Left the Building

I’m on vacation for the next week. Back on the 17th

Until then, Basil has absolute power to make you do everything he says. Obey him without question.

Other people may also post in the meantime. Those you may question anyway you like – their legitimacy, their authority, their timing, their ancestry… whatever.

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Burn, Fidel, Burn

I only wish it had been at the end of a rope.

[YouTube direct link]

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In Case You Need Something to Get Angry About

(Submitted by Granny Boo [High Praise!])

Oleg Atbashian, of The People’s Cube, was arrested for putting up anti-terrorism posters on campus at George Mason University.

Whole story at American Thinker.

Now the hard part.

I like People’s Cube, but I read the article closely and Oleg wasn’t arrested for protesting terrorism, he was arrested for gluing posters, without permission, to property he didn’t own.

I’m sympathetic to his opinions (I’ve mocked Hamas plenty myself), but I’m not sympathetic to vandalism. His argument that he was willing to remove the posters himself doesn’t absolve him of the fact that he didn’t have a right to hang them in the first place.

He could have glued them to his own front door, his car, or even his forehead, and been perfectly right. He made a different choice. One with consequences.

I wish him better luck (and better choices) next time.

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Veterans Day 2016

To those who served: Thank you.

To those currently serving: Thank you.

To the civilians circa 1985-1991: You’re welcome.

My suggestions for the best way to thank the troops?

1) Enjoy life in a free country. A gift ain’t a gift unless it’s enjoyed. Do something fun.

2) Be the kind of American who’s worth fighting for.

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Update Notice

I added a link to the Lactose “In Memoriam” post so that you can get to the public group Facebook page his family set up.

Also, a couple links to remembrances at Nuking Politics.

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In Memoriam: Lactose the Intolerant

I got an email from Lactose the Intolerant’s sister on Saturday night:

I am his sister and have asked my family if anyone told his blog friends and no one said they had. I hope I’m in the right of doing this, but I thought you guys should know that he passed away Sept 28th of a heart attack. My family was worried that if they said anything his posts would get deleted, but I didn’t think you’d do that. Here is his obituary.

And here is a link to everything he’s ever posted at IMAO.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve never had a blogger I’ve respected pass away on me. I try to think of words, but they all seem stupid and inadequate right now. I’ll be posting more on this in the future, and also links to those who have, unlike me, found their words.

Meanwhile, I’m turning it over to you guys. Comments are open.


I didn’t know this, but Lactose had a book on Amazon, if you want to check that out:

Uncle Sid’s Guide to Home School Your Hellions

With home schooling becoming ever more popular, Uncle Sid brings his 16 years of experience dealing with hellions to bear in crafting this home schooling guidebook that will equip your own little hellions with the gritty, street smarts they will need to excel in the chaotic, urban landscape that is modern American society. For those who feel unqualified to home school their hellions, this book allows them to first teach themselves and then confidently educate the offspring the courts allege are theirs. The guide covers letters, mathematics, science, history, civics and even basic sexuality in a way that makes the knowledge accessible to the uneducated of all ages. To conclude, this is a home schooling guidebook that no sane parent would ever use to teach a child anything ever. (i.e. it is a parody)

UPDATE 10-28

A public group Facebook page for those wishing to share something positive about Lactose (Facebook login required)

A few words from Keln and Mordecai over at Nuking Politics

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Heads Up

Avast ye scurvy swabs! Monday, September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

A fair warnin’ to ye…

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Fixed That Stupid Pop-up Ad Problem

You talked, I listened. I dumped ZEDO as an advertiser, so no more pop-up ads.

As for what’s left, I’ll quote from a recent email to me from Basil, who I asked to double-check that the offending script had, indeed, gone the way of the Norwegian Blue:

“I’ve turned off AdBlock Plus and everything is working great. I’m wondering if there’s now some way to coax people to turn off ad-blockers. The remaining scripts that AdBlock Plus catches aren’t obtrusive and don’t slow the page much for me. The scripts that slow the page (total load time around 10 seconds) aren’t ads but standard WordPress scripts. Not much that can be done about that.”

So, I know you guys are busy and have better things to do than mess with your browser settings, but if you could white-list IMAO on your ad-blocker (if you have one), I’d take it as a kindness.

Anyway, you no longer have to be ashamed to tell people to go read something on IMAO.

Except for, you know, the fact that we keep making fun of Trump.

But that’s only because IMAO is NOT in the pocket of Big Hair, Big Comb, or Small Hand.

Whether we’re secretly in the pocket of Big Pantsuit, well, good luck getting answers on THAT from the DoJ!

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More More More

[The YouTube]

More more more features.

Well, one more.

We’ve rolled out another feature that we hope will help ease the transition to the updated Website look and feel. And we really think you’ll like it.

You can now edit your comment for up to five minutes after you submit it.

Now, because we aren’t requiring you log in to make comments, there is the chance it won’t work for you. But, in most circumstances, it should allow you to edit the comment even though you didn’t log in.

You know how sometimes things happen and you don’t see the problem until after you post your comment? What? That never happened to you? Yeah, right. We know better. But now, you can go back and fix it.

We don’t want you looking any sillier than you already look. That’s our job.

We hope you like this new feature.

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Bacon v Tofu: Thumbs of Justice

baconvtofuOne of the features we added to IMAO as part of the update is the ability to rate comments. We have the old tried and true Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down ratings. We can do all kind of things with that.

For example, when there’s a Straight Line of the Day post, or another post that asks for user input, you can register your vote. And, you vote with … Bacon!

Actually, that was the suggestion of Bob in Feenicks to vote with Bacon and Tofu instead of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. We like that idea, so we’re doing that. Sort of. We will show the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down images on comments, but when you click Thumbs Up, it will display “Bacon!”

We think doing it that way will be helpful for newer visitors and commenters to the Website. We were all new here once, so we can understand that there might be a little learning curve on certain things. This will help the newer people to understand just how serious we take our bacon around here.

So, if you find a comment you like, you can express your approval … with Bacon! And your disapproval with Tofu.

We hope you like and approve of this little addition.

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Ch Ch Changes

[David Bowie Official – The YouTube]

Some of you noticed. Well, probably all of you noticed. And some of you didn’t like it. Well, maybe none of you liked it. But, yes, we made some changes. But, it might not be a bad thing.

IMAO looks, well, a little different. There’s still the Nuke The Moon banner at the top. There are two black sidebars. There is still the red outline. But, it’s still a little different. So, why the changes in the look of IMAO? Well, we wanted to do a couple of things. One was to add some functionality that we really think could be useful to you. The other was to improve overall responsiveness of the Website.

WordPress added some functionality in the nearly eight years since our last major update. Some is useful to the visitors to the Website — that’s you — and some is very useful to the behind the scenes operation. The customized theme that we were using didn’t allow for any of that. So, we changed to a different, but similar, theme. We still had to customize it a little, but these customizations were in a way that didn’t limit the functionality. Anyway, this new theme allows for these new features, which we think you’ll find useful.

Reply to comments

You know how when someone left a comment and you wanted to reply to that person, if there were other comments in-between, it was sometimes problematic? You know, you’d perhaps get the number of the comment so they’d know who you were talking to…

#7: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

But then some comment that got improperly caught by the spam filter changed the numbering? Or you’d have to write who you were talking to?

@Bridgekeeper: Do you mean an African swallow or a European swallow?

You remember, right? Well, now you can simply reply directly to a comment, if you like. Or, as always, simply comment on the post in general. And, if you do reply to a comment, they are nested, so you can reply to a reply and so on for up to 10 levels. If 10 levels isn’t enough, you need to take it outside.

Sharing buttons

We’ve implemented better sharing functionality into the Website. The code we had previously was rather troublesome on the browser. The new Theme allows inserting of official plugins and better, cleaner integration of social and sharing of content.

Mobile integration

The old mobile theme, the one you got when you opened the Website on your phone, worked, but you had to open each post to see the content. More clicks for us, sure, but not very helpful for you. Well, the new Theme has a built-in Mobile design. Actually, there are two we now have access to. Both allow you to see content when you go to the Website on your phone without having to click on each post. (Edit: More about this in the comments.)

Subscribe to comments

While we’ve had a form of this for some time, the new Theme supports the standard version, and should be easier to use.

Sign in to comment

We now support Facebook, Twitter, Google, and WordPress sign-ins when commenting. It’s not a requirement, but it’s an option. Some people prefer that. If that’s your preference, it’s now available.


In addition to those items listed above, the Website should be more responsive. We really do want to make things easier to use. We know that change for the sake of change is not a good thing. But, we think the overall changes will make for a better, easier to use Website.

Let us know if we met your expectations.

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It’s April Fools Day, so watch this site carefully for a post designed to trick you.

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Same Look, Different Name

Yesterday, Anonymiss became my Anonymissus.

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She Said Yes

Last night I asked Anonymiss of Nuking Politics to become my Anonymissus.

[See post title]

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My Short, Simple Veterans Day Message

To those who served: Thank you.

To those currently serving: Thank you.

To the civilians circa 1985-1991: You’re welcome.

My suggestions for the best way to thank the troops?

1) Enjoy life in a free country. A gift ain’t a gift unless it’s enjoyed. Do something fun.

2) Be the kind of American who’s worth fighting for.

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