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We’re All Crackers Now.

IMAO Cracker

Cracker friendly since 2004.

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This was only a test.

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IMAO PodCast Rewind

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Hurricane May Help Obama Show Guts

To show us his gutsiness will Obama order drone flyovers over NYC to watch for people ignoring evacuation orders so special forces teams can be deployed to eliminate them?

The mind boggles.

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FUN TRIVIA: You Can Get A Free Bumper Sticker Supporting Ear Leader Garbage Can Liner!

DID YOU KNOW???? If you go here, you can get a FREE OBAMBI bumper sticker garbage can liner sent anywhere you like!

Of course… TANSTAAFL, so the idiots supporting Ear Leader’s Campaign will foot the bill!

Show your support for draining  the PRESidENT’s campaign coffers garbage can protection, and hey its totally FREE!

I’m getting as many as I possibly can. I’ve never supported a Marxist lined the inside of my trash can before! I’m stoked!

PS, I’m sure this gets me on some sort of a mailing list for every one I get, but the way I look at it, envelops, ink and paper cost money too, right? I’ll line the birdcage with those. Soon as I get one.

Update: fixed link
Update 2 :My favorite is the one with the rainbow colors behind That One and he’s looking down smiling at….?? I wonder what???

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Happy Birthday Barack!

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In Obama Amerika

In Obama Amerika, conditions pre-exist YOU.

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The Time For (Parenthetical) Talk

The time for (any of you Bible and/or gun clinging rubes who can’t understand a simple several thousand page bill to have the audacity to hope to) talk is over. – Present Barack Obama

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Nuff Said

I think I am going to change my name to Nuff.

Then I’ll sue everyone who mis-attributes quotes to me.

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Obama’s Pirate Outreach

Longtime IMAO.US reader and commenter Exurban Jon is famous.

Rush, Hugh Hewitt have commented on his work and who knows what’ll happen now that IMAO has linked to him. Here’s the post that has everyone talkng.

Good job Exurban Jon.  If there was an award for being mentioned on Rush. well, you’d probably still lose to Scrappleface, but at least you’ve been mentioned.

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Poll: Should Barack Obama Fail?

There’s been a lot of chatter about whether or not the president should fail. Really, the only way to settle this important matter is with a pointless poll. And, by they way, failure to vote in this poll could be catastrophic for the economy and your complexion.

Should Barack Obama fail?

  • Hasn't he failed already? Don't most presidents have, y'know, a government by now? (54%, 600 Votes)
  • Yes, if I can say that without seeming racist. (24%, 266 Votes)
  • Which answer do I get bailout/stimulus money for? Cuz I pick that one. (13%, 146 Votes)
  • Well, a piece of excrement that big WOULD be awfully difficult to pass. (7%, 74 Votes)
  • No, if he fails who will they have on all the TV shows and magazine covers? Brangelina? (2%, 17 Votes)
  • He's not that ethnic looking guy on American Idol is he? (1%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,114

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No, I’m not giving anyone the bird.

Just out of curiosity….we got any twitter tweeters on here?

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Saxby Chamblissday Open Thread

As the Federal government gets bigger and bigger can you name even one thing it does even remotely better?

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Hillary Tops Obama Security Team As Sec. Of Judas

As prophesied by Joe Biden.

In related news: Schedule for 100 days of BHO Miracles:

  • Turning water into whine
  • Sickening the well
  • Walking on land
  • Raising the death tax (among others)
  • Feeding 5000 with 50,000 loaves and an undisclosed number of organically grown fishes
  • Reviving the both the Bush and Clinton administrations
  • Speaking without a teleprompter
  • Bringing back the shepherd look
  • All subject, of course, to change.

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