Sarah K at … well, a gentlemen never says

BirthdayCakeIt’s Sarah K’s birthday! I know, it seems like she just had one last July 19th. But now she’s having another one.

Anyway, we need to help Frank J out. Between all his time playing Pokémon Go and coming up with excuses to not blog, he hasn’t had a lot of time left to pick out a birthday present for Sarah K. And this is where we come in.

What should Frank J get Sarah K for her birthday? It’s a special birthday (a gentleman never tells) so it needs to be a special gift.

Offer your birthday wishes along with gift suggestions for Sarah K.

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National Holiday?

Feb12Should today be a national holiday? It’s the birthday of a famous American, but it’s not officially celebrated.

When I was a child, we got a couple of days off school in February: the 12th and the 22nd. I don’t know if it was like that everywhere, but it was in the part of southeast Georgia where I grew up.

Now, to be sure, the fact that February 12 is the anniversary of the founding of Georgia — Georgia Day — might have contributed to that. But, today, the state no longer celebrates the anniversary of its founding, as evident by the governor’s official list of State Holidays for 2013.

But, there’s still that birthday to consider.

Now, the American whose birthday it is, isn’t that big of a hero in Georgia. Not historically, anyway. That doesn’t mean that Georgia has been right in ignoring this American. But, I leave it to you: should states, or even the federal government, recognize today as a holiday in honor of this American?

Should we, as a nation, celebrate the birthday of Joe Don Baker?

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Happy Birthday, Buttercup!

I know you didn’t forget: Today is Buttercup’s first birthday.

[Direct link]

Happy birthday, Buttercup. And congratulations, Frank J and Sarah K.

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The perfect birthday present

It’s SarahK’s birthday! Actually, it became her birthday a couple of hours ago (as of when this post is published), but since she lives in MountaineerMusings Time Zone, her birthday comes two hours later than those of us that live in Eastern Time Zone. But, to make up for it, she gets to say “I can do what I want; it’s my birthday!” for two hours longer than us East Coast folk.

Anyway, it’s her special day, and we were wondering what Frank’s getting her for her birthday this year.

Well, he did get her something already: pregnant. I don’t think he had her birthday in mind when that happened, but I could be wrong. I haven’t asked. And ain’t going to. So, as happy as she is with carrying little Princess Buttercup, Frank still owes her a birthday present.

Still, Frank, being a guy, is just liable to slip up and not have a present ready. Yesterday was Sunday, and everyone knows that Boise closes at sundown on Saturday. So, unless he ran by the Jackson’s Foods and got her a coupon for a Blazin’ Burrito, he might be scrambling around today. So perhaps he could use some suggestions.

Some facts that might be helpful…

  • SarahK shares a birthday with Samuel Colt. So anything firearms related would be great.
  • She also shares a birthday with Lizzie Borden, so whatever he picks better be good.
  • She and comedian Jim Norton share a birthday, so whatever it is, it better make her laugh.
  • And, she shares a birthday with Queen guitarist Brian May (the really really smart one in the group), so whatever the present is, it better rock!

If you have suggestions, offer them here. Because there’s nothing Frank likes better than a bunch of people telling him what to do.

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26 and 43

There are a couple of birthdays today of people important to me. But important for way different reasons. And in way different worlds.

In real life, my daughter turns 26 today.

And, if my online life, one of the bloggers for whom I have the utmost respect turns 43 today: yes, Harvey, we remembered.

Harvey may or may not have a post up today. Update: he does. And, his last one at his blog was a real serious one for 9/11. So, I’m unsure if I should wish him happy birthday here, or at his blog. I may do both.

But, now, it’s your problem. To figure out how to tell Harvey “happy birthday.” I’m sure you’ll think of something.

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What is Frank thinking?

Wonder what Frank is thinking?

Some of you are saying “He’s not thinking anything.” But you’d be wrong.

Frank is trying to think of the perfect gift for SarahK. Today is her birthday. And woe be unto Frank if he forgets her birthday. Again.

But, he won’t forget. In fact, he got her a new house. But, he came along with it from the old place. So, it’s not really hers. It’s “theirs.” So, as cool as a new house is, as long as Frank has a key to the place, it’s not truly “hers.”

And Frank knows that. Which is why he’s trying to think of the perfect gift for his wife.

A few of his minions (that’s me, you, and all the others who read his blog) have some ideas for the perfect gift. And some of the suggestions are pretty good ones:

  • Subscription to HBO
  • Pink AR-15 (is it still evil if pink) *
  • Pink 1911
  • Robot controlling monkey’s head in a box
  • Diamonds (she is a girl)
  • Fur coat, from baby seals that you clubbed yourself, much more thoughtful then store bought baby seal fur.
  • Book of wise Latina woman wisdom
  • Two men at once — one cooking, the other cleaning *
  • Batteries
  • Any of a list of gun accessories
  • Rafting
  • A nice quiet relaxing day, with no mention on that stupid blog. Just like last year.

Good ideas, all. Well, some of them, anyway.

But, you can never have too many gift suggestions. Ideas?

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