Caption this!

My buddy, Mad Max, so wants to caption this picture of the president. So, I thought I’d offer him the opportunity. But, I decided to make it a challenge by opening it up to everyone here.

Caption this!
[From Drudge Report]

Keep it clean. Mostly clean, at least. And the best caption wins … HIGH PRAISE!

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Caption contest winner!

Congratulations to the winner of the caption contest for this gem:

Other than SarahK’s entry, of course. You’ll never get me to say she didn’t win. You tell her. Not me.

But, HIGH PRAISE is conferred upon the top of the non-SarahK entries:

DamnCat: “Twinkles – ur doin it rong

I had a hard time not picking springeraz who submitted “And now for something completely different….a man with a tape recorder up his nose….

Anytime you can cite Monty Python, it’s a winner.

Lots of other good entries, too — some really good ones — but these two were my favorites.

Oh, and Burmashave asked if I’m authorized to hand out High Praise. It doesn’t matter; I’ll just get SpaceMonkey to edit it so that High Praise is awarded.

So there.

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Caption contest!

Did you see the pictures on Drudge last night?

This deserve a caption.

The winner gets … HIGH PRAISE!

Okay, try anyway.

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Caption this!

Have you seen the picture from the National Governors Association? It shows a bunch of governors listening to the president.

Sonny Perdue listens to Obama
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

That’s Georgia governor Sonny Perdue (R) in the middle.

I imagine I look a lot like that after hearing Obama speak for more more than a minute.

But what do you think Governor Perdue is thinking?

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Caption This!

Drudge had this on the front page this morning.

Barack Hussein Obama

The caption?


That’s lame.

We can do better. Yes we can!

I’ll start:

  • I, Barack, take thee, Joe…

Got any good ideas?

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