Sure Beats Hippies and Their Stupid Cotton Rags

[The Engineering of a Disposable Diaper] (Viewer #161,843)

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The Music Is the Only Thing Making This A Documentary Instead of a Twilight Zone Episode

[Doll Factory (1963)] (Viewer #43,311)

The lip-painting station really gives me the willies

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Don’t Know What They Are, But They Make Me Want to Play Settlers of Catan

[Chinese street food maker] (Viewer #329,420)

[title reference link]

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Write With a Purpose

“Gone Girl” is a dark and horrible movie, but they manage to make some good points about screenwriting in spite of that.

[Gone Girl — Don’t Underestimate the Screenwriter] (Viewer #111,458)

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Career Advice From Mike Rowe – Who Stunk at a Lot of Jobs Before Becoming (Arguably) America’s Most Successful and Beloved Documentarian

[Don’t Follow Your Passion] (Viewer #1,389,478)

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Still Beats What Lucas Did With the Prequels

[Fan Wars: A Star Wars Fan Film] (Viewer #7,725)

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Why The Clintons Never Went Away

(Submitted by Bilwick [High Praise!])

It’s from a 2001 SNL episode, but it’s still relevant today, with Hillary in the race & Roger in the news.

[NBC direct link]

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Can Someone Explain Why They Painted It Orange? Or At All?

Except for that one bit of puzzlement expressed in the title, I found this video very happy and uplifting.

[(Re)Built Ford Tough: A Flathead V-8 Rebuild Time-lapse] (Viewer #185,022)

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Because Chuck Jones Was the Perfect Man to Bring This Clever Little Story to Life

[The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics] (Viewer #641,212)

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“Long Winded, Yet Incredibly Informative”

[High Praise! to The Awesomer]

[How Earth Moves] (Viewer #2,166,451)

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Normally Headlines With Questions Are Answered “No”, But This May Be the Exception

[Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?] (Viewer #878,690)

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Why You Don’t Hate Any Pixar Movies (Except Maybe “Brave”)

[Pixar – What Makes a Story Relatable] (Viewer #332,862)

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Caitlyn Is the New Loretta

(Submitted by Bob in Feenicks [High Praise!])

Not new, just timely:

[Monty Python – “Loretta”] (Viewer #147,270)

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Animated Batman: Infinitely Better Than Animated Star Trek

[Batman – Evolving The Legend] (Viewer #262,334)

I still can’t believe that’s Mark Hamill doing the Joker. Doesn’t sound the slightest bit like Luke Skywalker.

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A Glimpse Inside the Creative Mind

I’ve watched enough “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to find this discussion about the mental process of improv to be especially fascinating.

[Keegan-Michael Key: “Improv actors are at war together”] (Viewer #326,497)

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