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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

Sunday, April 19, 2009 1:54 am
  • It’s the weekend! That’s when I’m extra awesome! #
  • I think we could get more conservatives on Twitter if we just gave it a more manly name like “Jab” or “Kicker”. #
  • Racist Tea Party Sign: “Next Time Read the Bill”. Implies Obama is illiterate because he’s black. #
  • Apparently DestroyTwitter also crashes Vista 64-bit… just not as quickly as TweetDeck. #
  • Poor Joe. RT @jaketapper conservatives — @joeNBC is crying out for you to follow him …he feels alone in the twuniverse #
  • RT @damianpenny The book Obama should give Chavez. In English: #
  • Do you think Garofalo is an embodiment of the liberal id? #
  • RT @Lileks Words I love to hear: “Daddy, can you teach me about layers in Photoshop?” Why yes my child. Gather ’round. #
  • Just finally sat down to watch Tropic Thunder. Already sold with the fake trailers it starts with. #
  • I liked Tropic Thunder better the first time I saw it… when it was called The Three Amigos. #
  • I’m kidding; I liked it better this time. #
  • Well, actually, maybe the first time since I was only seven and had an unrefined sense of humor. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-18

Saturday, April 18, 2009 1:59 am
  • I want to be the first today to say I’m awesome, because my opinion counts the most. #
  • Only reason to protest Obama: Racism! I swear there is not enough combined brain power at DailyKos to light an LED #
  • RT @basilsblog My problem with Obama is his color: he’s a Red. Except when dealing with terrorists. Then he’s yellow. #
  • RT @basilsblog: Drudge: “Journalists get PTSD.” I knew they had some kind of disorder. #
  • Time for my morning Fruity Snack! #
  • RT @JTlol The Beavis & Butt-head of News: The great @battonl does it again! #
  • Next: Cavemen on a Jet Ski. RT@justkarl Taliban biker gang: #
  • It would be cool if the torture memos were full of made up stuff to scare the enemy. “We regularly anally rape detainees with a pig.” #
  • New Obama approved harsh interrogation technique: Only serve terrorists flat soda. #
  • New Obama approved harsh interrogation technique: Deny hugs until they talk. #
  • So has CNN said what they’ve done with Roesgen? Did they put her into hiding? #
  • My wife is scared of caterpillars. I wonder if she’s a terrorist. #
  • I don’t get how you torture someone with a caterpillar. Can you even connect that to a car battery? #
  • If Jack Bauer ever finds out Garofalo is a mole and shoots her in the head, that will be ratings gold. #
  • Jack Bauer once tortured a confession out of a terrorist using just a caterpillar. #
  • If the Israelis do give the Palestinians their own state, that will make it easier to declare war on them. #
  • RT @justkarl Jack Dunphy links you to the Pew News IQ Quiz: The results are scary. And sexist! #
  • The Georgetown things isn’t unusual. When Obama spoke to Muslims he had Muhammad cover his face. #
  • RT @allahpundit Susan Roesgen now on “vacation” #
  • Texas already seceded? Well, good luck to them. #
  • I’m outraged! RT @allahpundit Janeane Garofalo: I totally snubbed Rush Limbaugh when he visited the “24” set #
  • RT @allahpundit The alternate history of Kurt Cobain: #
  • RT @RWSparkle @JTlol I say we stuff anderson cooper in a locker after school. He’s used to being in a closet anyway #
  • It would be awesome if one of Obama’s nominees not only didn’t pay taxes but is also a former Somali pirate. #
  • The both look like such nice guys; why are we mean to them? RT @jaketapper Another foto of Obama and Chavez — #
  • Watching Fringe. Monster kills animal rights activists that relased it. It’s funny ’cause it’s ironic. #
  • RT @JTlol Maybe @oprah will start recommending Tweeters like she does books. Here’s my audition: HEY OPRAH YOUR FAT LOL LOL LOL J/K #
  • I wonder what Garofalo’s reaction will be to the celebrations on the 4th of July (or, as she knows it, “White Supremacy Day”)? #
  • I think Obama’s highspeed rails will make some great settings for future action movies. #
  • When I met Morpheus, I took both the red and blue pills. I don’t know if what I saw afterwards was the true reality, but it was AWESOME! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-17

Friday, April 17, 2009 1:59 am
  • Every day is awesome when you’re an American! #
  • New PJM column: “Why do they plunder us?” #
  • Stimulus works! RT @BreakingNews AP: New jobless claims fall for second straight week to 610,000. #
  • Isn’t that Big Hollywood? RT @allahpundit Right-wing HuffPo in the works? Gulp: #
  • RT @andrewbreitbart I am still steaming over the CNN reporter. Here’s a followup: #
  • Fred Thompson Show caller: “No Representation without Taxation.” No wonder 48% like tax rates when so many pay nothing. #
  • My Marine brother is sometimes pretty libertarian. I hope the DHS is watching him. #
  • Secession is a bad idea. That’s why we should only make the states we don’t like do it. #
  • I don’t care if there is a hot blond sitting next to you. Drive this and people will assume you’re gay: #
  • Link Fixed:I don’t care if there is a hot blond sitting next to you. Drive this and people will assume you’re gay: #
  • Is it illegal to advocate kidnapping the president’s dog? #
  • Am I just remembering things wrong, or did LGF used to criticize other people than conservatives? #
  • RT @mkhammer School of Journalism objects to…journalism? #
  • Quote from torture memo: “Don’t forget to torture.” #
  • Quote from torture memo: “Remember to charge the car battery.” #
  • Shortened user name. The underscore stands for “fun”. Also, Asian person took name I wanted. #
  • Quote from torture memo: “Remember to wish Amir a happy birthday as soon as he’s done being waterboarded.” #
  • TweetDeck no good. Anyone know of a Twitter program that won’t crash Vista 64-bit? #
  • Or any program, for that matter. #
  • Know who never watched Crowder’s videos? Hitler! RT @scrowder: “Obama the Pee Wee” vid. #tcot #
  • RT @allahpundit: Awesome: Garofalo flips out, accuses tea parties of being about nothing but racism #
  • RT @JTlol: Susan Roesgen’s e-mail inbox is impenetrable to any information you try to add to it. Much like her skull. #
  • Because I hate Garofalo so much, I make fun of her name and call her “Giraffe-alo”. #
  • RT @Lileks Writing about the George Will denim column. Feels like the times we woke Grampa because he fell asleep smoking. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-16

Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:59 am
  • @PatrickRuffini The government has lots of stuff they need to pay for, but they leave us enough to buy food. Let’s not become extremists. in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • RT @JonHenke: Funny how fast the Left went from “Jesus was a community organizer!” to “community organizing is astroturf!” #
  • @curiouswork You sound like an extremist I should report to the DHS. in reply to curiouswork #
  • It will be interesting to see how a protest goes when it’s not run entirely by useless people. #teaparty #
  • So is today when all the violent right-wingers the DHS warned us about do their coup? #teaparty #
  • @JonHenke But we like being angry! in reply to JonHenke #
  • Just saw MSNBC headline: “It’s tax day and no one is complaining” #
  • If you weighted support for Obama with people’s tax burden, I wonder what it would look like? #teaparty #
  • @PatrickRuffini No, increase taxes on the poor. We need to tax behavior we want to discourage, like being poor. in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • I knew she was a closet liberal! #
  • It would be neat if the MSM got Baghdad Bob to cover the Tea Parties. #teaparty #
  • @allahpundit Howard Kurtz sounds like an extremist. Maybe we should report him to the DHS. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Why is everybody so angry? Smart people can’t seem to understand. #teaparty #
  • RT @TheOnion In Focus: Inner-City Prodigy Earns GED At Age 11 #
  • My mom was so angry recently she wrote an e-mail to both Obama and Pelosi. I hope the DHS is watching her. #
  • It’s Patriot Day! So why are so many of the Obama Administration unpatriotic? #
  • Representation should be proportional to tax burden. That’s fair. #teaparty #
  • Hippies are no better than pirates. #teaparty #
  • @TomCrowe If you have two sniper bullets and a pirate and a hippie, what do you do? Beat the hippie to death with the rifle. in reply to TomCrowe #
  • Ron Paul supporter calling Fred Thompson show worried about Obama giving us bird flu. #
  • Bucket stuck on his head this whole time. RT @allahpundit White House: Obama is “unaware” of the tea parties #
  • Sissies RT @jaketapper someone threw teabags over the WH fence+now parts of WH are in temporary lockdown while Secret Service checks it out #
  • @usmcpanzer Hey foo’. Only took me a day to get hooked. You just got a jump right in and find some good people to follow. in reply to usmcpanzer #
  • Spending package? RT @BreakingNews Emergency services at the White House to investigate suspicious package #
  • RT @johnhawkinsrwn Liberals love to think of themselves as sophisticated, meanwhile they’re all teabagging jokes and bumper sticker slogans. #
  • I just realized that when most people look at my username, they’ll think my name is “Frank Jiamo” #
  • I guess dems pay taxes instead of charity, except they don’t pay those either. RT @jaketapper Bidens declare $269,256… $1,885 to charity #
  • RT @ExurbanJon Love all the anti-teaparty lefties.Tonight they’ll be scraping off the 1st word of their “Question Authority” bumper stickers #
  • Primary reason Bidens only gave pocket change to charity: Hatred of the poor. #
  • @scrowder Good luck, dude! Be funny! in reply to scrowder #
  • @allahpundit Come on. Secession would be great for the news cycle. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Do it! It will be funny! RT @BreakingNews Gov. Rick Perry in an “anti-tax tea party” suggested Texans might…want to secede from the union #
  • @mkhammer I’m sure that’s what the rich puppet masters organizing these wanted you to claim. in reply to mkhammer #
  • @fatelvis04 And Obama will shake his fist at Texas impotently. It will be high-larious. in reply to fatelvis04 #
  • @mkhammer Could have avoided this if we made it a Coffee Party. No innuendo there. Plus, more manly. in reply to mkhammer #
  • Is it really surprising the DHS considers right-wing extremism more of a threat? Lefties are bunch of impotent little sissies. #
  • @allahpundit Well keep it to yourself if you don’t want to be ripped apart by your commenters. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Uh-oh. Huge money recall. #
  • So are we all going to do a roundup of racists jokes we heard at the tea parties? #teaparty #
  • @allahpundit When I saw GaGa on American Idol, I honestly thought it was an April Fools joke. Kids these days. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Someone should do an opposite of Twitter where there is a 1000 character minimum. #
  • @jimtreacher The left’s reaction to tea parties reminds me of the apes and the monolith in 2001. in reply to jimtreacher #
  • I think TweetDeck is causing my computer to freeze. #
  • 2,500 for Boise. #teaparty #
  • Watching AI results with wife. Hope there’s big surprise and they publicly execute all of them. #
  • RT @Lileks I’ll accept teabaggers for the protestors if the other side agrees to be salad tossers. After all, they throw around the green. #
  • New Red Dawn. This time it’s the Chinese (plus the Russians). #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-15

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:32 am

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