Wednesday Night Open Thread

I used to enjoy watching Justified. If you never watched it, it might be worth a look. It’s on Amazon Prime at the moment, if you’re a Prime Membeer.

Anyway, Season Four had an interesting story about a skydiver, “Drew Thompson,” whose parachute didn’t open and he and his cocaine crashed to the ground in Kentucky in the 1980s.

In real life, in the 1980s, an Andrew Thornton had a parachute that didn’t open and he crashed to the ground before his plane crashed in Kentucky. The real life unsuccessful skydiver didn’t have cocaine on him. Rather, he had pushed it out of the plane earlier.

What happened to it? Therein lies a tale.

[The YouTube]

So, what’s on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? After all, it’s now Wednesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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  1. Justified is an awesome series. While my exposure to Kentucky is minimal, my father and his parents were born a holler or two over from Harlan. According to him, the show accurately portrays Harlan, Ky.


  2. William Tecumseh Sherman, whose capture of Atlanta played a major role in Lincoln’s re-election in 1864, was born February 8, 1820, in Lancaster, Ohio. He is also known for saying that war is hell. Jean-Paul Sartre, in his play No Exit, wrote that hell is other people. So we can conclude that war is other people.


  3. I saw an old loser
    On TV last night
    She seemed so mad, unseemly, I just smilled
    And she talked about some odd things
    Like she’d had a bunch of beers;
    Still Crazy After All These Years

    I’m not the kind of man
    Who likes things socialized
    I seem to lean on old familiar ways
    And I ain’t no fool for free stuff
    That’s whispered in my ears;
    Still Crazy After All These Years

    Four in the morning
    Crapped out, droning
    Wrong, but she lies away
    I never watch her — Why should I?
    Nothing of value to say

    So I sit by my Windows
    And I watch the carnage
    Fearing she’ll do more damage one fine day
    Yet she will not be convicted
    By a jury of her peers:
    Still Crazy After All These Years


  4. Excellent as usual. Might I venture a small suggestion? Instead of…

    Like she’d had a bunch of beers;
    Still Crazy After All These Years

    How about

    Like she had one too many beers

    I think it it matches rhythm of the original lyrics a bit more closely.


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