Happy Birthday, Buttercup!

I know you didn’t forget: Today is Buttercup’s first birthday.

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Happy birthday, Buttercup. And congratulations, Frank J and Sarah K.

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Random Thoughts

Buttercup still stares at me with cat-level non-comprehension. Can’t wait until she’s to dog-level comprehension.

I was scared of Obama when I first saw him in 2004. I think liberals are having the same reaction about Rubio. Hopefully Rubio doesn’t end up as absolutely useless.

I was joking back in 2004 when I said Obama would destroy us all. I did not mean to be that prophetic.

Hadn’t watched baseball in a while. Don’t remember it being this painful.

The cat from tonight’s Community was one of the funniest things ever.

Orson Scott Card likes my humor (bottom of article). I once read a comic book adapted from one of his novels!

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Because the new parents are so busy and wouldn’t want to impose on you anyway, I will

Frank J and SarahK are celebrating the birth of Princess Buttercup.

IMAO regular DamnCat noticed that Frank & Sarah were registered at Babies”R”Us. You can search by Registry Number 45484417. No, I can’t find a direct link that works; you have to fill out a form and click “Find.”

They are also registered at Target and Amazon.

No, Frank and Sarah didn’t ask for this to be posted. They’ll be “Oh, that’s so sweet but you shouldn’t have.” Actually, that’ll probably be Frank. Sarah will be all like “He spent his time posting something instead of sending something? Sounds just like him.”

Anyway, for those that were wondering, those are links for those that had questioned about where they were registered:

Now, go help the economy.

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