IMAO regular reader and commenter Iowa Jim made an observation the other day. With all the coverage of Anthony Weiner and his face (and other parts) in the news, he thought the Congresscritter looked … like a Congresscritter:

I noticed that Anthony Weiner, in some photographs, bears an amazing resemblance to ostriches, emus, and cassowaries.

He’s got a point:

Is he right?

And is Weiner the only critter-like critter in Congress? What other critters to other members of Congress look like?

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So, how’d that whole “Ask A Congressman” thing go?

One word: Not too good.

Okay, that’s three words. But it describes that whole “Ask A Congressman” thing.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL/3) held a town hall in Phenix City last week, and I asked you to submit questions for me to ask. Only, he wouldn’t take your questions.

While the crowd wasn’t huge, locals had some questions. So, when it was all done, I asked if he had time for some questions from blog readers. Since most of you live outside his district, he declined to take them, beginning to say that his town hall was for the 3rd district. He was polite, but that’s what the answer was. Almost. He didn’t get through it, because someone else interrupted him mid-sentence to shake his hand. So, I didn’t get to remind him that … I live in the 3rd district!

He was up against a timeline, having a scheduled meeting with county officials across town.

His press secretary asked me to send the questions her way. However, there hasn’t been a response.

But, that doesn’t mean he didn’t answer some of the questions. Sort of.

Let’s ignore the silly questions for a minute — Mike Rogers isn’t Thaddeus McCotter and IMAO isn’t Red Eye, after all — and focus on serious questions.

Some asked, about repealing Obamacare. As it turns out, in his remarks, Rep. Rogers did address that. He said the new GOP Congress will try, but he thinks the effort will fail:

[Direct link]

Let’s assume best case scenario, both houses flip. “You’re gonna repeal all this stuff that’s been done in the last two years?”

Well, we’re gonna try, but it, everybody in this room knows that, let’s say, for example, that we put a bill on the floor to repeal the health care reform bill, and we pass it through both chambers. Do you think the president’s gonna sign that new law? No, he’s gonna veto it.

Well, the fact is it takes a two-thirds vote to override a veto. So I want people to have realistic expectations about what can be done, uh, over the next two years.

Best thing is we can stop, we can put the brakes on the spending, because the Congress controls the budget. That’s the best thing that can happen.

There were questions about spending, which he also addressed in those same remarks. Remember that whole “we can put the brakes on the spending” comment?

So, while he didn’t answer questions — heck, he didn’t even let me ask them — he did address the top two topics asked on the blog or sent to me in email.

No, I’m not happy he didn’t take the questions. But, seriously, would you take questions from you? I didn’t think so.

And, despite my displeasure, it’s not like I’m gonna campaign or vote for the guy who’s running against him. I don’t even know who that guy is. I think it’s a guy. Doesn’t matter.

I’m voting for Rogers in November. Again. I voted for him in 2008. And 2006. And 2004. And 2002 (when he first ran for Congress).

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Ask a Congressman

You ever want to ask a Congressman a question? If you’re like lots of people, you don’t ever get a chance.

Well, I’m not offering you the chance to ask your Congressman a question, but you can a Congressman a question.

Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from the 3rd District of Alabama, will be about three miles from where I work in Columbus next Monday.

He’s not the Congressman that represents Columbus. For one thing, Columbus is in Georgia. And, Columbus is split between Georgia’s 2nd and 3rd districts. (A Republican represents the 3rd district, but I don’t know why I never hear about any town hall meetings he holds. A Democrat represents the 2nd district, and that’s why exactly he doesn’t hold any town hall meetings. That and people like me asking for questions.)

So, sorry, there’s no chance to ask questions to a Democrat Congressman. But, there’s a Republican Congressman that will answer questions. So, I’m going to be at Congressman Rogers’ meeting next Monday. And I’ll ask my questions. And your questions.

If you want to ask a question of Congressman Rogers, leave it in the comments here.

If you want to submit a questions without leaving it here, email it to me at this address.

Oh, and serious questions are welcome, too.

(UPDATE: We’re accepting questions until Saturday, August 28, 2010)

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Consitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution

Those wacky Illinois politicians. And this one’s not even from Chicago.

Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL-17) says he doesn’t worry about the Constitution (tip: Allahpundit)

[Direct link]

When he swore to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” he must have been talking about defending against himself.

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You do not have to be stupid to be a liberal … okay, maybe you do

Hank Johnson, who defeated Cynthia McKinney in 2006 to represent Georgia’s 4th District, has a perfect 100% rating from the ACLU. Which makes him the perfect one to ask an Admiral about the impact of U.S. military personnel on Guam:

Johnson’s comments came during a House Armed Services Committee meeting as he questioned Adm. Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, about the impact of U.S. troops on the little island.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson said, straight-faced and seemingly serious.

The admiral seemed to take the question seriously, too. “We don’t anticipate that,” he said, proceeding to describe the population on Guam.

Yes, that’s real. Not an April Fools’ Day joke. Here’s the video. The key piece is at 1:15

[Direct link]

Is it any wonder that he rates 100% — lifetime — from the ACLU?

The stupider, the better, when it comes to a liberal agenda.

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Racist teabaggers yelling racist slurs … oh, wait

I was going to title this post “Lying bastards lie” but I changed my mind. Anyway…

The big media are reporting that members of the Congressional Black Caucus encountered racist slurs when they walked past protesters.

ABC reported:

Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., said that as he left the Cannon House Office Building with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a leader of the 1960s civil rights movement, some among the crowd chanted “the N-word, the N-word, 15 times.” Both Carson and Lewis are black. Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones also said the incident occurred.

“It was like going into the time machine with John Lewis,” Carson said.

CBS had this:

Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., told a reporter that as he left the Cannon House Office Building with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a leader of the civil rights era, some among the crowd chanted “the N-word, the N-word, 15 times.” Both Carson and Lewis are black, and Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones also said that it occurred.

“It was like going into the time machine with John Lewis,” said Carson, a large former police officer who said he wasn’t frightened but worried about the 70-year-old Lewis, who is twice his age. “He said it reminded him of another time.”

Here’s what MSNBC had:

The Tea Party protests got ugly today.

African-American Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), a protege of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who helped organize the March on Washington, went to the House floor today to tell Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) that a Tea Party protester called him a “n—–.”

The New York Times:

And while most of the invective was directed at the health care bill itself, several House members said there was an ugly tone to comments made by some demonstrators against three black lawmakers: Representatives André Carson of Indiana, Emanuel Cleaver II of Missouri and John Lewis of Georgia, all Democrats.

An aide to Mr. Lewis, a leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, said that as he walked to the Capitol, Mr. Lewis was called racial slurs.

The Washington Post carried this:

Protesters outside the Capitol hurled epithets at Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.) as they left the building after President Obama delivered an 11th-hour speech on behalf of the health care bill. Carson told reporters that protesters yelled “kill the bill,” then used a racial epithet to describe Carson and Lewis, who is a revered figure on both sides of the aisle.

They all tell the same story.

And that’s the thing: it’s just a story. It’s not true.

How do I know?

I’ve seen the video.

[Direct link]

Tip: Midnight Blue < Marooned In Marin

Not a racial epithet to be found.

I’m waiting for the excuses as to why video of the event doesn’t match reports of the event.

Perhaps they suffer the same thing Maureen Dowd suffers. She heard “boy” when it wasn’t said. The Congressional Black Caucus seems to hear even worse things that aren’t said.

I suppose if someone won’t make you a victim, you have to make yourself one.

Sarah In Italy sent word that there are two other videos, neither of which contain evidence of any racial slurs:

[Direct link]

[Direct link]

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How to balance the federal budget without raising taxes

How can Congress possibly balance the federal budget without raising taxes?

It’s easy. Make Congress make up for any shortfall in the budget. Take it out of their pay. Cut Congressional pay (House and Senate) for every dollar the budget is in deficit.

What about the president? Well, if he vetoed the deficit budget, he’s off the hook. If he signed it, he’s liable. Dock his pay, too.

Now, what happens if the deficit is more than the pay of Congress? As is the current situation? Congress is on the hook for the balance. Personally. If Congressman A has twice wealth as Congressman B, he’s responsible for twice as much of the deficit.

When that still doesn’t cover the deficit, spread the debt around to other members of the government, exempting military pay only.

If Congress tries to get around it by raising taxes, count every tax increase as deficit money, and cut Congressional pay accordingly.

I learned a long time ago, that if someone had the solution to a problem, but had no interest in solving the problem, it was because it didn’t personally affect them; it wasn’t their problem.

Make it their problem.

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Whatever it is, I’m against it

Conservatives — okay, actually Republicans — are being painted as “The Party Of ‘No.'”

And, Republicans seem to want to respond to that charge.

Now, maybe it’s because I’m not a Republican (I’m not a member of any party — I am a conservative), but the tag doesn’t bother me.

Obama and his Congress have done lots of damage. And it needs to stop. So, I’m willing to embrace the “Party of ‘No'” moniker.

Look at it like this: You’re taking a trip. Someone else is driving. They’re doing a piss-poor job of driving. And they’re going in the wrong direction. At a high rate of speed.

What do you do?

Well, you don’t grab the steering wheel and suddenly turn it to the right. You stop the car. You remove the incompetent driver. You take the wheel (or get someone capable behind the wheel). Then you move in the right direction at the right speed.

That pretty much sums up what we need to do with the presidency and the Congress. Stop things. Put someone capable in charge. Then proceed.

We’re at the “stop” point of the strategy right now. So, yes, I’m all for stopping things. Stopping things cold.

And, until we have things stopped, and until we have the right people in charge, whatever Congress tries to do, I’m against it.

[Direct link]

Embrace your inner Groucho!

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Job losses

The job numbers for August are out. And they don’t look good.

Unemployment is now at 9.7% — the highest it’s been since 1983.

The “underemployment rate” — the unemployed rate plus part-time workers who prefer a full-time position plus people who want work but have given up looking for a job — is at 16.8 percent, a record.

What does all this mean?

Obviously, nearly 1 in 10 Americans are out of work. But what else does it mean?

It means that the wrong people are losing their jobs.

We need to fire some elected officials. I’m thinking the entire Obama administration would be a good place to start. But then, I said don’t hire those rascals to begin with. But did America listen to me? No. 52% of American voters went and did something stupid.

Oh, sure. They were frustrated. They didn’t like how things were. But not putting any thought into a solution is a bad solution.

So, we have unemployment near 10%.

I think we ought to give Congress a 10% unemployment rate. That would mean 10 Senators losing their jobs. And 43 or 44 Representatives being sent packing.

Some say to throw them all out. But, as a Representative said yesterday, there are downsides to doing that. Remember, that’s basically what happened to put Obama in office: a desire to get rid of who was there. They seemed to forget that Bush wasn’t running for a third term. Stupid Obama voters.

So, which 10% of Congress should be unemployed?

Oh, I have some ideas.

Senators who are up for reelection in 2010:
Harry Reid (D-NV)
Boxer, Barbara (D-CA)
Dodd, Christopher J. (D-CT)
Daniel Inouye (D-HI)
Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)
Patty Murray (D-WA)
Schumer, Charles E. (D-NY)
Specter, Arlen (D-PA)
Leahy, Patrick J. (D-VT)
Lincoln, Blanche L. (D-AR)

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Barney Frank (D-MA)
Steve Cohen (D-TN)
Corrine Brown (D-FL)
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL)
Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)
Maxine Waters (D-CA)
Charles Rangel (D-NY)
Jim Moran (D-VA)
…Oh heck, I could go on and on with Representatives. But I’d start with this group.

If 10% of Congress lost their jobs … the most useless 10% … then unemployment might not be a bad thing after all.

Imagine this group having to work for a living. Or even trying to find a job.

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The Avengers

The Avengers

Mrs. Peel and John Steed
We’re needed.
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Yakko’s Bailout

And now, Yakko Warner explains the bailout…
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