Let’s Help Frank

Can I ask you guys a favor?

Hey, I’ve blogged slightly more. You owe it to me!

So writing wise, I’ve been mainly focusing on my novel writing and hope to finally start putting those out at a regular pace. My next novel (formerly known as The Clearing though it will have a new title) will come out probably in December, and I’m very excited about it as it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. And I’m also several chapters in to writing the sequel to Superego.

Furthermore, I have the second draft finished for another novel, and I’m looking for beta readers (SarahK — the alpha reader — is the only one who gets to see the first draft since it’s her job to keep from embarrassment). It’s a scifi comedy called Hellbender. Yes, I know I’ve a couple times years ago tried to do that story piece by piece on this blog (just like Superego first started), but I threw all that out and I think this version is rather good. Well I hope it is. Parts of it make me laugh at least.

Anyway, if you’re interested in giving it a look, just say so in the comments and I’ll contact you through email. And I’ll owe you one. Plus you’ll get like acknowledged in the acknowledgments. That’s big time.

Thanks guys. My writing has evolved over the years — columns, humor books, script for a web series, novels — but it all started here thanks to you and your support. I won’t forget that. Unless I get really really famous.

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The Left Needs to Be More Clear on Its Religious Views

I think the left needs to be more clear on what they consider religious views and thus are areas where they don’t care about the science. Like with this whole Google memo thing; the guy cited offensive science — not bad science, just offensive to their worldview — and they’ve freaked out and aren’t sure how to cope. The naive fool thought if he backed up what he said with science, he’d been in the clear, but he didn’t realize (and many of the left don’t realize) is that the left views on gender is actually a religious view and thus science is irrelevant.

Now, it’s okay to have religious views where you don’t care what the science has to say. Like I’m very clear my views on equality are a religious view. I think all people are equal because we all have souls (unprovable), and that is our true selves and a state where we are all equal a and what we see here in this world is just dross. I don’t care what science you might say to dispute that or arguments about how equality goes against evolution or what not. It’s a view far more important than silly science data.

The left also has many religious views, but they just won’t admit they are religious and thus get very confused and agitated when science goes against them — part of that is because one of their religious views is science is supposed to always back their ideology. But you don’t get to dictate what science says. A lot of Christians have run into this problem, and now it’s the “secular” left’s turn to have their religion in conflict with data. And the solution is usually to step out of it. You say this is my capital ‘T’ Truth, and it matters not to me what suppositions some silly people make with their data, I will always believe it.

If the left does this and are more clear on what they consider their religious truths, that will save future Damore’s from thinking he’s arguing a science question when in reality what we have is a religious debate.

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Random Thoughts: Socialism, Communism, and Google

True socialism has never been tried. That would kill a country instantly instead of slowly weakening it.

Could someone very slowly and carefully explain to me what a “buttered roll” is?

Coconuts grow on deserted islands because that’s the only place anyone would be tempted to eat one.
“So what kind of fruit does this tree have?”
“It’s a… brown hairy ball full of wax.”
“Can… can trees have mental problems?”

So before today, did anyone else know you could put butter on a roll and eat it? I just used rolls as something to chuck at squirrels.

Most action movies are cheering on bad guys getting shot. I guess the more grounded in reality, the more “problematic” that becomes.
Taken was kind of in that mold, and it was very popular. At the cinema, we tend to like the simple, unapologetic solution to evil.

Is a poem written on a statue binding law? Before you answer, know that the statue is very very big.

He’s a father who after an unspeakable tragedy no longer cares if SJWs come after him en masse. It’s Bruce Willis in Problematic Wish.
“You can’t just gleefully gun down thugs without being contemplative about the underlying socioeconomic concerns!”
“Try and stop me.”

Considering the record, if you still support Communism over Capitalism, you absolutely, positively do not care about famine or the poor.
With the record of Capitalism versus Communism on famine, that’s like comparing a prime rib dinner to a shotgun to the groin.

Difference between Nazi and Communist is when you say how horrible Nazis have been, they don’t say, “Well, real Nazism has never been tried”

Really, though, who cares about the NYT? When was the last time they influenced anyone who wasn’t already a mindless left-wing partisan?

The difference between a prophet and a scientist is that there are more specific qualifications to being called a prophet.
We’d all be much smarter if journalists were required to replace “scientists say” with “some guys say”.
Then you’d ask, “Who are these guys and why should I believe them?” Questions some people think the term “scientist” answers when it doesn’t.

Guys, come on. Keep quiet on spoilers for the next 40 years while I’m waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish the books.

NYC having best pizza sounds like a dumb urban legend. You can just copy whatever recipes they have and make it the same in any other city.
Same for bagels.

Isn’t limiting the acceptable areas of discussion more anti-science than anything else?

So is Google even going to attempt to refute what the guy said or are they just going to fire him?

Whoever thought promoting diversity and tolerance would so often involve screaming, “Burn the witch!”?

Looking like 2020 will again be an easy choice between a cartoonish, moron buffoon and people who will constantly lie and try to destroy you.

There’s a hotline to call to report any nuclear wars you see.

The North is definitely my least favorite of the Koreas.

I’m all for tolerance as long as it’s for things I approve of.

What struck me about the Google memo was how earnest it was. He honestly thought he was going to foster a discussion.
He thought response would be “Here’s where you’re wrong and where your biases are blinding you.” Instead it was “You hate diversity! Fired!”
He comes off as this poor, naive guy who foolishly believed people who disagreed with you had other settings than “Crush! Kill! Destroy!”
Lesson learned for other Google employees: Stick to quietly seething.

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Random Thoughts: Kid Rock and Anakin

With his trans in the military tweets, Trump is responding to the controversy of how former men keep dominating the women’s division of war.

“We interrupt your Netflix streaming to bring you breaking news: Trump just tweeted something.” -possible future nightmare world

“We now return you to your Netflix stream already in progress.”
“No! Why would you do that? Rewind it!”

HILLARY: “I would like to announce my new book, What Happened. It will be $500, which as far as I know is a good price for a book.”

Biggest nightmare as a father is to hear someone utter “What bad kids.” and then hear Mr Miyagi correct them with, “No such thing as bad kids, only bad parent.”

If I was richest person on earth, I’d buy a plaque saying so. Hopefully it costs less than the difference between my wealth and the 2nd richest.

I loved the ending to Angie Tribeca’s third season. It was so so stupid.

A garbage fire that burns brighter than the sun.

Senator Kid Rock will only be a couple steps away from having an Insane Clown Posse caucus.

Has Pickle been located and brought to justice yet?

The whole internet hates Pickle, the 9yo who loves Trump! 5 seconds later We regret to inform you he’s real and not a racist

As a parent, hard to imagine the powerless of the government telling you your child must die and you’re not even allowed to bring him own.
That was a disgrace. Those were not the actions of a civilized nation.
If this were attempted in the U.S., I hope we’d see people imprisoned for kidnapping.

Instead of tying self in logical knots defending state preventing treatment of a child, why not admit you’re a horrible person and move on?
And please stay away from the health care debate.
It is really rather scary that a bunch of left-wing sociopaths want to control something so important.

If it’s President Trump and Senator Kid Rock, the obvious path forward for the GOP will be all B-list celebrities.

No one is actually against capitalism, but there are some extremely dedicated poseurs.

Trump is playing three-dimensional chess. It only looks like he’s losing two-dimensional tic-tac-toe to a chicken.

“The Jedi have been lying to you, Anakin.”
“You’re right!”
“You should go their temple and murder all the kids there.”
“Um.. sure, why not?”

Actually would be nice if there was a scene where Anakin proudly tells the Emperor he killed all the younglings and the emperor is horrified.
“I murdered the younglings!”
“What? I never said to do that!”
“I’m embracing the dark side.”
“You’re a psychopath!”

“Doesn’t this all seem rather contrived to you?” -me in the universe of any show aimed at preschoolers

Imagine if Trump stopped tweeting and we just had to imagine what nonsense was going on in his head. Sounds terrifying.

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Preserving the Present at the Expense of the Future

We have this engine that takes things that start out as luxuries for the rich — indoor plumbing, electricity, televisions, computers, cellphones — and then make them so cheap even the poor can afford them. And that’s what’s been pretty much been banned from the field of medicine since people just don’t like the idea of profit-making where people’s lives are at stake.

Now, we’re not quite to single payer, but it’s starting to seem inevitable. We’re in this weird area where we definitely don’t have a functional free markets — no one even knows the prices of things — but we’re not in complete government control either. But how much longer are we going to tolerate this mess? So there are two directions, head to free markets or to complete socialism. The only thing is, I don’t see anyone in the major two parties really even arguing the first, so all that seems left is to slouch toward the latter at different speeds.

Now, people will die from the decision to go to single payer — millions, potentially — but in ways that don’t make people fill icky, such as cures for certain diseases taking years or decades longer to exist. Because that’s what socialism is — it’s trying to preserve the present at the cost of the future. Socialism is this false guarantee you’ll always be able to live at the current level you’re used to and the price is the destruction of innovation since the profit motive is gone. It’s very attractive to wealthy, fearful nations who are more scared of losing what they have than hopeful of having things even better. And we’re a very wealthy, increasingly scared country.

I wish I had some hopeful words to say how we could stop this slouching toward socialism, but I don’t really have an idea how to make free markets popular again. They have what should be an ironclad record, but they’re scary. So my only comfort is that I’m usually very wrong at predictions.

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The Increasing Pointlessness of Politics

I remember the constant “But… but… SCOTUS!” when people complained about how cartoonishly horrible Trump was during the campaign. And, hey, that gamble paid off. We got a really good SCOTUS pick.

But apparently that’s about it from a Trump administration and a Republican controlled House and Senate. It really seems like the Republicans were caught completely off guard by Trump winning and had no plans beyond being an opposition party. I mean, this health care stuff, people have been talking about that for a while. Like years. They probably should have had some sort of plan ready. But nope. I’m a little more hopeful they can come up with something on taxes… but not that hopeful.

So, so useless. It’s why I just can’t get in these partisan fights anymore. What’s the point? Is there any chance of anything being accomplished?

But on the plus side for the Republicans, attack ads will be hard. “We have to stop these radical, extremists Republicans from… not doing anything in particular.”

So what’s the path forward here? What’s the rallying cry for 2018? Neither the Democrats or the Republicans have a particularly good case to make about anything. Best slogan I can come up for them is “Embrace irrelevancy.” I kinda like that. If the government were more irrelevant and we just paid it less attention, that’s a good thing. And, frankly, I’d kinda like to talk about something other than Trump one day.

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Random Thoughts: Civil Asset Forfeiture and OJ

Enjoyed Resident Evil 7. Best since 4. Started very different, but ended as regular guns a blazing Resident Evil.
Enjoyed the earlier part with little combat more than the later sections fighting a bunch of bullet sponges.
RE4 is one of my favorite games of all times, but strangely the more RE7 stayed away from the combat-heavy focus, the better it was.

Interesting people recognize civil asset forfeiture as theft but not taxation. Both involves assets taken without charge of a crime.

seize an arbitrary amount of money from one person
seize arbitrary amount from everyone
“Don’t you want roads and schools?”

If civil asset forfeiture goes to the Supreme Court, will Justice Roberts save it by calling it a tax?

This is fun. Next up is whether you can come up with a fundamental difference between a mob running a protection racket and the government.

My sources are telling me that the Grand Moff of the Supreme Court is heading here from Alpha Centauri to seize power from Trump.

What many don’t understand is that as horrible as Trump is, to many the average politician is much worse.
Yet people are still expending energy trying to prove Trump is horrible like that now means anything to anyone.

Do you sometimes get the impression that Trump is kinda dumb and has poor impulse control?
I don’t want to rag on him, though. It’s a tough job I don’t want to do. Like being a waitress.

I don’t get it. Donald Duck and Daisy have zero chemistry.

My main memory of the OJ trial was a big groan throughout my high school when the verdict was announced.
How did we get news updates back then? I guess some classes turned on radios or TVs.

My sources are telling me Bannon has been secretly executed and Marshal of the SCOTUS has disguised himself as Bannon and taken his place.

The way things are going, if OJ Simpson gets parole, there’s a 13% chance he’ll be the next president of the United States.

“Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Would love poll on how many people still believe DC is capable of delivering any of those things.

I was unaware Splatoon 2 lacked a split-screen multiplayer when I ordered it. That is going to cause contention with the kids.

Jan Brady voice
“Russia! Russia! Russia!”

The Justice League trailer makes it look like they really are going to try to make Aquaman happen.
And I guess there is some sort of clause where WB loses rights to all DC characters if they ever make a movie that’s bright and colorful.

The British government kidnapped a child to make sure he did not receive potentially life-saving treatment.

Remember slow news days?

Everyone in the country should get one large box (24″ x 18″) full of health care. For free.

I thought the Senate had literally voted to murder me, but it was the “Murder Frank J. Flemming Act” and my name only has one ‘m’.

Calm down, everybody. You shouldn’t be freaking out unless you’re a member of Trump’s cabinet.

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Video Games as a Parent

Got Splatoon 2 on Friday and it’s a really fun game with one huge problem: No split screen. Only one player per console. I didn’t even think to check for that before purchasing since it’s a multiplier-focused game on a multiplayer-focused system. It seemed obvious it would have it; I mean, doesn’t everyone have a fond memory of playing Goldeneye on the N64 in four-player split screen. And Minecraft for the Switch has four-player split screen. But no dice on Splatoon 2. I was really looking forward to getting to do some squad-based shooter combat with my kids, but to do that, I’d have to buy a whole other Switch and a second copy of the game.

My video game needs have changed a bit. Usually, I only cared for playing single player, but now the point of games for the Switch is to play them with the kids (and not have them constantly fight over whose turn it is). Yes, the first game I got was Zelda which was solely single player, but I only played it when the kids were watching (which they were very insistent on). And since that game defied normal video game conventions so much, Buttercup had a number of ideas that worked that I never would have come up with. For instance, in one area there was a switch that needed to be weighted down (very common to Zelda games) and a barrel across the room that you had to ride moving platform to get to. Having played video games for decades, I knew the puzzle was get the barrel and bring it to the switch. But Buttercup suggested we just take some of the many many items we collected in the overworld and drop some on the switch to weight it down. I knew that wouldn’t work because that would ruin the whole point of the puzzle, but I tried it to shut her up. And it worked. Breath of the Wild was very much a game where they set a bunch of rules of physics and let you come up with solutions that the programmers didn’t even think of, and stuck in my old ways I never fully embraced that.

Anyway, now I’m just rambling on — which I can do since it’s my blog and I like talking about video games — but the point was I’m very disappointed in the lack of split screen on Splatoon 2. My dream is to do an online squad with my kids, taking out all our foes together, but that dream has been denied. Still, it’s really sweet to at least watch my 6yo daughter pwn people online.

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Stop Trying to Prove Trump Is Awful

Hey, want to hear the 7,543rd instance of Trump saying something in the past that directly contradicts what he’s saying now? If you’re on the fence about Trump, I’m sure this will finally convince you about him.

The media and the opposition are still trying to gather further evidence that Trump is awful, like there are people out there who aren’t settled on that issue. The late night comedians are still trying to mock Trump even though he’s already this glorious spectacle of which they have nothing to add. So basically, no one has learned anything.

The focus is on how awful Trump is, but the issue — and the reason he was elected — is how awful everyone else is. The other politicians. The media. They think it goes without saying they’re much smarter and better than Trump, when they are regarded by much of the population as worse than him. And that they’re still refusing to face that.

Trump is this obvious clown, but Barack Obama was an idiotic, incompetent clown too and they won’t admit it. All of Congress is full of useless, terrible people, but the Dems new slogan is reportedly “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” How many idiots are left who believe anyone in D.C. can deliver any of those things?

But it’s still the current message from the “opposition” that if you don’t like Trump, go back to the usual incompetent idiots that will continue to screw things up as they always have while the media tells you that you’re the dumb ones. On our current course, Trump will go into 2020 with a 20% approval rating and easily win reelection. And I’m sure the usual suspects will be baffled.

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Random Thoughts: Net Neutrality and Lady Doctor

I’ve never watched Game of Thrones because of how porny it sounds. I have read the books, though.

If your solution to our problems is “elect Democrats,” you don’t have any solutions and are in fact part of the problem.
And probably goes without saying that “more Republicans” isn’t going to fix things either.

The next Republican presidential nom is probably going to be something idiotic like Kid Rock and Dem one even more idiotic like Hillary.

I need to start charging for my political opinions. I don’t want to devalue them by giving them away for free.

Anytime a corporation support a government regulation, get crazy suspicious.

If no one ever takes the presidency seriously again, Trump will have been our most successful president ever.

Net neutrality thing reminds me of Obamacare repeal in default state of things from few years ago now being sold as doomsday beyond belief.

“We need to support net neutrality to keep people from being taken advantage of by large corporations.”
“Say who?”

We talked less about Russia when they had nukes pointed at us and we’re actively threatening to destroy us.

With Trump as president, it seems like Stranger Things should just be called Things.

So has anyone prominent on the left said something one way or another on the Charlie Gard thing? The silence on the issue is kinda creepy.

On plus side for the GOP, it’s going to be hard to do attack ads on them. “Don’t elect those scary Republicans or they’ll… do nothing.”

I like taking the kids to the pool because it’s my one opportunity to see how far I can throw them.

I have no idea anymore what people imagine capitalism and socialism to be.
Anyway, I’m for whatever system involves less pointing guns at people and telling them what to do.
I also like how freedom leads to adaptable feedback loops and am suspicious of the fragility and inefficiency of centralized control.

The choice isn’t capitalism or socialism which apparently means different things to different people. The choice is free markets or cronyism.
Or to put it another way, do you want your money going to corporations voluntarily or involuntarily?

“Lady Doctor Who, make me a samm-”
has the sandwich already ready because she can travel through space and time

What do you call it when you don’t see any actual outrage but you see lots of people righteously responding to supposed outrage?

I swear, a lot of people preach tolerance and understanding solely to get in fights on the internet.

What does it say about us as a society that we had a female Doctor before a female president? That’s an actual question; I have no idea.

“Finally, a female Doctor Who. What a blow for feminism! This will– Wait, why are there now so many scenes of the Doctor showering?”

Doctor regenerates into a woman
“Time to travel through space and time to find someone outraged by this so I can righteously respond!”

Seriously, it’s like 2% people celebrating a female Doctor Who and 98% loudly berating people supposedly offended by it.

My only hope about the lady Doctor Who is that Donald Trump tweets about it.

New rule: You can only respond to someone being outraged if you actually saw someone get outraged and didn’t have to search for it.
Reading an article that someone somewhere was outraged doesn’t count.

Enjoying The Grinder which only had one season, but it’s American so there’s still more episodes than most long running BBC series.

Sherlock, which has run for seven years, still has fewer episodes than the one half season of Firefly.

Doctor Her?

Now that the Women’s March has succeeded in making the next Doctor Who female, are they disbanding?

There has to be at least a couple women worth celebrating who aren’t cop killers.

Why can’t the Democrats learn from the Republicans and accomplish absolutely nothing when in power?

“Sure we’re completely worthless, but we’re not as bad as the other guys!” -Democrat and Republican slogan for 2018

Rich people don’t deserve their money. The U.S. government deserves it a thousand times less.

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Is It Evil to Oppose Capitalism?

Everyone had fun with crazy grandpa Bernie Sanders in 2016, but it’s a little scary how many people seem to take the guy who owns 3 houses ranting against capitalism seriously. More people are overtly talking about how great socialism is, when I assumed that was a debate long ago settled, like that slavery is bad. I have no idea what these people think socialism is — they seem to think it’s some sort of magic word that causes everyone to get everything they want. And I have no idea what they imagine capitalism to be. They keep saying it “hurts the poor” and I’m like, “What? You must be thinking of your face.”

When I hear capitalism, I think of the stats at places like HumanProgress.org where you see this massive increase over the last century in the living standards of the world’s poorest. In wealth, nutrition, life expectancy, it’s been an insane boon. It’s not even remotely debatable; capitalism has been orders and orders of magnitude better at helping people. Debating capitalism against other systems is like debating what’s a better weapon, a gun or different varieties of sticks. So when people say they want to crush capitalism, I take that as they want massive amounts of poor people to starve to death if it means rich people will be a little less rich.

Socialism somehow gets labeled “progressive” despite being a really old, really really failed system of misery and oppression. We have a system that both massively helps people while also respecting people, i.e., giving them freedom to make their own choices. It’s not just dumb to oppose it, it’s wrong. Being a socialist is as cute as those alt-right people playing nazi — who were also socialists. Because in the end, socialism is about controlling people, and what horrible person doesn’t love that?

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Random Thoughts: CNN and Russia! Russia! Russia!

Both Trump and CNN don’t seem to understand how their actions appear to normal people.

The left seems to think any method is excused because they are fighting horrible people but they forget that they are also horrible people.

When I saw a video with a CNN logo poorly photoshopped into it, at no point did I think “I must know more about who did this.”

I think the best way Lex Luther could destroy Superman is expose that he’s actually a journalist.

During a checkup, spent hundreds on tests for my 14yo shepherd/pit mix, though I suspect the results will come back as “She’s old!”
She’s nearly deaf, but she still hears well enough to get scared during thunderstorms and fireworks 🙁

It’s good to put your name and face to what you say. But there are reasons not to.

“Someone wrote a tweet criticizing CNN. Here’s the first of a five part story on where his children go to school.”

I pronounce GIF like “Jif” and the peanut butter Jif like “Gif”.

If you’re wondering why people are voting against their interests, the answer probably is “because you’re a prick.”

Since both properties are owned by Warner Brothers, there should be a canon answer to who is faster: the Flash or Speedy Gonzales.

I’d probably be more outraged by the Ivanka thing if I knew what stuff like the G20 was other than a protest magnet.
I don’t think the protesters know what it is either.

TRUMP: “Putin assures me he’s not behind cyberattacks and gave me a doll with another smaller doll inside it. I did not investigate further”

Is taxation theft? Let’s say the government didn’t have any guns. How many people would voluntarily pay their current tax burden?

I still can’t figure out whether it’s dumb to be afraid of Russia or to not be afraid of Russia.

Can I become president of the United States and still rant about the man trying to keep me down?

I thought in the 80s we strangled all the socialists and built a Walmart on their grave.

My 6yo daughter’s favorite word is “Actually…”

I’m beginning to enjoy our weird orange president and am dreading the day we again have a president some people take seriously.

One day there will be people living in luxury we can’t even imagine and they will complain about how bad they have it because of inequality.
You can never have so much you won’t complain if someone else has a lot more. Than doesn’t necessarily mean the other person is the problem.

I never for the life of me understood who David Brooks’s audience is supposed to be.

There’s two Donald Trumps?

I don’t get the secularization of holidays. What does a bunny have to do with Easter? What does a sale at Amazon have to do with the birth of Optimus Prime?

I’m for executing Don Jr. for treason if that’s what it will take to get us to finally stop talking about Russia.

The next Wonder Woman film will take place in the 80s and be about her teaming up with cyborg Ronald Reagan to fight Commies.

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A Timeline of IMAO’s 15 Years

Can you believe it? It was fifteen years ago this week that the blog Harvey & Friends (also known as IMAO) was started. I thought it would be neat to look at a timeline of all the important events in IMAO history.


2002 – Noticing a dearth of political opinions online, Frank J. started a blog on blogspot and named it IMAO for reasons long forgotten. Frank J. soon posted the treatise “Nuke the Moon” which many say led directly to the Iraq war, causing him to be considered a war criminal in many circles.

2003 – Frank J. wins the Pulitzer for his expose on blogger Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit, explaining why local dogs had gone missing.

2004 – IMAO jumps the shark with its coverage of the 2004 race of W versus some random New England elitist everyone has already forgotten. Frank J. held a t-shirt babe contest in a surprisingly effective ploy to get a date.

2005 – Frank J. gets married and immediately stops being funny. He tried to compensate by turning IMAO into a group blog, though it’s really just Frank J. posting under a bunch of really fake sounding names like “spacemonkey” or “Harvey.”

2006 to 2015 – It gets to be kind of a blur at this point. I remember something about Fred Thompson. Ask Harvey.

2016 – Donald Trump seizes the Republican nomination and renders political satire redundant.

2017 – This post.

Well, that’s it. Quite a history. And who knows what will happen in the next fifteen years? Probably the complete collapse of this country and the outlawing of free speech — but they’ll forget to outlaw blogs since that was like this fad from years ago that everyone had forgotten about. Then IMAO will be leading the resistance — as long as there is still some money to be made from GoogleAds.

Thanks for fifteen years, everybody!

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Favorite Posts/Moments Open Thread

I’d love if you’d post some of your favorite posts or moments from IMAO from the last 15 years in the comments. I’d put up some of my own, but I’m afraid it would be like the Simpsons where every one would be from the first few seasons.

Anyway, what do you fondly remember about IMAO? I did love doing the podcasts with SarahK, Harvey, Spacemonkey, and Lair, but man were they a lot of work.

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15 Years of Blogging Supremacy

Hey, it’s me, Frank J., the guy who sometimes blogs here. Anyway, it was fifteen years ago today I started the blog IMAO. Since then, this blog has led to me becoming a columnist, becoming a published author, and becoming a script writer. And this blog has also led to me getting married (12 years now). And it was all thanks to you, my readers and those who have supported me.

So, yeah, I know I don’t blog as much as I used to with all the other stuff going on (I don’t have much time to write right now as I’m on a fishing trip with the kids), but I will keep this blog going forever if I can. Well, maybe Harvey will, with Basil doing tech support. But I will be around waiting for that one fabled day where I will have more time to blog. Maybe on the 30th anniversary, though it’s possible by then I’ll have handed the blog over to my daughter Buttercup. She’s very opinionated and very certain she’s right about everything.

Anyway, I feel very blessed. Thank you so much for your support. And I’ll try to be funny again one of these days, I swear — though I think it’s now been thirteen years since that last happened.

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