Not Magic, Just Common Sense

Contains a few swears

[Leaving the Left – Part 3: Penn Jillette] (Viewer #418,098)

It really comes down to what you would make people do at gunpoint.

For example: making a doctor treat my illness while losing money doing so – not on my list.

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Short Answer: Re-entry Heat Cooks Electronics

[Why North Korea Can’t Build An ICBM (yet)] (Viewer #793,659)

Apparently there’s less to worry about from North Korea than the media would have us believe.

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I Can’t Imagine Being the Person Who Invented This Process

[How It’s Made Bronze Sculptures] (Viewer #459,113)

Which, of course, begs the question of how giant bronze statues are poured.

Discussed in agonizing detail here.

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When Character Arcs Flatline

[Ghostbusters: A Movie About Nothing (video essay)] (Viewer #64,833)

I’ve seen Ghostbusters a few times, and I always thought there was something a little odd about it. I think this might be it.

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Short Answer: Global Warming on Various Scales (Sorry, CO2, You’re Just Not That Important)

[What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?] (Viewer #2,310,203)

Why do I feel like this is an interstellar metaphor for various degrees of Obamacare implementation?

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Help! Help! I’m Being Suppressed!

[Fire suppression test Fort Indiantown Gap Army Reserve] (Viewer #153,778)

It’s ok to skip ahead here & there, as it’s methodical process. For best effect, I suggest no more than one minute at a time.

[title reference link]

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Finally! A Use for All That Geometry They Made You Learn

[The Napkin Ring Problem] (Viewer #4,969,529)

So. Much. Math…

I think I can see why this makes sense, but I have a hard time holding it all in my head at the same time so that the conclusion snaps into place.

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Antifa’s Theme Song?

[“Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered” – Social Justice: The Musical] (Viewer #2,406,489)

More relevant now than ever before.

NOTE: some of the images in the video are a little unsavory. Which happens a lot when you portray leftists honestly.

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The Intercontinental Highway Is a Lot Closer to Being Possible Than I Thought

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #1,240,236)

I had no idea about the road gaps in Africa, Central America, and Siberia.

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Obviously, None of Them Anywhere Near As Dangerous as Carbon. Or So I’ve Been Told

[8 Lesser-Known, Useful Elements] (Viewer #484,747)

I think the only one of these I’d heard of before was neodymium, despite being a fan of “The Elements Song“.

Also, I had no idea that there were actual non-research uses for transuranics.

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Except for the Part Where He Gets Nailed in the Vitals by a Skateboard, It Looks Like This Is Making Him Very Happy

[How to Learn Anything Quickly] (Viewer #145,143)

Offering solid advice no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

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AKA “Why Recycling Is a Feel-Good Unprofitable Black Hole for Tax Dollars”

[How Recycling Works] (Viewer #629,435)

The only thing worth recycling is paper, aluminum, and steel. That hasn’t changed in 100 years, and it’s never going to. Curbside recycling will always be a money pit.

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2016 Election (Metaphorically Speaking)

[avalanche with 2672 marbles crashes into a wall] (Viewer #89,564)

The video shows the event a few times at different speeds & angles, but I enjoyed watching it every time. Not sure what that says about me.

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3D Fluid Art Is Kinda Spiffy

[Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys] (Viewer #2,145,398)

Pretty cool, but there’s no more paintball action after the 6:40 mark. Just talk. And not particularly interesting talk, at that.

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Just Once, I Wish It Were a Real Ghost

[How To Do A Plot Twist] (Viewer #452,940)

I agree – Scooby Doo IS better than “Now You See Me”

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