–is more an obstacle to civilization than what’s lifting it up?
Democracy is definitely better than dictatorships or monarchies (which are stupid), but the way it pits us against each other in contests where there is a definitive victor and loser still seems rather primitive.
The idea that you can elect someone who 49% of the people voting despise is just dumb. And then we had Hillary vs. Trump where I think we exceeded 49% on both of them.
So why can’t the right and left work together? Because the system says they’re not supposed. One wins, one loses in each contest. Why would you work together with someone you’re supposed to be defeating?
No family works this way (at least no functional one). You certainly wouldn’t want to be having constant win/lose scenarios with your wife. And a country where people are constantly pitted against each other this way is going to have problems.
So what should we have instead of democracy? I dunno. But we should look for something. I’m frustrated that everyone’s solution always seems to be “We need to get more people out to vote!”–the same refrain we’ve had for decades (centuries?).
Voting is what got us Trump. Voting is what will one day get us worse than Trump. We need a new system. This one is broken and we need to stop pretending it will one day magically fix itself.

It does feel like a gag from a bad comedy that after the failure of uninspiring, status quo Hillary, the Dems drag out a Kennedy as their next big idea. I guess this is the sort of bad comedy where it’s plausible Donald Trump is president.

I’ve removed checking the news or social media from my mornings. I now drink my coffee while reading a book. Sometimes my 2yo gets up early and snuggles up next to me watching a show on an iPad while I read. It’s the greatest thing ever.

I could see hiring Alan Grayson if you had an opening for a crazed nutjob to bite homeless people, but I don’t know about fact-checking.

Shouldn’t they be middle-aged mutant ninja turtles by now?

Sometimes I wish we had that government from the X-Files that’s competent enough to do vast conspiracies.

Very interested in The Good Place season finale, but they may have set their finale bar too high with their first season.

I’m hearing something about a memo.

What if the memo is really long and none of us want to read it?

What if the memo says “The FBI is smart and doing everything right.”? That will be devastating to Trump!

What if the memo says something about me and it’s not flattering? Why did no one run the memo by me before releasing it?

I’m pretty much on board with getting rid of the Confederate statues, but I’m guessing the SJWs won’t stop there and next they’ll want to tear down a Harriet Tubman statue because she wasn’t good enough on trans issues or something.

My tax cut was bigger than $1.50 a week. But, you know, I pay a lot of taxes.
If you really want to give a big tax cut to poor people, cut payroll taxes.

It has to be said: I don’t think Putin is doing the worst job running this country.

People who say Obama didn’t have any scandals scare me even more than fervent Trump supporters.
In my ideal world, the president would always have a sub-20% approval rating and everyone would be suspicious anytime he tried to use his power.

The Democrats are right to attack Paul Ryan and I support their call for even more tax cuts.

I’m afraid the Democrats 2020 slogan is going to be, “Let’s all return to the depressing status quo that left you so numb and empty inside that you elected Trump president just to try and feel something again.”

Memo news cycles are so boring and involve too many acronyms and names of people I don’t care about. Can’t Trump tweet something dumb and crazy again and we tweet about that?

It used to be “Jon Stewart said this” and “Jon Stewart said that” and now it’s “Jimmy Kimmel said this” and “Jimmy Kimmel said that.” Even our annoying, smug comedians are getting dumber.

For the record, I’ve never heard anything about Samantha Bee that’s convinced me I should find out who Samantha Bee is.

I’ve never paid attention to how I take eggs out of the carton. I just grab the first egg I see.

What we have to overcome to get out of this political funk:
* Partisanship
* Yelly pundits who find outrage in everything and feed partisanship
* Smug political comedians who just feed already existing biases
* Improper removal of eggs from carton

For the Super Bowl, just tell me what commercials I need to watch on YouTube so I don’t feel left out of culture.

So who is more out of touch?
-Paul Ryan, who thought someone getting an extra $1.50 a week was something worth tweeting about
-People who can’t fathom someone would actually be happy about an extra $78 a year

They’re still saying Solo is coming out Memorial Day and we still haven’t seen anything of the lead’s performance. I assume they’re trying to fix it in post.
I sincerely hope the movie is fun. The Last Jedi left a bad taste that’s just gotten worse as time goes by.

I’m not watching the game or the ads, but I feel as a public service I should mention that those Blaze Doritos are really good.

And while I’m not watching the game or even care about or follow the NFL at all, I’m still rooting for the Patriots to lose.

I still haven’t even seen the last Mission Impossible. I barely remember it being in theaters.

If you’re not excited for Donald Glover as young Lando, you live a sad, empty existence.
“That’s pretty good, but let’s do another take where you don’t squeal, ‘I’m playing Lando Calrissian!’”

That’s something new, right? They finally show the trailer for anticipated, coming movie and it adds “BTW, you can watch it at home tonight.”
What would have made this a perfect 2018 moment if it said, “And you can watch the new Cloverfield movie at home, tonight, thanks to the Trump tax cut.”

That Tide ad campaign is pretty brilliant. I expect thousands dead from eating Tide Pods tomorrow.

I hope the Eagles credit their win to the Trump tax cut.

What my wife actually wants is just the Doritos dust without all that unhealthy fried corn to eat.
Ooh. You could do something like a Doritos pixie stick.

I found The Good Place second season finale to be a little odd. It was almost like a combination season finale and next season premiere.

So should I stop angrily glaring at women whenever I hear them bite into a chip?

If you’re a partisan used to poor people being your props, the tax cuts helping any of them is a very bad thing.
Do I think Trump or most of the Republicans care about the poor? No. But it’s also become extremely obvious neither do most of the Dems or the bleeding hearts in the media.

One of the biggest problems in accepting capitalism is the amount of ego one has to swallow to admit a greedy capitalist trying to enrich himself can materially help the poor an order of magnitude more than those who intensely care about the poor.
It seems unjust, and it’s not hard to see why people don’t like it. Caring feels like it should mean something, and it does. It means a lot… just not in economics.

Wow, we’ve had a historic one day rise in dumb things said about the stock market.

Has it really been that long since we had a big stock market drop? I’m kinda surprised by all the people freaking out, but I guess there’s the political angle in making this look like a big deal makes Trump look dumb.
Pro Tip: You don’t need to expend any effort to make Trump look dumb.

If you don’t want to be mainsplained to, don’t woman… not know things.

If women really do want a quieter chip that’s less messy, are the people making fun of Lady Doritos making fun of women?
Reminds me of SNL sketch about a Black Widow movie imaging it being a romcom of her falling for Ultron. Persumably it was to make fun of studios for how they market to women but could also be interpreted as making fun of women for the dumb types of movies they tend to like.
And women do like romcoms. And they are all very dumb.
Romcoms. Not women.

But the stock market will be back up when I retire in 30+ years, right?

I’ll gladly pay into Social Security and get nothing back in exchange for my kids not having to pay into that farce at all.

Remember when Quentin Tarantino hosted SNL back in the 90s? This is probably inappropriate now.
And I don’t know why I always remembered that sketch. It wasn’t that funny or good.
So, first question that always came to mind: Do you think he wrote that sketch?

I would love us to get back into space. I hate how every time I talk to my kids about man landing on the moon, it ends with “Ask your grandmother about it.”

I know a few American have problems with Trump, but I think everyone has to admit he showed great leadership in helping the stock market recover today.
And also great job on the Space X launch, Trump. I don’t see how that would have been possible without the tax cuts.

I don’t quite get Jordan Peterson’s rock star status, but his biblical analysis is some pretty interesting stuff.
His style is interesting. He’ll have like a 2 minute point and take 2 hours setting it up going on seemingly unrelated tangents.

Parades are dumb and boring. Wouldn’t it be cooler to have the military blow stuff up on YouTube or something?

When my daughter was watching video of the Space X launch, she was very excited that it was something that happened today. Usually when I show her cool space stuff, it’s from decades ago.
Man, that launch was one of the only things that made me miss Florida. I used to live close enough to Cape Canaveral to see shuttle launches. A night launch is still one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen—and that was from 40 miles away.

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  1. So will the new Han Solo Star Wars movie cater to long time Star Wars fans or will it share the opinion of The Last Jedi that die hard fans of Star Wars are to be hated and punished?
    “I know: Let’s add to Han Solo’s backstory that he’s a pedophile. That will teach Star Wars fans for ever loving anything.”

    Don’t quote me but, keep the words “Sex Reassignment surgery” in mind.


  2. It does feel like a gag from a bad comedy that after the failure of uninspiring, status quo Hillary, the Dems drag out a Kennedy as their next big idea. I guess this is the sort of bad comedy where it’s plausible Donald Trump is president.

    Didn’t LBJ have any kids? Surprised they haven’t trotted out Amy Carter.


  3. So why can’t the right and left work together?

    There has been a fundamental divergence between the two on the important questions of “Why is America Here?” “What America was, is and will be” The basic rules of governance, and how both individuals should relate to the State as well as how the State will relate to individuals. This divergence is only getting larger and creates the consequences we see today manifested in our Democracy that needs fundamental agreement on certain foundational principles to function properly. That would indicate that it will probably end up allegorically with the Chuck Heston complaint from the end of the Planet of the Apes.


  4. “So why can’t the right and left work together?”

    check your premises. There is no “right” in the discussion. Everything you hear is the left mumbling to itself.

    “We need a new system. This one is broken and we need to stop pretending it will one day magically fix itself.”

    We need to stop pretending we’re using the system we have. The election of Trump is the last time it’s ever going to pretend to work.


  5. Whatever Happened to the Republic ? Everyone These Days Calls it a Democracy
    ArtfulDilettante.com | February 4, 2018

    The word Republic has all but disappeared from our political lexicon. It has erroneously been replaced by Democracy. The Founders must be turning over in their graves. They had nothing but contempt for democracy. They sought to, and did, create a constitutional republic, but not before doing their homework.

    Unlike today’s politicians, talking heads, and academics, the Founders had an acute, in-depth, and nuanced understanding of history and political systems. Prior to the 1787 constitutional convention, James Madison undertook a comprehensive study of every known republic in recorded history to ensure that the Founders didn’t repeat their mistakes. The Founders as a group were also well studied in democracies. They knew that every democracy in recorded history disintegrated in a pyre of chaos, tyranny, and mob violence.

    The word democracy does not appear in any of the Founding documents: the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation, nor the Constitution. For good reason: the Founders had no intention of creating a democracy. They wanted to fashion a mixed republic of constitutionally infused checks and balances which incorporated elements of monarchy, aristocracy, and popular consent. Monarchy would manifest itself in the Office of President, aristocracy the senate, and popular consent, the House of Representatives. The checks and balances are both vertical and horizontal. The division of the government into the executive, legislative, and judicial constitutes one form of checks and balances. The “division of labor” among the federal, state, and local levels of government constitutes the other. This division of labor was made law in Article 1, Section 8, and the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

    The Founders drew much of their inspiration and thought from Baron Montesquieu’s “Spirit of the Laws.” Montesquieu (1689-1755), a Frenchman, was a political philosopher and man of letters. He is one of the central figures of the Enlightenment.

    Published in 1748, the Spirit of the Laws is a comparative study of three types of government: republic, monarchy, and despotism. Montesquieu held that government powers should be separated and balanced to guarantee individual rights and freedom. It is considered one of the most influential political studies of all time. The Founders would agree, and some 40 years later, would incorporate much of Montesquieu’s masterpiece in the founding of our Republic.

    I’ll bet very few Americans can cite the differences between a republic and a democracy, or care for that matter. But even high-level politicians and prime-time political commentators continue to refer to “our democracy” rather than “our republic.” Spread the good word—we don’t live in a democracy; it’s a republic, thank you.


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