At Least We Can Rule Out Neo-Nazi Groups

Are they accusing Obama of being Buddhist? I think someone’s pulling a Tawana, here. Send to Kindle

Proof That Obama is a Racist

Some people are angry that Glenn Beck called Obama a racist. I’m not. Because it’s true. You see, it turns out that Officer Crowley and Professor Gates are both Irish. And Obama is inviting them to the White House for a beer. Which just perpetuates the stereotype of Irishmen as brawling drunkards. Which may be …

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Up From the Memory Hole: Proof That Obama is a Racist

In 2008, after Time Magazine headlined an article about Obama winning the South Carolina primary “Obama’s Rout Rejiggers the Race“, they were met with a storm of criticism for using the word “jig”, because it’s racist. During Obama’s answer to that irrelevant softball on the arrest of Professor “I’ll talk to your MAMA outside!” Gates, …

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Is This Picture Racist?

[Hat tip: American Digest] Based on the answer from the last picture I posted under this question, you might be tempted to answer “no”. But the correct answer is “yes”, because this picture implies that African-Americans aren’t smart enough to dress appropriately for the task at hand. VERY insulting. Send to Kindle

Some Folks Are Still Confusing “Not Very Funny” With “Racist” UPDATED 3-6-09

Since I don’t want Eric Holder to think I’m a coward, I’m gonna talk about the “racist” email that got Staten Island Community Education Council member Salvatore Ballarino fired. I’d like to show it to you, but – unlike the NY Post Chimp cartoon – it’s incredibly hard to find on the internet. Mostly what …

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You Keep Using That Word

In the comments to this post featuring a video of Katie Couric calling the Vice President of the United States “the white guy”, Hapkido said “Couric’s comment was racist, plain & simple. I wouldn’t accuse her of deliberatley being racist, however.” “I’d like you better if you were also a hermaphrodite.” Which gave me pause. …

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Is This Picture Racist?

No, because that’s a shovel. Send to Kindle

First they come for your monkey, then they come for your Fuehrer…

We mentioned the other day that monkeys are now off-limits for humor. We pointed out that the left compared President Bush to a chimp often. But, after that cartoon in the New York Post, it seems that monkeys are now off-limits for humor. Because it’s offensive. And racist. Even when no racial comparison is made. …

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Less Offensive

Ok, so idiots are losing their minds about a cartoon. Let’s help them. Here’s a copy of the cartoon without words. I’m not taking submissions on this one, but if you want play with it and post it somewhere, drop a link in the comments, otherwise just leave some words. I’ll toss a few out …

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Monkeying around

Racism abounds. From liberals. They’re finding racism all over the place. It’s amazing where people find racism. Frank J. pointed out how silly it is that people are calling a cartoon in the New York Post racist, because it has a monkey in it. Okay, chimpanzee. Still, you get my point. So, are monkeys off …

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