It’s the Feelings That Intrigue

[How to Recount Your Dreams] (Viewer #154,027)

It’s takes about 3 minutes to get there, but this is good advice on how to be a better storyteller.

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Course He’s Cheating. Danged If I Know How

[Fool Us – Richard Turner Thoroughly Astonishes Penn & Teller] (Viewer #1,142,891)

His tricks probably aren’t any easier to perform with 20/20 vision.

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Build and Add Something

[What Makes A Sequel Good?] (Viewer #281,096)

Also, don’t forget to develop your characters.

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The Short Answer to Why the Simpsons Is the Longest Running Show on TV

[The Simpsons: The Perfect Balance] (Viewer #293,698)

I never stopped to consider that one of the best parts of the Simpsons being animated was how uncartoony it was.

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I Confess, I Never Understood Planck’s Constant

[How We’re Redefining the kg] (Viewer #577,430)

Beware – contains serious nerdly number crunching. I got overwhelmed and tuned out a couple minutes before the end, but I still like the thought that the answer makes sense to people who are sciencier than I.

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I Think You Should Open It Up to Unstable Isotopes, Just to Make It Interesting

[SCIENCE! What is the Rarest Precious Metal?] (Viewer #8,511,974)

I think I liked the flaming sulfur part best.

Also, I think I may have posted this before. Whatever. Playing with chemicals is fun.

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Murder by Malted Milk Ball

[Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys] (Viewer #1,403,972)

Normally, “shooting things in slow motion” videos get dull after a while, but using an air cannon is different. The projectile breaks the thing, then the residual blast of air scatters it, adding a fun layer of chaos to the destruction. Frankly, I never got tired of this, even though the video’s 16 minute running time made me not want to even start.

Just tell yourself “I’ll quit as soon as I get bored”, and see what happens.

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My Idea of a Costume Is Throwing a Sheet Over My Head and Calling Myself a Ghost

[Costume Design: The Hidden Layer of Movie Magic] (Viewer #242,138)

At a certain level, I always notice this, but I also almost never think about it consciously.

I like their contrast between Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka and Johnny Depp’s. I hadn’t thought about that particular point before.

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If I’d Have Found This Last Week, I’d Have Posted It Last Week

[via The People’s Cube]

[Awkward Exes: Britain & America 1776 – The Breakup (by We Are Thomasse)] (Viewer #9,372)

The acting was so-so, but I liked that the dialogue had lots of references where I could go “I see what you did there”. So… more clever than funny, but I’m OK with that.

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Worst Job in the World: Being Big Bird

[The Mechanics of being Big Bird] (Viewer #783,562)

Now that I know how awful it is, I have to say, Mr. Spinney makes it look effortless.

Also, in all the years I watched, I never noticed that Big Bird only has one functional arm.

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Also, How Hillary Lost the Election (Metaphorically Speaking)

[How Do Sinkholes Form?] (Viewer #2,960,603)

He’s not the most thrilling narrator, but his little demonstration models are a lot of fun.

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Short Answer, Yes. Vacuum, on the Other Hand…

[Is Space a Thing?] (Viewer #226,331)

I’d like these a lot better without the pointless, gratuitous sound effects. Apparently some people think it’s not really science unless it randomly goes poit

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Bill Nye was patient zero on that one.

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ALSO Still Better Than Obamacare

[Worst Doctor Ever] (Viewer #3,328,564)

[title reference link]

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Yeah, This Is Pretty Much Me on Any Given Independence Day

[Fireworks Safety Video by Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk] (Viewer #40,416)

I’m pretty sure there’s a political metaphor in here somewhere, too. Obama doing foreign policy, maybe?

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If You’ve Never Used Film in a Camera, This Video Will Be Meaningless to You

[Kodak: How George Eastman revolutionized photography] (Viewer #143,326)

Pictures used to be a way to say “this moment is meaningful enough for me to make everybody pose, and then wait a week while I get the film developed so that I can capture this image forever”.

Now it just means “I have my phone handy, and I will never look at this image again”.

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