A Pointless Swear at 2:54, But Otherwise a Very Creative Re-imagining of the Holiday Classic

[IF SCROOGE SLEPT IN | A Chris & Jack Christmas Special] (Viewer #6,524)

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Oddly, Enjoyed This More Than Some of the Oceans Movies

Careful, there’s a couple swears

[THE ART OF THE HEIST | Chris & Jack] (Viewer #87,791)

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The Middle Part of Landing on Saturn’s Moon Is Real

[Submitted by Oppo via Universe Today (High Praise!)]

[Titan Touchdown] (Viewer #607,549)

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You Don’t Often See Such Rampant Individual Craftsmanship on a Factory-Wide Scale

[The Making of a Steinway – A Steinway & Sons Factory Tour Narrated by John Steinway] (Viewer #501,895)

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I Still Don’t Understand How They Can Measure Something That Tiny

[The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves] (Viewer #954,594)

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It’s the Only Role Keanu Reeves Ever Really Played

[Honest Trailers – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure] (Viewer #1,247,749)

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Still Waiting to Meet Someone Who Hates Dr. Seuss

[Dr. Seuss – Putting Rhymes to Good Use] (Viewer #328,209)

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Watching Glass Explode Is Even More Fun Than It Sounds

[Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000 fps – Smarter Every Day 86] (Viewer #9,314,456)

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Surprisingly, I Didn’t Already Know All of These

[The Untold Truth Of Darth Vader] (Viewer #502,173)

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This Is Gonna Offend Some Terrorists

It’s got a couple swears

[Real Housewives of ISIS] (Viewer #319,613)

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Snowball Machine Gun

[High Praise! to HokieGomer]

[Snowball Machine Gun – How to make] (Viewer #4,138,702)

Me, I think they should’ve replaced the Ghostbusters theme at the 3:50 mark with Adagio for Strings

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Basically the Non-Trek Version of “Cause and Effect” Without the Happy Ending

[YouTube Direct Link] (Viewer #2,398,970)

[title reference link]

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So THAT’S Who Foghorn Leghorn Was a Parody of!

[It’s a Joke, Son! Trailer] (Viewer #14,413)

More discussion on the topic at Neatorama

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The Anti-Gay Wedding Planner

(NOTE: Contains some censored adult content)

[Anti-Gay Wedding Planner (Parody) | We the Internet TV] (Viewer #6,622)

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About Time Someone Fixed This Problem!

[How to Stop Microaggressions | We the Internet TV] (Viewer #57,055)

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