Links of the Day

*New global warming data reveals an accurate hockey stick graph.

*Newsweek article in 1995 outlines why the internet will fail. Our favorite points are those dismissing electronic books and e-commerce.

*Finally, the website of the day: John Hawkins’s brand-new site, Self Help Quotes. This is a great collection of over 60,000 quotes, including two by IMAO’s very own Frank J. So go visit now and frequently, IMAOists.

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The Last Decade of Liberalism in 40 Quotes

John Hawkins has compiled the most asinine liberal quotes of the last ten years.

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The 12 Days of O-Mas

Basil took the song that we wrote over at tWits a few days ago & made an illustrative video (that’s not him singing, though–that’s me).

[Direct YouTube link]

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Links of the Day Part 1

*Your favorite conservative columnist made RWN’s list of the 30 Best Conservative Columnists for 2009 v. 3.0.

*Global warming is destroying the ozone layer!

*I leave you with shocking video. Jon Stewart is… making fun of the media? (via Hot Air)

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Links of the Day Part 1

Frank practically lives on the TV tropes website, so he almost peed his pants when he found out he’s mentioned. I’ve ever been prouder.

John Hawkins’s poll on health care is up.

Andy Levy (@andylevy) tweeted this as the best local news video ever, and I agree, if you exclude the one of that weather dude flipping his head over a cockroach.

Breitbart: The end to two grim fairy tales.

Sunday’s Dilbert was funny.

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Links of the Day Part 1

Is there ever a Part 2? Will you ever know the answer to this question?

First. Rachel Lucas visited Auschwitz-Birkenau. You must go read her post about it. Do it now.

Time’s 50 Best Websites 2009. IMAO isn’t on there, so Frank says it’s a bogus list, but maybe you’ll find something to interest you.

Non-randomness in coin tosses. You wanted to know. Or you didn’t. I don’t know, it’s a toss-up. Thank you, I’m here all week, tip your waiter.

Ted Kennedy: Still Not Good

Also check out Google’s trends today. Seems that Teddy K was remembered by most people for one thing.

Gratuitous self-linkage: Splish splash, baby. (Not a post about Ted Kennedy, regardless of the title.)

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The Week in Blogs

Vodkapundit‘s Week in Blogs for PJTV is up. One of the IMAO personalities made the list, and another IMAO personality is all ragey with envy. Go see!

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Tips for getting the voters behind Obamacare

The most recent numbers show that support for Obamacare is tanking drastically, so I thought I’d give the president some advice on how to improve those numbers.

*Clarify that Obamacare isn’t going to kill your grandma. It’s going to kill both of your grandmas. So now you won’t have to worry about getting that chartreuse knitted sweater for Christmas anymore. Nobody likes chartreuse.

*Make sure voters know that you’ll only have to wait months to see a doctor if you don’t die in the first few weeks after you get sick. A little suffering is good for the soul and builds character.

*Tell representatives and senators to be even more arrogant and dismissive at townhalls about voter concerns. I know I always realize I’m wrong if someone shrugs me off.

*Emphasize the exciting provision that the IRS is getting involved! I always say we need more IRS in our lives.

*Point out the related provision that people who don’t have health care coverage during any part of the tax year will be taxed. Because it’s free healthcare.

*Free Barbra Streisand CD and canvas Che Guevara handbag with voter buy-in!

Do you have suggestions for how the president can improve support for Obamacare? Put them in the comments.

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On the bubble

This is my first week as a housewife/homemaker (whichever you prefer, I’m not picky), and I have already failed. The first thing I heard when I dragged myself out of bed at 7:15 this morning was, “The coffee didn’t taste as good today.”

Oops. He always tells me that the coffee tastes better when I make it. So I set it all up the night before so that he can have coffee with stale water instead of fresh water so the coffee can taste better. And last night I was just too tired from getting my butt kicked at swordfighting and then kicking butt at making potions and collecting Hogwarts mini-crests to remember anything that goes on outside the Wii.

He’s told me I’m on the bubble. So my question for you IMAO readers: If I lose this job, will Obama have created or saved it? Or both in one week?

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Links of the Day. Part 1.

Mary Katharine Ham the Great takes down the ‘mob’ memo. Hard.

Speaking of, meet the mob. The big, scary mob that the Democrats are peeing their pants over.

Cruelty at its finest: how not to play with a laser pointer.

Greg Gutfeld on G.I. Joe and MSNBC.

Oh, ouch. Matched up against Bush, Obama fails.

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