I Want a Toy Gun for Christmas!

[“Toy Gun” vs. Military Steel Helmet + Body Armor] (Viewer #334,386)

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Just Another MSM Coincidence in Hillary’s Favor: “Power Through It”

(Submitted by NO_MO_BAMA [High Praise!])

[Don’t Worry, Hillary Clinton Will Power Through | SUPERcuts! #360] (Viewer #148,083)

My favorite comment at YouTube: “Imagine a pilot saying ‘I’m flying this plane and I get occasional faints but don’t worry I’m gonna power through this'”.

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Every Hacker Cliche

[Hacker Fight | WHITE LIGHTNING HQ] (Viewer #71,581)

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The Sound of the Indiana Jones Boulder? I’ve Actually Made It

[Raiders of The Lost Ark’s Boulder – Art of the Scene] (Viewer #286,993)

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Back When New York’s Biggest Threat Was a Confectionery Mascot

[Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – Art of the Scene] (Viewer #454,278)

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I Always Knew They Couldn’t, But I Never Knew Why

[Why Can’t Mules Have Babies?] (Viewer #411,030)

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This Makes Me Want to Go to Ace Hardware and Hug the Entire Handtool Aisle

[Primitive Technology: Barrel Tiled Shed] (Viewer #5,109,801)

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A Nice Summary of Hillary’s Email Problem

[THE CLINTON LIE RATCHET] (Viewer #37,586)

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This Might Work Better Than Horn-Honking, But That Would Ruin All My Fun

[The Simple Solution to Traffic] (Viewer #3,781,474)

Exit question – will self-driving cars have horns?

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Best Part About This Sport? Nobody Kneels During the Anthem

[ping pong carnival] (Viewer #90,257)

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WD-40 Will Not Clean Your Shirt

[25 Parenting Life Hacks – mental_floss List Show Ep. 435] (Viewer #207,955)

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Outside of Merchandising, Are WB Characters Even Still a Thing?

I’ve seen all of Bugs’ work, but does anyone under 30 even know why you should take the left turn at Albuquerque?

[Bugs Bunny – The Origins of an American Icon] (Viewer #280,297)

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Hammer Through a Mirror + Bonus Boredom

Nothing of interest happens after 2:30, so leave as soon as you get bored after that point.

[Hammer through Mirror at 120,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys] (Viewer #)

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Remember This When Hollywood Schmucks Start Getting Morally Uppity About Some SJW Garbage

[Talent Doesn’t Win Oscars. Money Does.] (Viewer #1,800,039)

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Personally, I’d Argue for Andrew Carnegie Taking Steel from $140/ton to $20/ton, But There’s a Lot to Be Said for “Aluminium”, Too

[Aluminium – The Material That Changed The World] (Viewer #261,158)

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