Might As Well Have Some Fun With This

Commenter 4 of 7 said:

Where can I get a t-shirt or bumpersticker that says, “Proud member of the Angry Mob”?

So I threw this together:

[original image from here]

It occurs to me that other people might want to play with this, so I uploaded a blank version to the lolbuilder site that you can re-caption to your heart’s content. Or just leave your caption in the comments.

Here are some suggestions:

Tell me about
Your health care plan

I supported Obama and
all I got was this lousy mob


Palin/Mob 2012

You want our taxes?
Come get them.

Got TEA?


Just say no

Why didn’t you lefties TELL us that angry mobbing was so much fun?

Proud Mobican-American

Meanwhile, John Hawkins of Right Wing News is putting new captions on the Obama-Joker poster, and encouraging people to post them in public places. That naughty little scamp!

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Solving the financial crisis

I know how to solve the financial crisis in this country.

Hire Rebecca Paul.

No, really.

Okay, for those of you who don’t know who Rebecca Paul is, she started up the Illinois Lottery. Then was hired away by Florida to start up the Florida Lottery. Then Georgia hired her away to start … you guessed it … the Georgia Lottery. Then Tennessee came calling, and hired her to start up the Tennessee Lottery.

She used to be a Republican, then her husband died, and she hooked up with a Democrat in the Tennessee state legislature. So I guess she’s a Democrat now.

Sort of like Theresa Heinz Kerry. Except Rebecca Paul actually did something.

Anyway, hire her away from Tennessee to start up the United States Lottery.

Run it like the lotteries she’s set up in Illinois, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. That means that half the money goes into the winner’s pot, 15% is used to run the lottery, and the other 35% goes to the treasury.

And lots of money will go into the lottery. Poor people put big bucks into the lottery all the time. So that’ll mean that Obama won’t need to raise taxes on the rich. Or on plumbers from Ohio.

And conservatives like me will get to watch poor people funding the government.

Sure, babies will go hungry, and crack dealers might find a crimp in their business, but that’s the price of success.

And the best part?

When some poor person wins and becomes a zillionaire, he’ll end up in a higher tax bracket and learn to hate Democrats.

There’ll be more rich Republicans (not rich White Republicans, but we’ve got enough of those already). And the poor Democrats will pay for it.

It’s a win-win situation.

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