Words don’t mean what words mean

Bill Clinton wasn’t sure what the meaning of the word “is” was.

That seems to be something the Obama administration has in common with the Clinton administration. Maybe it’s a Democrat thing, not knowing the meanings of words.

Of course, the Obama camp has taken it beyond the meaning of a little word. It’s now up to proper nouns.

Look at what Eric Holder told Congress this week. He said that an email that used the phrase “Fast and Furious” didn’t refer to Fast and Furious, the operation that intentionally let guns into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. Read it here.

So, what did it mean? Well, his defense was it was another scheme to let guns into the hands of Mexican drug dealers.

That’s really not a good defense of actions. It’s like, “Oh, I’m not guilty of killing Joe. The email where I said I killed Joe? I was talking about having killed Kevin. So, everything’s cool, right?”

Anyway, I’m wondering what words mean when Democrats say them. I think I’ve figured some of it out, but I might need your help with the rest.

When a Democrat says, “Hope and Change,” he means “We can really screw things up and smile the whole time.”

When a Democrat says “Your taxes will go down,” he means “Bend over, this might hurt a lot.”

When a Democrat says “Look at all the jobs we created,” he means “Pay no attention to the larger number of jobs lost. And be sure to get to McDonald’s in time to go on shift at 4:00.”

When a Democrat says “We’re going to restore American,” he means “To its status as a colony of Europe.”

When a Democrat says “Everyone is equal,” he means “Unless you’re a woman being paid by Democrats.”

When a Democrat says “We’re the party that supported slavery and created the Ku Klux Klan,” he means … well, he won’t say that, because you really can’t change what that means.

Can you offer some other suggestions on what Democrats really mean when they say the things they say?

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Making death safer

Georgia is in trouble with the DEA. The feds have seized Georgia’s supply of thiopental, which is one of the drugs used in the state’s lethal injection procedure.

It all began when customs held up a supply of thiopental in Memphis last summer. Seems some states, including Georgia, went and got some more from another source. Only that source, which the state identified as Link Pharmaceuticals, a British company (which was bought by Archimedes Pharma Limited around 5 years ago), isn’t FDA approved.

Last month, lawyer John Bentivoglio wrote a letter to Eric Holder complaining about how the state got the drug. Bentivoglio wrote Holder on behalf of death row inmate Andrew Grant DeYoung, who killed his parents and teenage sister back in 1993.

Now, the DEA has seized the state’s supply of drugs.

Something similar happened in Arizona last year, and the Supreme Court gave the state the go-ahead to use its supply of drugs. Two days later, Arizona executed the inmate in question.

Anyway, some people are all upset that one of the drugs that Georgia uses to kill people might not be safe.

This is one of those things that, a few years ago, would have been a story in the Onion or some other satiric source.

In Obama America (AKA Bizarro World), it’s business as usual.

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Der Fuehrer’s Face

Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Because they are.

Liberals think conservatives are stupid. Because stupid liberals think stupid things.

There’s nothing — nothing! — that liberals and conservatives agree about.

Except Hitler.

We want our Hitler. And Constantin Film is taking our Hitler away.

I want Hitler parodies. Democratic Underground wants Hitler parodies.

Think about that.

There’s a socialist in the White House, the U.S. might shoot down Israeli jets if they attack Iran … but we agree that we want our Hitler?

Freakin’ Bizarro World.

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The Bucket Saga


“where’s mah bukkit?” asks teh walrus.

other walrus sez “oh noes!!1! ur bukkit iz gones”

“i will finds it” walrus sez and he goes seekingz teh bukkit

“oh hai! haz u seen mah bukkit?” walrus sez to kitteh

“i did not looks at ur bukkit” sez kitteh

walrus sez “halps me find mah bucket”

“i can has cheezburger?” askz kitteh

“halps me find mah bucket” sez walrus

“kthx” kitteh sez 2 walrus

but teh bukkit waz not founds

teh walrus did his searches more

at worldz ending, he have decided 2 goes in teh following world

In Frank’s World

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El Hombre Negro

Hugo Chavez is reported to have said that he looks forward to talking with “the black man” in the White House.

But, you know what? I bet he didn’t say that.

Oh, sure, Klingons speak English. Saw that on Star Trek. Cardassians, too. And the Borg. Romulans, Vulcans, Q, they all speak English. Even those green Orion slave women speak English. And those people on Twilight Zone that want To Serve Man, even they speak English.

But Hugo Chavez doesn’t.

I looked up what he said:

No le pedimos que sea un revolucionario, que sea un socialista, no, sólo que se coloque el hombre negro que está a punto de llegar a ser presidente de los Estados Unidos (…) ojalá se ubique a la altura del momento que vive el mundo.”

“El hombre negro.” The black man.

If I said that, I’d be in a world of hurt. But since Chavez said it, it’s okay. Since Chavez is one of The Anointed One’s friends.

Anyway, Obama … oops, I mean El Hombre Negro … is Hugo Chavez’ choice for President of the U.S.

Even the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Borg, or any other evil race has the decency to stay out of it.

But, here in Bizarro World, it’s a positive for Obama … excuse me, I mean, El Hombre Negro … to have someone like Hugo Chavez as a supporter.

I miss my planet Earth.

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BO says FO

Today, Barack Obama congratulated John McCain on his hard-fought campaign.

Obama congratulates McCain

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Tell me again why this guy is leading in the polls? Is it that we’re living in Bizarro World?

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Obama cares for you … as long as you’re not related to him

Barack Obama called John McCain, Sarah Palin, and conservatives in general, “selfish” for opposing his plan to take your money and “spread the wealth around” by giving it to others.

Some Obama supporters, like Peggy Johnson, say Obama will take care of them:

Obama has had a lead with Hispanic voters for some time — though that gap is closing — because of how he’s perceived regarding the immigration issue.

So, how do those perceptions bear up to the facts?

They don’t.

Why would Obama take care of Peggy Johnson, when he won’t take care of his own aunt?

She’s been living — illegally — in a Boston slum for four years. And Obama isn’t trying to help her stay here.

But, remember, this is Bizzaro World we’re now living in.

What’s the big focus of the story about Obama’s Aunt Zeituni?

There’s an investigation to find out who told.

Gosh, I miss reality. This whole Bizzaro World is taking some getting used to.

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