HOW? I Still Don’t Even Get the WHY!

A new report shows that the Obama administration is withholding from Congress details about how $1.3 billion in US taxpayer funds was delivered to Iran.

Fine. You don’t have to tell us. Just put it on a private server and we’ll get it from the Russians later.

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Like Trying to Catch a Teflon-Coated Greased Pig

House Republicans are preparing to bring a perjury case against Hillary Clinton.

There should be plenty of evidence to take her down… unless she used the word “is” in a deposition…

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Then He Told the Guy in the Wheelchair to Stand Up

Out stumping for Hillary, Vice President Biden harshly criticized Donald Trump, saying he was “unqualified” to serve as commander in chief.

Well, obviously… since Melania was never President.

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At Least She’s Not Quoting Dead Marxists Anymore

Hillary Clinton threatened new taxes on the rich, saying “we’re going where the money is”.

Bad move. Now she faces a plagiarism lawsuit from the estate of Willie Sutton.

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So Unfair

Aetna, the nation’s third largest health insurer, announced that it will pull out of Obamacare exchanges, citing losses of more than $430 million.

President Obama said he was gravely disappointed by their choice to quit before they ran out of money to lose

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Can I Get a Hallelujah, Y’all?

Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton is a bigot who panders and talks down to communities of color.

I can’t believe she’s done that… that don’t feel no ways tried.

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I’m Sure It’s Nothing She Wouldn’t Want Everyone to Hear

After a long weekend of speaking to heavy-hitting campaign donors, what Hillary said to them remains a mystery, since no journalists were allowed.

Considering the wads of cash that rolled in, I’m guessing the phrase “unless you want a Libyan ambassadorship” was involved.

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We Know It’s Offensive, We Just Haven’t Decided Why, Yet

In California, an 55-foot statue of a nude woman is sparking debate in the Bay Area.

Why? Are they demanding they build a 55-foot gender-free restroom to accommodate her?

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Get a Grip, Hillary!

During recent campaign stop to someone’s home, a tottery Hillary Clinton was spotted holding on to railings, tables, and chairs for support during her visit.

Wish she were as good at holding on to state secrets.

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Community Organizing As Guilty Pleasure

A new study shows that, even if you exercise regularly, too much sitting can still be bad for your heart.

Is it bad that I’m now feeling an irresistible urge to encourage Democrats to organize sit-ins?

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Fair and Balanced-ish

A new report shows that Twitter sometimes censors messages that are critical of President Obama.

I’m totally cool with that, since I know they’ll do the same for the next Republican President.

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Dead Broke Woman Wants to Manage Our 4 Trillion Dollar Budget

In a new fundraising email, Hillary’s campaign begged for donations “to keep the lights on and the doors open”.

Every business in America should ask her to repeal Obamacare for the same reason.

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Obama Warned Us – The Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan is one of the biggest steps forward in the fight to #ActOnClimate.

“Like the name? Much better than “The Coal Murder Plot” like the Republicans call it.

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It’s an Important Real-World Skill

Oregon State University is developing an online course centered on “social justice” that new students will soon be required to take.

Good idea. Hate to have kids wandering around not knowing what to be offended by.

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Funny, I Feel the Same About the Messages I Get From Her

Nancy Pelosi said she’s getting “obscene and sick” messages after hackers published her cell phone number and email address.

Oh… are people offering to sell her Obamacare policies?

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