Random Thoughts: Obama Speech and Hillary Lessons

I don’t know what happened to the never ending era of progressivism that Obama was supposed to herald in, but at least he’s making bank.

Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speech was all about how Bernie would have won.

watches A Handmaiden’s Tale
“This could happen in real life!”
watches Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
“This could happen in real life!”

We’ve now gone from constant worries about non-existent right-wing violence to blaming the right for causing left-wing violence.

“We’ll show this provocateur by getting all provoked!”

Not sure how it’s going to go for the country, but I’m pretty sure this presidency thing is going to be a great growth opportunity for Trump.

I don’t get my college asking for donations. Giving money to a university these days feels like giving alcohol to a drunk.

Oh. I thought “Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date” was a euphemism for deleting it.

If there was a march to stop useless marches, I wouldn’t march at it because it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

I don’t care about the content of Obama’s speech; it’s worth paying him $400k just to prove that everyone who believed in him is an idiot.

Are people claiming the NYT is doing something worse than paying good money for the opinions of Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman?

While Communism murdered even more people than Nazism, it’s not as toxic to be associated with because it’s supposedly better intentioned?

If we have enough idiots screw with our health care, one of them is bound to do something right.

One of the most disappointed I’ve been in life was when I found out Doctor Who wasn’t about an owl with a medical license.

“You wanna medal or a monument?”
“I want a monument wearing a medal that says ‘Best Monument’.”

I think Dems have learned a lot from 2016 that will help next time they nominate a candidate no one likes who is under FBI investigation.

You’ll be able to tell when Hillary Clinton has learned her lesson when she apologizes for running for president in the first place.

When you give up freedom to the government, you’ll never get it back unless the whole government collapses. So it could be gone for months.

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Random Thoughts: Hate Speech and Marching

The inequality that politicians are most concerned about – because it hits close to home – is how unequal millionaires are to billionaires.

“We need to ban hate speech” = “I want to be a excused using violence against non-violent action”

Le Pen is French for “the pen.”
That’s the full extent of my knowledge on international politics.

People who say we need to ban the ill-defined “hate speech” hate speech.

We should have a March for Math. We wouldn’t be $20 trillion in debt if politicians stopped politicizing math and listened to calculators.

One of the worst developments for science is dumb people “loving” science.

Does anyone understand the point of any of these marches that have happened since Trump has become president?

It seems like they’re just slapping a label on things and marching, but no one has any long term goals or actual strategies.

Middle of my high school football games were interrupted by a march. Never understood what they were protesting – something about tubas.

It would be cool if there was a Mr. T themed restaurant with the slogan “I pity the full!”

The March for Science was a failure. Trump has just announced that his wall to keep out science will now be ten feet taller.

Is Obama going to finally explain what the hell a community organizer is?

I don’t trust anything out of the Russian government because it’s heavily Russian influenced.

Why are Dems always focusing on Trump’s horrible policies they disagree with and not his horrible policies they do agree with?

All the most horrific things humanity has done start with treating certain people as a liability to be mitigated for the benefit of others.

Powerless was disappointing. Great cast and great subject matter to work with, but the writing wasn’t there.

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Random Thoughts: MOAB and Taxes

I think Trump has become a much better president since he’s teamed up with a crime solving dog and has a wacky misadventure every week.

All of my kids inexplicably loved Mickey Mouse at about one and a half with basically no prior exposure. It’s like it’s in kids’ genes.

I won’t know what to think of all this until I hear from Chelsea Clinton.

One of these days we’re going to finish a war.

Don’t mess with the US or we will bomb you and keep bombing you until it’s page 15 news and most have forgotten we’re still at war with you.

Prayers for all the bombs today that lost their mother.

For the cost of that bomb we dropped on Afghanistan, we could have given 1000 needy families much smaller bombs.

Trump to address the nation on his ideas for an even larger bomb.

I don’t think the new MST3K is going to work. The new host’s two syllable name messes up the meter of the opening song.

One difference between the government and a mugger is a mugger doesn’t make you spend a day filling out a complicated form so he can rob you

Also, a mugger takes less money and is less likely to spend it wastefully.

So how much does the country lose each year in wasted man hours filling out tax forms?

So what’s going on? The left are having a pro-tax march on Tax Day?
I get wanting Trump’s tax returns as a campaign issue. I don’t see why anyone would give a rat’s ass now.

The left seems to have settled on the tactic of marches of vague purpose.

Isn’t nice to have a president who doesn’t think he’s above us and will respond to every little taunt?

Can the pro-Trump and anti-Trump sides unite on the fact that those propping up Chelsea Clinton are the worst people in this country?

Who’s Ossoff and where is Georgia?

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Random Thoughts: Syria and United

I’ve never really understood who Steve Bannon is.

We’re at war! Or we’re still at war. We’re a little bit more warier than yesterday, at least.

I should say that a very small percentage of the country that’s in the military is at war; the rest of us are policing the wokeness of Pepsi.

The most difficult thing to do as a US President is to not get into a new conflict in the Middle East. None succeed.

It really is a miracle that thanks to flight we can get anywhere in the world within hours with just a little groping and random beatings.

I once flew first class. Big difference from coach where it’s increasingly becoming “Just feel lucky we let you on the plane.”
“We might even randomly change our minds.”

Oh wow. Thor has always been the most “meh” of the Marvel series, but that trailer makes the new look pretty awesome.
The beginning of the Thor trailer could have used a record scratch, though.

“Hitler – kind of a bad guy. Not very popular right now.” -Trump, probably

“So Trump’s actions in Syria are pretty popular. Any remarks?”
“First, I have a few more positive things to say about Hitler…”

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Random Thoughts: Dinners and Zelda

How do you not do an “A-maze-ing Spider-Man” pun for this? Sometimes it seems like our society is too far gone to be saved.

This whole avoiding the appearance of impropriety thing is crazy. Affairs barely ever happen and only to really evil men (like Bill Clinton).

You may be wondering why Trump is punching himself really hard in the junk – that’s a negotiating tactic.

Mike Pence sure has become an extreme target of irrational partisan hatred. He’s a politician; there should be good reasons to hate him.

I’m very proud of my daughter’s asymmetric warfare in Legend of Zelda.
She’s too scared to charge in fighting like I do, so she come up with lots of sneaky ways to kill enemies.

Are one on one business dinners a common thing? Has no one asked me to dinner because I’m bad at business?
I have had business one on one lunch. Don’t drink three martinis during that. It doesn’t work.

If Trump continues being horrible and everyone continues hating him, I may have to vote for him in 2020.

With his homemade sword and shield, my son looks like a kid from the 50s… except he’s emulating a video game character.

I love the You’re Welcome song from Moana. It is very good.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – the waiting for it to stop raining simulator

Not a conspiracy theorist, but I saw Trump, Putin, and Bernie Sanders in a room together doing that Russian crouching kicking dance thing.

Competition is good. Maybe Dems should make their own Supreme Court and advertise its shorter wait times on judicial review.

Man, I’ve had that new Zelda for a month now and still all I want to do is play more Zelda.

If they nuke the filibuster, then anyone who tries to filibuster might die of radiation poisoning.

There needs to be a lot more mansplaining that that 77% statistic isn’t about women getting unequal pay for the exact same work.

The most exciting thing about becoming a Supreme Court justice is you finally are allowed to see the Constitution. I wonder what it says?

1984, but instead of trying to get Winston to say 2+2=5, they’re trying to get him to say yes to “Is Pepsi okay?”

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Random Thoughts: Health Insurance and Justice League

Since the ACA, my health insurance has been much worse and much more expensive. Then again, not hopeful GOP bill will fix that.

Don’t know where left expects to go with Gorsuch stuff. Right have the power and more to lose since they’re replacing Scalia.

A better use of the left’s time would be to get Ruth Bader Ginsburg to stop BASE jumping… at least while Trump is still president

I think a really big wall would make our country much safer. Wait for next State of the Union, then build it around the Capitol.

The sociopaths who won’t spend a moment’s thought on the people the blundering ACA hurt claim to really care about the poor.

If Trump spends his whole term doing nothing but unsuccessfully passing bills, he’ll be the greatest president since Coolidge.

I was once part of a justice league. We only saved the world on weekends because we all had day jobs.
We often fought the local chapter of the Legion of Doom. And we had an annual pancake breakfast fundraiser.
I left when the whole thing got too political. I’m still not sure who Ron Paul is.

From the trailer, the Justice League movie looks as dark and unpleasant as the other DC movies plus some humor.

I’d rather my health care wasn’t dependent on what sociopaths in Washington decide, but most want things to go the other direction.

Everyone wants all the money and power controlled by the worst people in society. That’s called “being concerned about the poor.”

Our system for electing presidents seems to select people who are good at nothing other than being elected president.

Great long piece on Mary Katharine Ham. There’s a lot of gloom in punditry these days, but she’s a real ray of hope.
With Trump, it seems like both sides are doubling down on politics being all LOUD PARTISAN YELLING, but there are better ways.

What I love about the new Nintendo system is I no longer need to stop playing Zelda just because I’m attending my daughter’s soft ball game.

Funny all the focus on religious extremism when the philosophy that murdered the most people in the 20th century was bad economics.

Don’t do another Pirates of the Caribbean movie; do a Secret of Monkey Island movie.

Those Old Navy ads make Amy Schumer look like the most unfunny person on the planet – like she’s a joke writer for Mike Huckabee.

MOVIE PITCH: An internet troll gets access to nuclear weapons. He’s also a real-estate billionaire for some reason.
But we’re going to try to get the audience to root for him by making everyone else in the movie so awful.

A nice feature to add to Google Maps would be making it smart enough to know when to stop giving you directions when taking you home.

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Random Thoughts: TV Gun Control and Gorsuch

Saw that gun control episode of Arrow. Just highlighted to me how far the Overton window had moved to the right on guns.
And isn’t Green Arrow traditionally a big left-winger in the comics? Oliver had mainly been apolitical in the show, even as mayor.
A couple decades ago, you’d expect show like this to conclude ban all guns, but that’s not even an acceptable position to mention anymore.
Then again, a really anti-gun position would be kind of untenable for a group of armed vigilantes.
I remember once Supernatural trying to venture a pro-gun control line, but it’s like, you guys have a trunk full of illegal guns.

I kinda want to punch myself when I use the phrase Overton window.

All this Trump tax return stuff did is emphasize to me how much the rich pay in taxes.

Can you imagine giving $38 million to the feds when you know they’re just going to waste most of it? Oy.
Think of how much someone competent and with a little skin in the game could do with $38 million.

If the Democrats actually run Chelsea Clinton, we deserve at least four Trump terms.

“Bing, please find me the website ‘Google.'”

I love how the new Zelda broke dungeons up into a hundred pieces so now they’re short puzzle breaks instead of hours long slogs.
The dungeons were always fun to a point, but the joy in Zelda was always the over world.

Isn’t Sesame Street a billion dollar ip that makes tons in merchandising? That’s like giving tax dollars to Disney.

John Lithgow’s name in the murder comedy is Henderson?

Hellboy’s father had a way different career path.

My daughter got really angry at the term “weekend” since Sunday is the beginning of the week.

Some on the left claim that the vacant SCOTUS seat belongs to Merrick Garland. What has the SCOTUS rules on SCOTUS seat ownership?

Before you get upset, just remember that however we decide to fill a SCOTUS seat, it’s stupid.
Whining about Merrick Garland is just saying, “We got a different dumb outcome than the dumb outcome I wanted.”

Why people keep mentioning Sesame Street? Do tax dollars go to HBO? Are we using federal funds to clothe all the naked people on Game of Thrones?

Don’t think the Dems have real plan to stop Gorsuch. One spent his time holding hand close to Gorsuch’s face saying, “I’m not touching you!”

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Random Thoughts: Breath of the Wild and Trump’s Taxes

My wife had a girls night out last night and saw Logan without me 🙁
Only time I’ve ever thought “Why can’t there be some horrible romcom out right now?”

Legend of Zelda games make up one tenth of the top 100 games of all time on Metacritic.
Grand Theft Auto actually appears on the list more times, but that’s because it’s on so many different platforms.
And am I the only one to find Grand Theft Auto IV hugely overrated? It burnt me out on the gameplay so much I still haven’t check out V.

One of the things I hate most about Macs are the symbols for keyboard shortcuts I can never understand. Why is Ctrl a ^?

What happens if The Young Pope goes on for twenty seasons?

A better name for the new Zelda would be “Legend of Zelda: Hey, What’s That Over There…”
In the game, you decide on some quest to do, and then you see like twenty interesting things to check out along the way. It’s amazing.

In the new Zelda, spending Spirit Orbs on more hearts is the responsible thing to do while more stamina is the fun thing to do.
I’m constantly getting one-shotted by new enemies I run into, but I want to climb higher mountains and glide farther!

That new Zelda game is so good I want to write hate mail to all the critics who only gave it 9 out of 10.

Whoa. A bunch of idiots are rushing to pass a poorly thought-out healthcare bill. That is so… familiar.

Libertarianism is the pollyannaish idea that modern man can organize society without pointing guns at each other.

My son is asking for a Maui costume for his 4th birthday. How do I explain that kerfuffle to him?

In the new Zelda, I can’t wait until I finally get to fight Calamity Ganon and his henchwoman, Calamity Jane.

Are you guys still talking about politics? Come on, that jumped the shark. Let’s move on to something else.

Trump’s 2nd term should be interesting since it will take us about four years to get used to the idea that Trump is actually our president.

$38 million sounds like a lot in taxes, but the federal government pisses away more than that in an hour on stupid nonsense.

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Random Thoughts: Marvel Movies and GOP-acare

Apparently Trump gave a good speech. He should take a lesson from George Costanza and now disappear for a while.

Here’s a tough contest: Which Marvel movie had the most forgettable villain?
Probably easier to start with thinking of the few Marvel movies that had an interesting villain.
I’m thinking it’s between Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy which both had guy in makeup wants to destroy universe for some reason.

GENERIC VILLAIN: “Let’s burn down the universe for insurance money!”
SPACE CHRIS PRATT: “The delightfully humorous Guardians of the Galaxy will stop you!”

I don’t get the Star Was comparison with Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s Star Wars if they got rid of Luke for more Han Solos.

THUG 1: “Ha! I just blew up a puppy orphanage with a rocket launcher!”
THUG 2: *turning pale* “That was John Wick’s puppy orphanage!”

If Trump ends up being an okay president, then that proves it’s a job any idiot can do. Like Senator.

We have a fun president. He’s a new adventure every day.

Zelda is the most consistently great video game series, but Breath of the Wild nothing like previous ones. And possibly best one ever.
Only a little ways into it, but it so good and dauntingly huge. And almost Zelda 2 different.
I want to pop the Switch out and sit in bed playing it all night long, but I told kids I’d only play it with them 🙁

I want nothing more than to play Zelda. Kids were begging me this morning to play Zelda. But I cleaned dishes. Stupid being an adult.

Very confusing moving between XBox controller on my PC and Nintendo controller. They disagree on the alphabetical order of AB, XY pairs.
Guess I never paid much attention to the fact that Nintendo has always been alphabetical from the right going back to NES.

Is Nintendo every going to have supply meet demand on the Nintendo Classic? It’s currently going for a 160% markup.

Just seems like bad optics that the GOP bill constantly uses the phrase “the poors.”

Oh no. The big dumb mess made by idiots is going to be replaced by another big dumb mess made by idiots.

It’s fun working on kernel-level drivers. Back in the day, it used to be so much easier to crash a computer.

iTunes for Windows is Apple’s Dorian Gray painting.

“I am very very interested in what trite thing Chelsea Clinton has to say about current events.” -Adolph Hitler

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Random Thoughts: Slogans and the Academy Awards

A free country is defined less by what you can vote on and more by what rights are never up for a vote.

The goal should be to make elections as irrelevant as possible such that one never feels their rights are on the line.

“Democracy dies in darkness.” Yeah, that’s the problem, geniuses: Trump hasn’t been covered enough these past two years.

Democracy Care Instructions:
1. Get it plenty of sunlight
2. Water twice daily
3. Never ever feed after midnight

A better slogan for the Washington Post would be “Smart as a post!” It’s clever.

So they’re not going to do the most obvious thing to make baseball more interesting and have the runner keep his bat?

There’s a lot about the trans issue I don’t understand, but I’m way too afraid to ask questions.

I’d love a law that prohibited the government from ever referring to anything as “free.”

I’m old fashioned. I always refer to Batman as “The Batman.”

It’s not helping rumors that Trump is actually a villainous pirate the way he keeps using phrases like “Avast, ye landlubbers!” and “Arr!”

So when am I actually going to be able to obtain a Nintendo Switch? I still haven’t gotten the Nintendo Classic I wanted.

I saw on the news today that Trump did something a lot of people didn’t like. Hopefully this is a small, isolated misstep.

Has anyone tried making fun of Trump? Maybe that will stop him.

Trump and the media should have a meeting at the bottom of an abandoned well and everyone should be invited.

You shouldn’t end your own tweets with BAM! Sad.

My kids want me to train them to be Batman/Batgirl. Do you know of any good karate/detective skills/brooding curriculum?

What we need is less of a MEdia and more of an USdia. BAM!

Angie Tribeca is so stupid, but it’s a lot of fun.

JUST IN: NBC News tweeted that Donald Trump tweeted that he would not be attending to WHCD.

An accurate thing to tell someone who is not very good at painting is “You’re worse than Hitler.”

Trump is always shutting down tough questions by shouting, “I’m gonna karate chop you!” but he’s never done it. I don’t think he knows how.

If you encourage Chelsea Clinton or run for political office, you should be punched like a common Nazi.

Should wait a decade to award best picture. Better idea what’s a significant and lasting film.

What are political speeches at Oscars supposed to accomplish other than remind those souring on Trump that the other side is insufferable?

Now if someone gave a political speech at the Oscars telling off everyone in that room, that would be awesome. And brave.

That was shocking when the Academy Awards’ security tackled and beat a producer of La La Land until he let go of his Oscar.

Forever after, people will give their Oscar acceptance speech while tensely keeping an eye out for a producer rushing toward the stage.

I didn’t care for this statue at the zoo, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be hippo critical.
Hippo Statue

It’s always been weird to tell my daughter of this futuristic thing of going to the moon and it all took place before I was born.

No talking about Syria until we reach a conclusion on this couch issue.

The government should shoot down Elon Musk’s Space X rocket before he hits us with moon rocks.

I’m scared of the moon. It’s kinda an inhospitable harlot.

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Random Thoughts: The Press and Sweden

Trump is going to rally Saturday. Know who also had rallies? Nazis. And race cars.
I don’t have a point.

With all the dire predictions, take comfort in everyone’s record on accurate predictions.

How does the third smallest electoral win since Reagan become “the biggest electoral win since Reagan” in Trump’s mind?
Accurate would be “biggest electoral win since Reagan where the winner did not have a plurality in the popular vote.”

Trump and the media both make great points about how the other is horrible and should not be trusted.

Trump makes issue of non-existent things like “fake” Obama birth certificate, “millions” of fraudulent votes, and “credibility” of the press.

Why is National Guard marching down my street asking for papers? Who reads the newspapers anymore?

The most logical way to solve this is some sort of dance off between Trump and the press.

“Journalist” and “president” are both fake jobs mainly held by idiots.

The press can’t regain during the Trump presidency the credibility they lost during Obama. Have to wait for next Democrat and go hard on him.

Scientists are dumb.

Watched the first episode of Power Rangers with my kids, and it referred to all their robots as dinosaurs though only two of them are.
They’re a T Rex, mastodon, pterodactyl, triceratops, and sabertooth tiger, to refresh your memory.
Just another in my series “kid shows are stupid.” Still can’t get over how no one could recognize He-Man when he’s wearing a shirt.

Yes, Clark Kent’s glasses disguise is dumb, but it’s still leagues better than He-Man putting on a pink vest to become Adam.
There is no arguing with me here. Agree or be dumb.

I completely missed what didn’t happen in Sweden.

Kurt Cobain was the voice of a generation. I could never understand what he was singing, but I’m pretty sure it was what I was feeling.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is to run Hillary against it.” -Edmund Burke

I want to laugh at Mark Zuckerberg running for president, but then I remember that’s less weird than the current reality.

Easy to imagine worse than Trump. What if Trump was a Democrat? Then on top of everything, the press would be running interference for him.

Sweden another example of:
* Trump being dumb
* His critics being just as dumb (“Let’s mock the idea anything could be wrong in Sweden!”)

Finally playing Arkham Knight. It really does make you feel like you’re Batman — except for the stupid tank combat.
And I wonder if the Batcomputer can run it without crashing.

Really enjoyed The Witness, though it’s a bit like if the island in Myst had a bunch of Sudoku puzzles taped to the walls everywhere.
I just mean that for a lot of it, there wasn’t a lot of integration of the puzzles and the environment.

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Random Thoughts: Elizabeth Warren and Rogue One

A Senator can’t impugn the character of another Senator? So no rap battles?

I didn’t know you could right-click on a Chrome tab to mute it. This changes EVERYTHING!
What I need next is a way to search my tabs when I have a hundred tabs open.

New rule: You’re only allowed to get outraged by three things Trump does per day. It’s smart to wait until the end of the day to pick.

Senators can’t say bad things about each other because of the rule about insults and can’t say nice things because of the rule about lying.

I’m very torn on this Elizabeth Warren thing because I like it both when:
1) Politicians are insulted
2) Politicians are shut upped

Accusations against Sessions no chance of gaining attention. “Democrats accuse Republican of racism” is a setting on white noise machines.

“So did politics get any smarter today?”
sees rich, privileged partisan hack propped up as feminist hero
“No, continues the other way.”

Much of politics is elevating mediocrity to sainthood. But mediocrity is all you have to work with among elected officials.

For Valentines Day, we finally saw Rogue One. Because that’s the kind of romantic I am.

Rallying behind Elizabeth Warren is just as dumb as rallying behind Trump. The solution to Trump isn’t new stupidity.
Though lionizing rich, mediocre people as champions is kind of an old stupidity in politics.

Trump controls the people who hate him even more than his supporters.

Can’t believe Trump appointed an Attorney General who didn’t first serve as an Attorney Colonel.

Twitter needs a permanent “What Trump just said” at the top so you can understand what everyone is all riled up about.

When you put the government in charge of something, remember that every so often the government will be run by people you despise.

Lucky I got my wife a Tile for her car keys. She somehow got them in the bottom of the kitchen trash.

Elizabeth Warren is most obvious phony on the left since John Edwards, but let’s rally behind her lies about being Cherokee to defeat Trump!

The problem with all the focus on Trump he is not the core of what’s wrong with politics and government.
When Trump is gone, things will not get magically better. On current trajectory, it might get worse.

We’re in for a 4 year long competition between Trump’s biggest supporters and Trump’s biggest detractors for who can be the absolute worst.
The president will be competing as well.

Most of politics is explaining why your hate is justified unlike everyone else’s.

People are still singing and making music? I thought that fad was over.

Is it now the official policy of the Democratic Party that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration?

What’s Twitter like when you mute all mentions of Trump? Peaceful like a meadow, or spooky like a ghost town?

“They’re firing people who have Russian ties!”
checks necktie
sees it was made in China
breathes sigh of relief

Finally saw Rogue One. It was Star War-riffic!
They can quote me on that on the front of the DVD release.

So I spent Valentine’s Day debating with my wife whether Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor had a romantic interest in each other. I thought they were just close in the end as Comrades in war.

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Random Thoughts: Anti-Fascists and DeVos

This is the biggest Constitutional crisis since Joe Biden went to the National Archive and got ketchup on it.

Did they at least give Merrick Garland “Supreme Court: The Home Game”?

Remember that Twilight Zone episode where a guy went on Twitter one morning and no one was freaking out about anything political? Creepy.

Despite liking his Supreme Court nominee, #NeverTrump will continue not to vote for Trump over the next few years.

Some good questions for a Supreme Court nominee:
“Have you read the Constitution?”
“What’s it say?”
“Am I mentioned in it?”

Feels like it’s been hours since Trump last said something newsworthy.

Remember when Trump was elected president? That was weird.

What if partisanship got so bad that Congress constantly broke out in fistfights? That would be awesome.

Why do we still have a government? It’s stupid and annoying. Get rid of it. If we have any big problems, I’m sure Google will do something about it.

How do you tell the good fascism from the bad fascism?

When you really disagree with someone, you use violence. That’s called a war. They make the best documentaries on The History Channel.

Fight fire with fire. Fight fascism with fascism. And also fire.

The best way to deal with provocateurs is to get all provoked. I learned that in college.

Not so much anti-fascists as a competing team.

One of the best defenses to fascism is to wear a hat. Cold ears are extra susceptible to fascism.

Punch a fascist if you see one. They are easy to identify as they are large and hairy, live in caves, and hibernate during the winter.

Well, that was weird. What’s it mean when the groundhog gets in a rocket ship and leaves the planet?

If you think you see fascism, blow into the whistle and wait for someone responsible to come handle it.

I’m glad we got the “resist” movement. It’s good to see people yell a lot about people they disagree with. This is a big change.

The optimism of youth: If you asked me as a kid what our main problems would be in 2017, I would have guessed “space pirates.”

“Frederick Douglass, great guy. Did a lot of cool things. If you’re here, Freddie, stand up. Are you here? I don’t think he’s here.”

“So which do you want: right-wing fascism or left-wing fascism?”
“But I don’t like fascism.”

“Trump is horrible. I can’t imagine anyone worse!”
looks at American left encouraging violence
“Oh yeah.”

The most import thing you’ll need in resisting fascism is an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

I guess if the left want to do an armed uprising against Trump they can ask the right if they can borrow some of their guns.

Don’t worry; the angry people using violence against those they disagree with are really really sure their views are the right ones.

I stopped following Donald Trump on Twitter because he got too political.

The protesters are getting violent because they’re afraid things are getting like 1984 when they’d rather emulate Animal Farm.

Don’t worry; the violent mob will use rigorous standards in determining who is and who isn’t a Nazi.

Most of politics now is just a fight over which large group of people get written off and their concerns ignored.

The best defenses against fascism are eternal vigilance and giant robots with guns for arms.

I’m tired of seeing so many fascists on Twitter with their mealy-mouthed defenses of political violence. Wait, those are the anti-fascists.

My 3yo never gets my In Living Color references.

New game coming out called “Constitutional Crysis” where you use your nanosuit to battle bureaucrats.

One of the clowns hit another clown in the face with a cream pie. This could cause the public to lose respect for the clown show.

“I can’t believe you called our ‘Muslim Ban for the Purpose of Banning Muslims’ a ban on Muslims.”

I thought Powerless was cute. Most clever thing in it, though, was the opening sequence.

I’ll never forget the sad look on Al Gore’s face when we banished him to the moon for his failure.
He settled on the dark side. We can’t see what he’s up to. I bet he’s plotting something.

It’s good to know we’re winning the fight against climate stasis.

I’m pretty busy, so I’m going ahead and pre-condemning whatever Trump says today.

Some of the SNL Spicer skit was funny. A lot of it was lazy “briefly reference things you may have heard of.” Whole DeVos segment was that.
Really liked “I want to apologize… on behalf… of you… to me. Apology not accepted!”

VILLAIN FROM PRETTY MUCH EVERY MOVIE: “You see; we’re not so different, you and I.”
TRUMP: “You make a good point.”

The Atlanta Falcons are going to go hike in the woods with Hillary.

Just because an internet troll controls the world’s largest nuclear arsenal doesn’t mean you should pay him the attention he craves.

So is he Putin’s puppet or Bannon’s puppet? Or is Putin working for Bannon?

I think I figured it out. Trump is a figment of the left’s imagination and a dark reflection of their own id.
No, wait. That doesn’t work. We’ve seen Trump interact with other characters. Unless this is a Tyler Durden thing.
The press is definitely an unreliable narrator.

Either this country is near the brink of destruction or we’ve gotten a lot lot whinier. Eh, could be both.

The snowspeeder is by far the best vehicle from Star Wars. Don’t AT-AT me.

For how much longer are we going to pretend the education secretary is really important?

So is President Trump going to do something about Nintendo constantly not meeting hardware demands or is he just useless?
“Make America Great Again” my ass. I want an NES Classic!

The focus of our education system is the transfer of tax dollars between politicians and unions. Educating children is its waste product.

Everyone has been freaking out about it, but show me a better way to handle underperforming teachers than Betty DeVos’s torture dungeons.

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Random Thoughts: Immigration and Gorsuch

Trump is controlling the messaging of Twitter accounts under his control? This is… what’s the opposite of unprecedented?

Good you’re critical of the power Trump wields, but if you’re not going to be just as critical with the next Obama, you’re less than useless.

So what accomplished more? The inauguration boycott or the Women’s March?

Feds show up in Chicago. One man in a black suit pulls out a bullhorn
“Come on, guys! Stop shooting each other!”

It’s good to be angry at Trump. But try harder to be angry at the right things instead of any stupid partisan thing.

Good to know. There’s an unstated limit to how many voicemails your iPhone can hold and there’s no notification when that limit is reached.

You can say lots of negative (and true) things about the wall, but “violates civil liberties”? Why is Trump’s opposition so dumb?

Mexico may try to knock down our wall. When we build it, we shouldn’t tell them where it is.

Didn’t like 1984 as much as Animal Farm. There were a few parts of 1984 I found a little silly.

When you refuse to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration, you harm the cause and make yourself look like a weasel.
Making no distinction between legal and illegal immigration is implicitly arguing for open borders. If you want that explicitly argue for it.

We haven’t even finished the first week. I don’t know how we’re going to last the first one hundred days at this pace.

“Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper! We should all try it!” -Donald Trump tweet during commercial break on FOX News

Watching old He-Man with kids and just realized how bizarre it is that no one can recognize He-Man if he’s wearing a shirt.
“Adam, ever noticed how you’re same size as He-Man, and have same face, hair, and voice? Can’t imagine He-Man with a pink vest, though.”
What if Prince Adam goes swimming at the palace? What happens then?
And doesn’t the cartoon lose its whole point now that there’s no toys to buy?

When I was a kid, Santa got me Castle Grayskull. It was pretty awesome.
My parents told me they weren’t sure if Santa would have enough material to make Castle Grayskulls, but they were wrong. Stupid parents.

If you want modern people to support Nazi-like behavior, convince them who you’re doing it against are Nazis.

How are we going to deport illegal immigrants if there’s a big wall in the way? No one is thinking this through.

Democrats, you have four years to find one of your own who is not stupid and horrible. I don’t have any suggestions yet.

Pretending the Doomsday Clock has any significance whatsoever is anti-science.

This rally around the parks service is idiotic. Of all things to get worked up over, controlling the messaging of a govt agency is not one.

I’m getting worried because the opposition to Trump continues to be so so stupid.
Of course, we’ve been going at him for over a year and no one knows his weakness yet. Still, people are doubling down on old failed things.

Man, I miss the carefree 80s when all we had to worry about was getting nuked by the Soviets or snatched by the monster from the Upside Down.

It can be clunky at times, but C++ is my favorite language for its combination of object oriented programming and low-level memory access.
It never quite feels like real programming without pointers.
But, man, I instantly miss modern languages any time I have to deal with strings.

I try to avoid scripting languages. I know people love them, but they always feeling like playing in the kiddie pool to me.
And I avoid dealing with JavaScript as much as I can. It’s a big stupid garbage fire.
And I hope every programmer learns a little assembly. It’s what every language is at the end of the day, and it’s important to understand.

Resist? When did you sist in the first place?

If I have a vote, I’m not for making the stuff I buy more expensive to pay for a wall I don’t care about.

What makes stopping illegal immigration hard is same thing that fails most left-wing policies: You’re directly fighting against economics.

“Those Russian mobsters killed my cat!”
shrugs. goes back to bed
-John Wick 2

Why can’t the two sides just be called “anti-abortion” and “pro-abortion”? Seems like it would make things clearer.

FDR is often considered one of the great presidents, but shouldn’t the internment of the Japanese by itself be enough to disqualify him?

I think we should help refugees. We’re a big country and we have nothing to fear since we all have guns.

Unbreakable is my favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie, though I also love the spinoff Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt.

Do you chug a Mountain Dew before doing Extreme Vetting?

  1. Trump does something legitimately bad.
  2. There is an overblown, fact-free partisan freak out about it.
    Repeat next 4-8 years.

If I were president, I’d wear pajamas in the Oval Office. That’s one of the advantages of working from home.

All my kids’ outside play involves pretending to play different video games.

Sounds like Trump’s executive orders need some extreme vetting.

I don’t know how we keep this all up for 207 more weeks of the Trump presidency (minimum).

Weird seeing the president tweet negatively about “bad dudes” when in the 80s they were his last line of defense.
Him and the bad dudes should go out and get a burger.

I may not agree with President Trump, but if he were kidnapped by ninjas, I would punch my way to rescuing him.

No problems with Windows 10, but it’s like Windows 8 was specifically designed to be confusing to both new and experienced users.

It looks like the Trump presidency will be him picking lots of dumb fights. Well, it worked for him as a candidate.

Trump’s opponents have a pretty good grasp on how unappealing Trump is, but they keep underestimating how unappealing they are.

I don’t know how you pronounce “Gorsuch,” but anytime I see it I keep thinking of that thing Goofy exclaims.

People are not pacing their freak outs. This can’t last.

Just saw that Billy Dee Williams will be voicing Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the Lego Batman Movie. That’s awesome.

My only concern for a Secretary of Education is that she’s ready to lead the survivors if Cylons attack our home world.

I always tense up when armed men in ski masks enter a bank because I don’t want to hear the tale of how they got bronze in the biathlon.

What’s best way to get my “Nuke the Moon” proposal to President Trump? Should I wrap a bacon cheeseburger in it and give it to Bannon?

We’re a week and a half into the new administration and I’m still writing “President Obama” on all my checks and balances.

The only way to end a filibuster is to wrest control of the Talking Stick and throw it into the Capitol’s furnace.

I don’t know if the controversial DeVos is going to be as popular an Education Secretary as whosit under Obama and whatshisface from Bush.

The Supreme Court is dumb.

A lot of people drop out of the SCOTUS race when they find out they have to read the Constitution which is really boring and 6 pages long.
And there’s no bullet point lists or colorful charts to break up the text. Really amateurish writing.
Constitution a bit like a software license agreement in that no one has actually read it. All the Founders scrolled to bottom and hit Agree.

Gorsuch is extreme and dangerous. He once did a kick flip over a highway.

If Gorsuch gets on the court, he will end women’s rights. If women want rights, they’ll need to buy a fake mustache which can cost $7 and up.

The court needs to fill that vacancy before they render their important verdict on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Ask if Gorsuch likes the Constitution. Didnt come out until after confirmation that RGB said, “If the Constitution had a face, I would punch it.”

I think it worked. Everyone has already forgotten the last thing they outraged over about Trump.
Oh yeah. He punched a baby.

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Random Thoughts: The Era of President Trump

Whatever faults I have in educating my children, they’re very clear on the fact that Zelda is the girl.

I might trust politicians in educating our kids if there was a law saying their kids had to go to a public school in the bottom ten percent.

Your idiotic, petty little views on the public school system don’t supersede other people’s choices for their own children.

The American left’s views on political violence is a lot more nuanced than I’m comfortable with.

The problem was never Trump’s awfulness but all the other awfulness of other people that keeps getting ignored.
Well, now that the awfulness of others made Trump president, his awfulness is more of an issue.

I hope there’s an asterisk in the history book next to Trump’s name noting that not a lot of celebrities went to his inauguration.

I’m a moderate in that I don’t think Trump is exceptionally worse than the opposition.

Aggressively mediocre. That would be my two word summary of the Obama presidency.
His mediocrity was highlighted by all the pretense of him being something special – not just the inexperienced Chicago politician he was.
His presidency was silly, no matter how much it scrunched its face and tried to look serious.
When people look back years from now, his presidency will look like a logical transition to Trump, one silliness evolving into the other.
In the end, though, Barack Obama did do exactly what he was elected to do: Be the first black president. So he was not a failure.
He will always be an integral part of America’s journey on race, which looks like it will have many more bumps ahead.
And who knows; maybe soon we’ll yearn for mediocrity.
Good bye, President Obama. Thanks for trying. I wish you and your beautiful family the best of luck and hope you enjoy civilian life.

I get this idea from the Women’s March that they’re mad about something, but none of them will tell me what.

The core of socialism is coming up with excuses to use violence against non-violence.

We should have the government round up into camps anyone it suspects of being fascist.

The only thing dumber than FOX News is blaming all political problems on FOX News.

More to worry about when Obama became president because more were enthralled with him. If you want to be dictator, that’s what you need.

If Harambe were still here, he’d support a peaceful transition of power because he was a peaceful animal.

Thought the protectionist part of Trump’s inauguration speech was stupid, but I liked how he was basically telling everyone around him they were awful.
“You, the Republicans and Democrats in DC, are bad and everyone hates you.” When he’s right, he’s right.

My prediction: We’re going to have a booming economy because we’re due for one (nothing to do with Trump). He’ll probably be reelected.

char, tchar, wchar… I just want to parse a stupid string!

Considering how strange things are now, maybe the next season of Stranger Things will just have to be called Different Things.

I know we have a rule of law, but it’s hard to get worked up when either a Commie or a Nazi gets punched.

When you use violence against people you disagree with, I don’t think that’s a protest. I think that’s a war.

Stop saying Obama didn’t have a scandal. You are a boot licker. And that’s exactly what we don’t need right now.
Obama did questionable things you should have cared more about. And now we’re going to be reaping more problems because you didn’t.

President Obama had more people at his inauguration because more were excited about him. Which means people were dumber about him.

Did the boycott of the inauguration work?

All of Trump’s executive orders and calls for drone strikes should note he didn’t have as many people as Obama at his inauguration.

I’m bracing for the Women’s March to be incoherent and pointless, but it’s a one day things and won’t go on for months like Occupy.

Phase 1: Protest
Phase 2: ??
Phase 3: Everything is good now

I think the popularity of protests as an agent of change is a big confusion of causation/correlation.

On the Trump presidency, I’m cautiously neutral.

so what are they trying to accomplish with the Women’s March?

The left aren’t going to be an effective opposition to Trump as long as the thing their offended most about him is that he’s a Republican.

The supposition is there’s some point to the march other than “Democrats don’t like Republicans” but haven’t heard it coherently expressed.

The crowd size thing is pointless… unless you have a fragile ego.

The Good Place finale was great. It’s the most serial sitcom I’ve seen – really interesting continuing story.

Maybe Jill Stein should raise money to do a crowd recount.

From these first few days, it looks like it’s going to be a petulant president covered by a petulant press stirring up a petulant opposition.
They should really all be friends. Horrible, horrible friends.

What would have stopped Trump even more than a march would have been speaking up when Obama was increasing executive power.

I estimate crowd size somewhere between 7 and MAX_INT.

I never knew crowd sizes were so important to democracy. Let’s count ‘me really carefully and write the number down somewhere and then…

So M. Night Shyamalan has a hit movie with a big twist at the end? Trump wasted no time in making America great again.

Finally saw Creed. Definitely best Rocky movie since the first.
Noticed they never mention specific of how Apollo Creed died since it’s from schlockiest Rocky movie and wouldn’t fit tone.
Anyway, Creed is a excellent new twist on the same plot that’s in every Rocky movie (but it’s a great plot!).

For me, politics is now like watching this sport where I intensely hate every team competing.
And whoever wins can kill and imprison people.

Kind of ironic that Richard Spencer is both a Nazi and a member of a small, powerless minority that people cheer on violence against.

Why we’re in trouble: Trump is the awfullest person elected president, but still most of the attacks on him are lies and partisan nonsense.

I’m scared of what Trump could do. And I’m scared the self-righteous left will be even worse when they next get power again.
And remember: The other side will always get power again.

People never give the government power believing people they despise will one day wield it, even though that always ALWAYS happens.
My one hope is that Trump being more blatant than usual will wake people up to this, but I’m not that hopeful.

The crowd sizes should only be significant to small minds… which is why Trump and the press won’t stop talking about it.

I don’t get what’s so interesting or significant about a White House Press Secretary blatantly lying.

Hard not to laugh at a Nazi getting punched, but it’s scary to see the left cheering on political violence as that’s not going anywhere good.

Favorite part of Rocky IV when knocked down Rocky motivates himself with all the money he’ll win, thus beating the Commie with capitalism.

I wish Episode VIII was instead called “The Final Jedi” so we could adapt that Europe song to be the theme.

So do we all get our own list of non-violent people with views so horrible it’s okay to punch them?

ME: “The media is just constantly lying about Trump.”
TRUMP: “Yeah, they’re always lying about me.”

For those who think it’s okay to punch Richard Spencer in the face, where’s the cutoff? Would it be okay to stab him as well? More?

Weird when I see I’m blocked by some random person I’ve never heard of. Who would block me? I’m lovable.
I guess this like how C.S. Lewis said hell is a place locked from the inside.

The people in Hollywood really liked the movie about Hollywood?

Glad video games don’t have the Hollywood problem or all award winning games would be ones where you play as heroic video game programmers.

I saw one of the best picture nominees this year! And I want to see at least one more. I’m sophisticated.

I’m rooting for Kubo to win best animated picture as it really deserved a bigger audience.
And it tried something much more different than the (admittedly excellent) Disney films.

Is “woke” another term for sociopath?

What if one of Trump’s nominees gets voted down in th Senate by a million illegal votes?

Maybe Trump means he plans to remove the citizenship of millions of people who voted.

Don’t worry, we’ll get back to being really concerned about climate change in 4 years. Maybe 8. Doubt it would be more than 12.

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