The King, the Mice, and the Cheese

I remember reading a book when I was a kid about a king who was tired of his kingdom being full of mice, so he got a bunch of cats to chase them away. But now his kingdom was overrun with cats. So he got a bunch of dogs to chase them away. But now his kingdom is overrun with dogs (which I’m not sure why is a bad thing), so he got lions to chase away the dogs. Of course lions — being larger versions of cats — are much worse to have around, so he got elephants to chase away the lions. But now the kingdom was full of elephants, so he got mice to chase away the elephants and then we’re back where we started.

Politics is a lot like this, but for the cycle there’s just Democrats and Republicans.

“Our country is overrun with Democrats! Let’s get some Republicans to chase them away!”

“Oh no! Now our country is overrun with Republicans! Let’s get some Democrats to chase them away!”

The Democrats were counting on this cycle with that Georgia special election. Trump is unpopular, so they were thinking that people would want them — which is this error they’ve been constantly making. But the Democrats awfulness is still too much in people’s minds. Thinking Trump is a moron, boorish clout is still not the same as thinking Democrats are better. Of course the big question is will people still remember how much they disliked Democrats in 2018?

At the end of the story, I think the king learned to like living with the mice. Maybe a better ending would be to instead use traps to get rid of the mice. For a while, you’d have traps everywhere, but then eventually you would dispose of them and everything would be good. I’m not sure there’s a political analogy to that, but the question should be how to do we get out of this cycle?

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Random Thoughts: Wonder Woman and Georgia Special Election

Dang. Got a hole in my jeans. And I can’t pretend to be stylish enough for that.

Favorite gun control was NY changing max magazine capacity from 10 to 7. That’s it, guys. It was those 3 bullets. You solved gun violence.

I’m not going to play by the left’s rules. The left are insufferable. I’m still trying to cling to my last shred of sufferability.

We can either do nothing about gun violence or pass some gun control… which is a more active form of doing nothing about gun violence.

For the “climate of hate” thing with Gabby Giffords shooting, is it so hard for people to admit they were partisan hacks about that issue?

Maybe little harsh, but I’m absolutely flabbergasted that the NYT with their demonstrated inability to learn anything try to be influencers.
“We at the New York Times, who refuse to acknowledge basic facts, have some opinions we thought important to share…”

Why does the NYT lie so much? It what you’d expect from someone working for a political party, but they’re supposed to be independent.

Trump’s tweet from a few years ago of “Justice is stupid! We should obstruct it!” will probably come back to haunt him.

As long as the NYT is venerated as some paper of record, no one will trust journalists.

When NYT points out that Trump is dishonest and delusional, people assume they’re criticizing him when in fact they’re expressing kinship.

Another day living in an era where basic necessities are easily met and you have access to all the world’s knowledge. Let’s do something!

Don’t care for music. “A bunch of sounds put to a pattern! I’m going to sit here and listen to it like a dumb baby!” Stupid.

“The NYT would like to thank its readers for pointing out it’s not proven that Bush did 9/11 and the article now reflects the uncertainty.”

If it looks like the president is losing badly at 8 dimensional chess, that’s because he’s actually playing 9 dimensional chess.

If Trump goes to prison, that doesn’t mean we have to impeach him. Nothing in the Constitution says the president can’t serve from prison.
Might make a neat movie. Prison POTUS. All that power, but also locked up. Could be a drama instead of a comedy. But not if starring Trump.
New show/reality idea: Trump flees to Russia to avoid prosecution and ends up sharing an apartment with Snowden. Hijinks ensue.

I unironically like both Amazon and Whole Foods. Is that allowed?

This latest scandal is the end of Trump for sure. #EvergreenTweet

Eventually the only speech in this country will be people yelling incoherently to keep someone else from speaking.

The president, whether he’s Obama or Trump, does not deserve your respect. He’s your dumbass employee. And he does a terrible job.

“A man was shot in the street! Isn’t that horrible?”
“I need to know how many of my political beliefs he shared before I can answer that.”

Contra the overpopulation worries, food as continued to become cheaper and cheaper as the earth has become more populated.
People are the earth’s most valuable resource. It’s kind of missing the point of everything to worry about having too many of them.

Being a father is the closest thing to being a superhero. In little kids’ eyes, it’s the same thing.

For Father’s Day, I finally got to see Wonder Woman. Thought it lived up to the hype.
It was nice to have a superhero who was just a good person who wanted to help and no tragic backstory. WW is what Superman is supposed to be.
And Wonder Woman is just adorable in the movie with her kindness and naïveté. You fear she’s going to get hurt — just not physically.
Anyway, it’s a really fun superhero movie. One of the best so far. Has me excited for Justice League despite how bad previous DC movies were
Unfortunately, I don’t think the movie is appropriate for my 6yo daughter who wanted to see it.

One of my ideas is if you pass a law that’s unanimously overturned by SCOTUS, you’re arrested for treason against the Constitution.

Has the NRA really said nothing about the Philando Castile verdict? The whole thing is very scary to people who legally conceal carry.
Here’s a comic I draw a long time ago about my wife’s gun coming up in a stop. I was so woke.

New Zelda ruined most other games for me. Finally got to playing Far Cry 4 and Fallout 4, and my reaction is, “Eh, I’ve done this before.”

If everyone agreed with me, then who would I look down on?

Charity is the outdated idea that people can help each other without guns involved.

This is probably much closer to becoming reality than The Handmaid’s Tale.

The special election in GA will determine whether dictatorship that reigns for the next 40 years will be led by a Republican or a Democrat.

DEMOCRATS: “We screwed up health care first, and now the Republicans are trying to screw it up differently. Please donate.”

I’m a little confused about how outraged I’m supposed to be that Gal Gadot barely made it into the evil 1% with her Wonder Woman salary.
Does she have a brother named Guy Gadot?

I guess it’s progress that the pro-tolerance side now has at least as many hate-filled sociopaths as the bigoted side.

“If we’re nuked by North Korea, it’s b/c we broke their rules, which is wrong. And we must remember the good intentions of their communism.”

Apparently the punchline to the stupid Gal Gadot salary thing is that for Man of Steel, Amy Adams made much more than the male lead.
Really, how dumb do you have to be to think Cavill made $14 million for his first big role? Did you just learn about Hollywood this morning?

If you can’t buy a stupid congressional district for $24 million, what’s this world coming to?

Now that the Democrats have lost the most important election in the history of the multiverse, I’m pretty sure they have to disband.
Still, it’s a moral victory.

The Republicans have to be getting tired of winning.

Karen Handel won, just like that woman in that popular movie, Wonder Woman.

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Can There Be Satire About Trump?

Political satire often makes people dumber. That’s because the main thing behind bad political views is certainty. When you’re really certain about what you believe, then you don’t think twice about using the government to force all your beliefs on others. But a lot of what goes for political satire on things like The Daily Show and imitators isn’t made to challenge certainty but to make their audience even more comfortable in the view they already have, i.e., it makes people dumber.

So all this is to say I’ve done a lot of bad satire. Whatever. Let’s move on.

Good satire should be aimed at your own beliefs as much as any other. It’s trickier to do, isn’t going to be as immediately popular with your audience, but someone might actually learn something. I think a good example, incidentally, was from SNL (which usually does lazy satire) with it’s Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks sketch. It doesn’t play out as most would expect.

So the question is, is there any useful political satire that can be done about Trump? I would say no.

Now, there’s a lot about Trump to mock. I mean a lot. But the problem is, everyone sees that. And at this point, absolutely everyone either sees Trump as horrible or will never see Trump as horrible, so no one is being moved on this subject. Plus, satire against him is like making fun of a comedy. The guy is entertaining enough without any embellishments — I mean, yesterday he was back to tweeting how good his poll numbers are. I just chuckle, say “That’s out Trump!”, and don’t feel the need to add anything to it.

Now, there is plenty of good satire to do around the subject of Trump. For the left, they tend to use attacks on how horrible Trump is to try and cover up how horrible they are, and that’s ripe from their side. On the right — well the right is just a big mess right now that doesn’t really stand for anything. Honestly, I don’t really have a good take on that yet, but maybe someone else has something. I’m in a different situation, really; I’m this bemused guy on the sidelines who thinks he smarter than all those arguing ninnies — that’s what I need to make fun of.

But Trump — no reason to make fun of Trump. Just let him be him.

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How Would You Keep Lamps Out of the Hands of Criminals?

Gun control is not a magical spell. I say this, because when there is a shooting, people invoke the word “gun control” like there is some special law that will keep someone intent on murder from being able to access a gun. The problem is, there are 400 million guns in this country and they’re basically everywhere. I mean, I’m in a Texas neighborhood — there’s probably hundreds of guns around me right now. So what exactly is the law that keeps a criminal from picking one of those up?

Maybe to look at this more objectively, we should talk about something other than guns. How about lamps. Like guns, those are pretty ubiquitous. Let’s imagine we had to keep lamps out of the hands of criminals or people could die.

Now, you might pass stringent laws on purchasing new lamps, but there’s already hundreds of millions of lamps out there. I guess you could start lamp confiscation (though that would make people angry; they love lamp). But how would that work? An honor system? Or would throw out the Constitution and go door to door checking every one’s homes for lamps? And how many would that miss considering people would hide lamps from the fascist, lamp-hating government? Plus there’s lamps in attics and basements people would just forgot about. Also recall that it’s not that hard to make a lamp — it’s just wires and a big metal socket for the bulb. People could make makeshift lamps. I guess you could try to make bulbs more expensive — which I guess they did by outlawing incandescent bulbs — but you can still get plenty of cheap bulbs from Mexico.

If you’re honest about it, you’d have to admit it’s basically impossible to stop criminals from getting their hands on working lamps. Thus the only real strategy is to prevent them from using them, such as really harsh laws for possession of a lamp in commission of a crime. Of course, that won’t stop people intent on mass murder who don’t care if they live or die from using lamps, but that’s always going to be an edge case that’s hard to prevent.

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Random Thoughts: Comey, Free Market, and Health Care

So is Universal Studios trying to save money by making a universe based around public domain characters?

Is there anyone who loved Breaking Bad who isn’t watching Better Call Saul? Because that would be insane.
Better Call Saul is the makers of Breaking Bad using what they’ve learned from that series to further their craft even more.

We keep being told we’re going to get evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors and all we ever get is more evidence Trump is kind of a dummy.

The Fallout series is getting boring and repetitive. I hope in the next one they finally change war.

I see Britain is having an election. What are even the issues there? White wig shortages? O’s lacking U’s? Terrorism?

My questions for Comey:
What does FBI stand for?
How long will Trump be president?
Where is Russia?
Instead of FBI director, wouldn’t your name be better for an anthropomorphic comb?
Are you related to Banksy?
Does the White House have a lock on the outside? Like could we lock Trump in there so he can’t get out?

Everyone’s voting YOLO!

I think the solution for the U.K. is to make a robot their PM: Optimus Prime Minister.

The youth are rejecting old, failed ideas for newer old, failed ideas.

Maybe Trump and Corbyn can break the ice talking about the violent authoritarians they admire.

My level of understanding of British politics is that I’m still stuck at trying to figure out what in the world a “Jezza” is.

Mickey Mouse’s friends need to confront him on his unhinged narcissism, though he’ll probably insist it be called a “mousekaintervention.”

I just got a big check from George Soros to say bad things about Trump, but Trump is so great! What should I do?

The free market is the only working system we have for solving scarcity. All government can ever do about scarcity is manage it. Poorly.
But the free market is also this scary, profane thing run by greed, which is why we keep it away from important things, like health care.
I think we’re on the path to single payer as a free market system is just to awful to contemplate – even if it’s better in the long run.

I have a lot of dire predictions lately, but I’m comforted by the fact that I, like everyone else, am horrible at predicting the future.

“Textile” means cloth? That’s a really bad word for it. Who came up with that? Idiot.

I don’t care about people saying awful things about Trump. I just wished they’d say more awful things about all the other politicians.

Trump is useful because when people despise and are horrified by Trump, they now understand how I feel about their favorite politicians.

My daughter was curious to see the Super Mario Bros. movie, but I only have the RiffTrax version. Probably for the best.
A few minutes into it, my 4yo son asked if we could turn it off so he could go to bed.
I didn’t remember it was about Princess Daisy. That actually makes sense since she’s more Luigi’s love interest. The only accuracy.
Only legitimately funny scene in movie is where Mario and Luigi think they’re getting executed and they’re just getting their picture taken.

I don’t care for Shakespeare. The dialog is very unrealistic. No one talks like that.

I got a lot of angry responses from fanboys for insulting Shakespeare. It’s just like that time I made fun of Batman v Superman.

Why did they hire Kathy Griffin to direct Shakespeare?

Your biggest unearned privilege is the year you’re born in.

Console upgrades are getting boring. “It can render a few more polygons now. If you squint really hard, you can see the difference. $500.”
Nintendo is the only one trying to do anything interesting with hardware, and many times succeeding.

Don’t fire people for saying a bad thing about a politician. Fire people for saying good things about politicians.

Are the Democrats complaining about a health care bill being rushed and poorly thought out?

I don’t understand the Alex Jones interview controversy. Isn’t he newsworthy? Isn’t that the standard even if he’s a pile of garbage?

I’m thinking of selling out. At these cocktail parties I’d be invited to, are the drinks free?

Pfft. Wonder Woman. I’m going to teach my daughters to emulate Samus Aran.
Though not the one from Other M.

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I Don’t Care for Trump

I don’t care for Trump.

Maybe you’ve picked up on that. I don’t know if I’ve really articulated the reasons, though. But then, thinking about it, it’s a bit hard to explain exactly why.

It’s like if I walked into my living room and saw someone had vomited right in the middle of the floor. I’d say, “Oh, I do not like this. This is something I don’t care for.” But what if someone else then responded really indignantly, “Why? What’s wrong with it?” I’d probably be taken aback. I don’t think I’d have a good response right away. I’m just used to my displeasure of vomit on things being accepted without question. Now that I have to explain it, I’m a bit confused as where to start.

Which is not to say I don’t understand the appeal of vomit in certain situations. Like seeing vomit all over everything Barack Obama tried to accomplish, my reaction is, “Oh, how amusing. How droll.” But the problem with vomit is it’s not very discriminating on what it gets on. So at other times I’m like, “Oh no. Vomit is all over the principles most important to me! No one will take them seriously with vomit all over them!”

Now — and this is very important — just because I’m comparing Trump to vomit, doesn’t mean there’s someone else I’d rather be president or believe would do a better job. Trump’s fine as president; I’m not freaking out about it. In fact, to me the most optimal thing that could happen next is for Trump to go into the 2020 elections with under 20% approval and then win reelection easily.

But I don’t care for him.

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I already forgot my promise (well, more aspiration) to write more posts. Slept in today and forgot. Well, I’ll try for something tomorrow.

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The Pain of Creativity

So I said I might post more, and then right after I started to panic. What am I going to post about? Will it be any good? That’s exactly the stress I don’t need more of. So I could just not post… but another solution is just to post any garbage and not care if it’s good. We’re going to try the latter.

By the way, the creative process is stressful. When something just feels like it isn’t working in a novel, my whole mood is shot. When I used to make columns regularly, I got so worked up trying to find some new funny idea. And when you have the idea, for a new column or how to make a plot point in your novel work, it’s the greatest thing. But it’s rather miserable until then.

I’ve gotten good at brute forcing creativity. I used to write here every day for years no matter what, and it wasn’t easy. And I think I learned something from that. I can pound something out by sheer force of will if needed. It always feels better when I have some muse and the words just flow, but I don’t think you guys can tell what was fun to write and what was brutal torture.

Still, with novel writing, it’s become my rule that if I get to a section where I’m dragging my feet to finish it, then I need to rethink it and make it more fun to write. Of course, the rethinking — waiting for that great idea — is not fun.

Usually walking helps for me. Gotten a lot of great idea walking the dog. But she’s very old now (14). What I really want is the thing Scrooge McDuck had that I admired even more than his vault full of money: his thinking room. It was a room with nothing but and indented circle in it from Scrooge pacing. I want a dedicated room for me to pace and think. I need to start a GoFundMe for that or something.

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Random Thoughts: Covfefe and Iron Fist

Obviously, Covfefe is the name of Trump’s childhood sled.

When you think about it, the rise of Donald Trump is sort of Citizen Kane rebooted as a wacky comedy.

Seems like a good compromise is to tie voting and gun rights. Whatever makes you eligible for one makes you eligible for other.
One thing to make clear. Voting isn’t a right like self-defense. Voting is a compromise since the government interferes in our rights.
You don’t even have a right to a say over the affairs of anyone else, which voting purposes to be.
But as long as we’re pretending we get to tell each other what to do, I guess it’s more fair we all get to participate.

I am not concerned about climate change because unlike regressives, I am not scared of change.
“I’m an old fogey! I want a climate like we had back in the 1950s!”
Sorry, gramps. The climate is changing. Get used to it.

I don’t get the “Skip Intro” button during the Kimmy Schmidt theme song. What kind of psychopath would press that?
On the other hand, using the “Skip Intro” button consistently on House of Cards will regain you a year of your life.

I would hope the wizard equivalent of the FBI automatically places on a watchlist anyone sorted into Slytherin.

While everyone is hating on Trump, Hillary would like to remind you that she also should never be president.

The bubble I’m in is that I don’t know anyone who has gone to the theater to watch a Transformers movie beyond the first one.

We’ve declared war on France and its ally, the environment. Good.

We can sign all the treaties we want, but the environment will never stop trying to kill us. That’s just its nature.

Hillary 2020: “I’m giving you one more chance”

If we were really one non-binding agreement away from planetary destruction, we were never going to last very long.

Wow. People are freaking out about this leaving the Paris Accord almost as much as they did about the covfefe tweet.

The left tomorrow: “Here’s another reason we think Mike Pence is creepy…”

Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher should get together and do a comedy special that no one will book anywhere.

“I’m sorry. Someone has murdered your family.”
“You need to find that killer and get his party affiliation so I know how outraged to be!”

The Democrats are now prosecuting secondhand racism because they’re afraid a few people still take them seriously on that issue.

For the first time, I played for my kids a Weird Al Yankovic song parodying a song they’re familiar with. It. Blew. Their. Minds.

I only support firing comedians when they become unprofitable.

The Iron Fist is a good superhero for any problem that can be solved by a glowing fist or a billion dollars.

I told my daughter to toughen up and she said only boys needed to be tough so I had to mansplain feminism to her.

I somewhat agree with socialism that I don’t deserve my money but I vehemently disagree with socialism that anyone else does.

I’m hearing rumblings about problems in the Middle East.

In the alternate universe where Trump could be elected president, “Reality Winner” does seem like the sort of name someone would have.
By the way, I’m from Earth 5. I’m not sure how I got here, but it’s a really silly place and I’d like to get home.

Things are pretty miserable here for a rich country with no actual problems.

Having finished it, Iron First definitely was the weakest of the Netflix Marvel series.
One of the biggest problems was the lead. Was he a man of action? Naive child? No one really seemed to know.

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Hi. It’s Frank.

Hey, you all remember me, right? I know I treat this blog like redheaded stepchild lately and barely ever come around. It’s not because I don’t like you — I have gotten so much out of writing for this blog and I’d be nowhere without you readers — it’s just a how life has changed sort of thing. When I started this blog, I was 23. Now I’m… much older and have a family with three kids to take care of. My time is very limited. And that plus how I’ve just gotten sick of politics, I’ve basically focused any free time I have for writing novels which is the writing I enjoy the most.

I have a new novel coming out later this year, have a completed first draft of another novel (which I’ll be needing some test readers for soon), and am deep into writing a sequel to Superego (which I’m having a lot of fun with). Still, I’ll see if I can find some time to write a blog post or two if I can finally think of some things I’d like to write about. Keep ’em short and easy. Plus, I felt like I just needed to say “hey” and that I haven’t forgotten about you all. I miss the heydays of blogging.

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Random Thoughts: Body Slamming and Memorial Day

Is anyone who saw the original Top Gun in theaters even still alive?

Reagan once piledrived a reporter into a folding table and no one cared. We had the Soviets to worry about.

“Should this politician go to jail for–”

Does this Gianforte scandal prove the country isn’t yet ready for The Rock to run for president?

“Maybe we spend more time focusing how our ultimate goals are the same and work together?”
left and right body slam me into a coffee table

“More like ‘Blunder Woman’!” – Good line for your movie review if Wonder Woman is no good.

My 14 y.o. dog got in the trash, and I’m just happy she’s still active enough for that.

Greg Gianforte won a mandate for body slamming reporters.

My guess is Wonder Woman is a decent movie which is why the studio has stayed away from SJW nonsense unlike with girl Ghostbusters.

When does the concept of “President Trump” stop being surreal?

On Memorial Day, I like to remember my father who served 2 years in the Army and passed away in 2012 from ailments related to Agent Orange exposure.
We live very peaceful lives in this country, but it took a lot of sacrifice to get us here.
A lot of talk about “privilege,” but we need more talk about duty and what we can do to honor what were given by the sacrifice of others.

We need to get better at shunning dishonest partisans, especially those who purport to have the same beliefs as us.

Cleaning out old miscellaneous cords. Found an s-video cable — hard to imagine a scenario where I’ll need that again.

I hope the new DCEU movie reveals that Wonder Woman’s mother is also named Martha.

I still don’t get why Batman wanted to kill Superman at the end. I guess because that Batman just loves loves murder.
“I only have one rule: Murder everyone!”

The president is dumb and you should not depend on him. This is not new.

President Zuckerberg? They’re really raising the stakes for the sequel to The Social Network.

In a free speech society, we need to get better at ignoring idiocy rather than getting worked up into a tizzy by it. Don’t give the attention-seekers attention.

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Random Thoughts: The Orb!

For fun, I’d sometimes Sonny Bunch the kids and argue Team Rocket are really the good guys. Made my daughter so mad that wife made me stop.

The Trump presidency has become so exhausting. Can you believe we have well over seven more years of this?

Rompers are now the de facto uniform of the #RESISTANCE

Both Trump and Hillary were treated horribly during the election.
That’s not to say they were treated unfairly, though.

Trump’s agenda is constantly being undermined by the deep state, the secret, underwater government led by Aquaman.

“This is just like from the Handmaiden’s Tale when Bob Handmaiden fought Dumbledore!” -modern political commentary

I’m at the “I’m sorry I made fun of Jeb” stage.

My sources are telling me that what the FBI found so exonerates Trump that he’s going to be reverse-impeached and serve two extra years.

I pretended to be Supreme Court Justice and hung out in their cafeteria and heard they’ve obtained the dark orb that nullifies pardon power.

Only hope I had of Trump presidency is that he might lose his temper and bite someone like the Saudi King in the face.

I want a president who’d chuck the Saudis’ stupid medal in their faces and say, “We don’t need you! We’ll make our own oil using SCIENCE!”

We keep saying “Read another book!” when people make Harry Potter political references, but are we sure they didn’t just watch the movie?

Why didn’t Saruman just show up in person?

Finally, making a Harry Potter political reference would actually be appropriate.

You just can’t visit Saudi Arabia and have any dignity, can you?

Every breaking story for this next week better be orb related.

What if the Dow skyrockets tomorrow? We’d have to assume it’s because of the power of the orb. TRUMP MUST STEAL THE ORB!

Will people stop doubting Trump now? Any lesser president would have been destroyed by the orb.

Remember when Obama refused to touch the orb because he feared the darkness inside? But Trump embraced the darkness. He is stronger now.

Don’t take any of this as an endorsement of the orb’s dark power; I’m just trying to analyze the political ramifications.

I would rank Trump’s “I shall control the orb; it shall not control me” speech as his most presidential so far.

It was weird how at Norte Dame Pence screamed “TRUMP HAS DOOMED US BY TOUCHING THE ORB!” and the students were right to walk out on him.

People are calling Trump a hypocrite using his old tweets about how no one should ever touch the orb, but you have to understand the context.

CNN is reporting that staring into the orb has driven Trump mad. This is more fake news.

Some are saying that Trump’s vow to destroy all who question the orb is unconstitutional. If so, our Constitution should be disregarded.
The Constitution was written by weak-willed fools who doubted the power of the orb. They are dead now. But the orb lives.

Ranks ranked:
5. Colonel
4. Admiral
3. Commander
2. Sergeant
1. Moff

My sources are telling me the Supreme Court justices are going to form together into one giant justice and fight Trump.

If Sean Hannity were fatter and I were meaner, I’d call him “Sean Manatee.”

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Random Thoughts: Trying to Keep Up with the Trump Presidency

Better Call Saul is in many ways different than Breaking Bad, but I enjoy it just as much. An absolutely superb show.
And why does the ending of each episode always catch me off guard? It’s like most shows would have one scene more.
One of my favorite things in Better Call Saul are the minimal dialog mysteries of “What is Mike up to?”

Seems like there has to be a way to fire a guy everyone wants fired without it being controversial.

It’s hard to tell if he’s winning at 3D chess or losing at 2D tic-tac-toe.

Kinda seems like Trump missed his calling of writing explainer pieces for Vox.

“Mr. President, what are you doing?”
“It’s a brand new thing I invented I’m calling ‘huffing paint.'”

Trump has to be our absolute worst president until the next one.

I’m still kinda unclear on how upset to get about the terrible president firing the terrible FBI director for terrible reasons.

Instead of “priming the pump,” Trump should’ve claimed he invented the phrase “laughing up their sleeves.” More would believe him.

My prediction for 2020 is Trump will go into the election with an approval in the mid 20s and will win in a landslide.

It’s happening!

Opening sentence subject to change.

When Americans are used to showing photo IDs for a hundred minor things, it’s a tough sell to say you shouldn’t have to do that for voting.

I was going to do a tweet like “Trump has been indicted… in crazyland ” but it’s hard to imagine crazyland without president Trump.

Let’s save impeachment for if Trump ever gets boring. Right now, we already have a pretty full news cycle.

The sealed indictment is a Trump trap. If you open it, it says, “Whoever is reading this is now indicted.”

It is becoming a bit of epidemic with all the homeless Millennials trying to kick an avocado toast habit.

Well, Trump means well.[citation needed]

With these type stories it’s always a 50/50 chance that either
A) Trump is that horrible
B) It’s a nothingburger blown up by Trump haters

The Russian story has been completely debunked. There’s no such thing as a “President Trump.” It makes no sense. How would that even happen?

Maybe there should be a Dwane Johnsons/Chris Pratt ticket. Don’t talk issues; just win on sheer likability.

That Zelda may have been one of the best games ever made, but the new Mario Kart really shows off the Switch’s strengths.
It really is a magic trick to go between playing it multiplayer on 1080p on a big screen to popping it out and playing it in handheld mode.
And that you can set it down anywhere and slide off the two side controller for multiplayer Mario Kart is pretty awesome.
To me, the convenience of the Switch is worth the graphics trade off (and it’s not like the games aren’t beautiful).
I’m hoping 3rd party support picks up. I want a Call of Duty I can play while lying comfortably in bed.

Overall, the Trump presidency is going about as well as could be reasonably expected.

He needs to hold out at least two months longer if I’m going to win the “How Long Will a Trump Presidency Last” pool.

With this whole Comey memo thing, someone – either Trump or the media – is going to lose what tiny bit of credibility they had left.

Trump lucked out; he accidentally gave all of Comey’s memos to visiting Russians.

Know what’s a fun fantasy right now? President Romney. Bland, boring Romney.
Sure, partisan Dems would still find a reason to call him worse than Hitler, but the rest of us would just be chillin’.
Alas, we’ve decided to live in interesting times. Oh the stories we’ll have to tell our grandkids!

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Random Thoughts: AHCA and Comey

Please stop giving Stephen Colbert or Donald Trump attention.

Chrome, I like that I can mute a tab, but how about sites have to ask for permission before playing sound?

My first experience with Dark Tower was the Marvel comic adaptation which I enjoyed. I then read the first novel and it was terrible.

I don’t know why so many oppose using magical fairy money to pay for the health care everyone wants.

And the argument still is this garbage fire government needs even more control over health care.

I’m glad caring about the poor doesn’t involve anything more than self-righteously arguing how to spend other people’s money.

The left seem completely disinterested in the people in the middle class who were screwed over by Obamacare.

People’s political opinions tell you less about their character than you think.

We’re going back to the dark days of 2009 when poor sick people were summarily executed.
And the hospitals would charge $3,000 per bullet. What was that all about?

An irresponsible bill made by idiots is being replaced by another irresponsible bill made by idiots and I’m too beaten down to care.

Millions are going to die. Maybe around 3 million a year. Probably all unrelated to whatever bill the idiots in Congress passed, though.

Do people honestly think the bill is going to kill millions? Were millions dying pre-ACA? Are there stats to back that up?

If you want people to listen to concerns about ACA being repealed, you have to stop being complete sociopaths about the people harmed by it.
Obama flat out lied to the middle class and then made their insurance worse and more expensive. That was inexcusable.
If you can’t acknowledge that, people are right to dismiss whatever else you say as just more lies made to manipulate people.

The best way Hillary’s PAC could help the Democrats is for it to fund an underground bunker she could hide in and never be heard from again.

With everyone going to 11 about everything, it’s getting impossible to tell the real dumb bad things from the made up dumb bad things.

We need less freaking out and more world-weary head shaking.

You can tell who’s really are worried about the affects of AHCA because they’re not just rallying around talking points.
So no one.

If you like your preexisting condition, you can keep your preexisting condition.

Never watched Mary Poppins since I was a kid. So the premise is those two kids are awful hellions who scare away nannies?
And I’m not sure what Dick Van Dyke is doing, but I am sure it’s problematic.

A good rule of thumb on partisan issues is those who scream the loudest care the least.

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for being elected president of France.

Well, my six-year-old daughter is very excited for the Wonder Woman movie. I’m not sure it will be appropriate, though.
I mean, this is the same universe as Ben Affleck’s Punisher in a bat costume.

Yes. Finally completed a draft of a novel that’s been “near complete” for years. Next project: the sequel to Superego.
What I completed is my third novel. My second novel should be coming out later this year, so save up those dollars.

I’m excited to get working on a sequel to Superego. People really liked it, but there are a few flaws I’ve seen pointed out in reviews.
A sequel is a chance for me to build on what I’ve learned and hopefully make something even better.
Rico is a dark character, though. I don’t know why I made the main character of my first novel a psychopath. But hey, it was entertaining.

Superego quite popular on Audible. Feel accomplished that someone can listen to 10 1/2 hours of my writing and consider it a good experience.

Want wife to finally watch Blade Runner, but need to prepare her for it. What’s the non-pejorative way of saying it’s kinda slow and boring.

I was not prepared for Blade Runner when I first saw it as a kid. Was expecting some Star Wars sorta fun scifi adventure.
Same thing happened when I saw 2001 as a kid. Did not understand beginning and ending, but the middle part with the killer AI was fun.

Slow doesn’t always mean boring. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly takes it time. Every episode of Better Call Saul is no rush but riveting.

I don’t get all the bad reviews for Iron Fist. Three episodes in, I’m enjoying it so far.

When telling my kids about space travel, I feel like a character from Mad Max talking about “The Beforetimes, in the Long Long Ago…”
“Perhaps your wise grandmother can tell you of when man landed on the moon.”

Despite all the funding and support Trump gave Comey, Hillary is still at large hiding in the woods somewhere.

I know everyone likes to freak out over everything President Trump does, but let’s give the new FBI director, Vladimir Putin, a chance.

  1. Trump does something stupid
  2. Democrats overreact in an idiotic, partisan way so no one takes them seriously
  3. Repeat

Cost effective thing to do is turn entire city of DC into a prison like from Escape from New York but make sure no elected officials escape.

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Random Thoughts: Obama Speech and Hillary Lessons

I don’t know what happened to the never ending era of progressivism that Obama was supposed to herald in, but at least he’s making bank.

Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speech was all about how Bernie would have won.

watches A Handmaiden’s Tale
“This could happen in real life!”
watches Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
“This could happen in real life!”

We’ve now gone from constant worries about non-existent right-wing violence to blaming the right for causing left-wing violence.

“We’ll show this provocateur by getting all provoked!”

Not sure how it’s going to go for the country, but I’m pretty sure this presidency thing is going to be a great growth opportunity for Trump.

I don’t get my college asking for donations. Giving money to a university these days feels like giving alcohol to a drunk.

Oh. I thought “Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date” was a euphemism for deleting it.

If there was a march to stop useless marches, I wouldn’t march at it because it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

I don’t care about the content of Obama’s speech; it’s worth paying him $400k just to prove that everyone who believed in him is an idiot.

Are people claiming the NYT is doing something worse than paying good money for the opinions of Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman?

While Communism murdered even more people than Nazism, it’s not as toxic to be associated with because it’s supposedly better intentioned?

If we have enough idiots screw with our health care, one of them is bound to do something right.

One of the most disappointed I’ve been in life was when I found out Doctor Who wasn’t about an owl with a medical license.

“You wanna medal or a monument?”
“I want a monument wearing a medal that says ‘Best Monument’.”

I think Dems have learned a lot from 2016 that will help next time they nominate a candidate no one likes who is under FBI investigation.

You’ll be able to tell when Hillary Clinton has learned her lesson when she apologizes for running for president in the first place.

When you give up freedom to the government, you’ll never get it back unless the whole government collapses. So it could be gone for months.

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