Presidential Election Prediction Talk

Since everyone under the sun, it seems, is predicting the election outcome and its fallout I am compelled to do the same.

Daring anyone to prove me wrong….. I predict that:

  1. Our new President-elect will be male, human and over 35. It will be person who spent a significant portion of their younger years in Asia. Possibly, just possibly even a natural born American citizen who has lived on American soil for 8 or more years.
  2. Our new Vice President-elect will have at the same number of X chromosomes as there are syllables in their day-by-day nicknames. Furthermore this individual will be a parent to multiple children, one serving in the armed forces.
  3. In no particular order, McCain and Obama will easily be the top two vote getters.
  4. Bob Barr (Libertarian) will be a distant but respectable third.
  5. The advanced alien life forms who manipulate us at their whim will have a good laugh in their giant hidden sub-ocean outposts. Admittedly this one will be the hardest to verify.
  6. People will be glad this crap is over until they realize it never… really… is.
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McCain on SNL: QVC

The plates!

The Ayers freshener!

Funny stuff.

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Obama cars

The other day, I wondered about what would happen if the Obamabots actually took the day off to campaign for him.

I figured nobody would notice.

But, I’m now thinking I would notice.

There’d be nothing but American cars in the lot.

You see, I noticed some bumper stickers and window stickers on cars in some of the parking lots in Columbus (that’s Columbus, Georgia, by the way).

Most of the Obama stickers are on foreign cars. Or toaster-looking cars.

Most of the McCain stickers are on American cars or trucks. Mostly Chevrolet, by the way.

Now, this isn’t to say that all foreign car drivers support Obama. Nor that all Obama supporters drive foreign cars. Or that all American car owners vote McCain. Or… well, you get the idea. I’m not saying one equals the other. I owned a foreign car in the past. Once.

But I noticed that there appears to be a relationship. From the vehicles I’ve seen, most Obama stickers are on foreign cars, and most McCain stickers are on American cars.

I wonder why that is?

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The Fairness Doctrine

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has, for the most part, supported many of the policies of President Bush. Not all the time, but most of the time.

The Obama campaign has used this against McCain in the election. And that’s fair. It’s not as it’s being presented, but still, McCain’s support of many of the President’s policies is a fair issue.

So let’s talk fair.

You’ve heard of the “Fairness Doctrine,” I’m sure. It was generally applied by the “Equal Time” rule, though that in and of itself was not the “Fairness Doctrine.”

However, the “Equal Time” rule that many broadcasters applied was generally good enough to meet FCC policies (the “Fairness Doctrine”). Heck, I even used it once to ask for — and receive — equal time to respond to an editorial on my hometown radio station back in the 1970s.

Either way, it meant that if you presented one side of a controversial argument, you had an obligation to present the other side. Not equal time, but an opposing view nonetheless.

Many on the left want to bring the Fairness Doctrine back. But whether or not it’s brought back isn’t actually the topic.

It’s the general idea of fairness.

Like I said, McCain’s support of the policies of Bush is a fair issue. My own take is that, if George W. Bush and John S. McCain agree on something, it’s probably a good thing. But that’s just me.

Let’s consider what else is fair.

How about … the policies of Barack Obama?

Since he has such a short resum√©, you don’t have as much to look at. So, when you look at what’s there, you better look close.

And that’s why Obama’s votes to raise taxes on those making $42K a year is important. It’s not what he’s preaching right now, but it’s what he’s done. I choose to believe what a man has done more that what he says. His votes to raise taxes are fair game.

And, because his record is so small, you have to look closely at all kinds of things to figure out just who this guy is.

As for McCain, I have a friend that used to live in Arizona. She says that well before he came into the national spotlight, he was just like he is today. Like him or hate him, he’s honest and is straight with you, not telling you what he thinks you want to hear, but what he thinks you need to hear.

Obama? He’s saying things that don’t match up to his record.

He’s denied a relationship with Bill Ayers, but that doesn’t match the facts. And that question is fair.

Obama says he doesn’t want to raise your taxes, but he wants to eliminate the Bush tax cuts that will … get this … have the effect of raising your taxes. And that’s a fair topic.

Obama wants to “spread the wealth around” … and that’s socialism, plain and simple. And that’s a fair topic for discussion.

Obama has called the U. S. Constitution a “fundamentally flawed” document. Not a document that contains flaws that can be corrected by amendments, but “fundamentally flawed.” His statements are a fair topic for discussion.

I could go on and on. And probably will. Just not right now.

If anyone wants to institute a “fairness doctrine,” it should begin with a fair look at Barack Obama.

Anyone American who takes a fair look at Barack Obama will be appalled by what he sees.

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It’s okay to hang Sarah Palin

I’m sure you’ve seen the stories about the house out in Hollywood that decorated for Hallowe’en by putting up an effigy of Sarah Palin … hanging by the neck.

Some have criticized the display, demanding it be taken down. Others don’t like it, but say it’s all in fun. And then there are those that wish it was really Sarah Palin hanging there.

Me? I’m a supporter of Gov. Palin, and I think the display of her being hung is … perfectly fine.

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Bush wins debate

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Barack Obama and John McCain clashed repeatedly over the causes and cures for the worst economic crisis in 80 years Tuesday night. Both Democrat nominee Sen. Barack J. Obama (D-EU) and Republican candidate Sen. John McCain (D-AZ) spent 7-1/2 hours attacking the policies of the Bush Administration. Media observers, as well as viewers polled afterward, indicated the clear winner was President Bush.

Observer Olsen Johnson, of the nearby town of Rock Ridge, who describes himself as an independent, says neither Obama nor McCain resonated with him.

“Didn’t neither one of them fellas tell me a whole lot,” Johnson said. “They come up with all kinds of ways to spend my money, but neither said much about me keeping my money. I’m just tryin’ to figure out which one’s gonna leave me enough to buy groceries.”

“Olsen Johnson is right,” said observer Van Johnson. “They kept tellin’ me how much they wasn’t going to be like George Bush. But, you know what? At least, with George Bush, I know what I’m getting.”

Another viewer, who identified himself only as “Mongo,” summed up the feeling of most of the crowd, saying, “Mongo only pawn in game of life.”

Polling conducted in the hours following the debate showed dramatic losses by both the McCain and Obama camps. Each candidate is now hovering between 20 and 23% support. President Bush gained dramatically by his performance in the debate, with his support just under 30%.

“The only way anyone could win a debate with these two is to not show up,” said Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer. “McCain nearly won the first debate with this strategy, but showed up at the last minute. With both candidates running against President Bush, it paved the path for Bush to take the lead in this race.”

If Bush maintains his lead, Republicans would consider it a third term for the 43rd president. However, because the Democrats don’t recognize Bush’s win in 2000, a victory in November would give Bush his 2nd term.

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Stupid hippies will believe anything

No, this is not an appeal to urge you to vote for McCain/Palin.

Although you should.

Rather, it’s about the Website, which some said was a domain owned by

It wasn’t. And isn’t. Owned by the McCain campaign, that is.

For the uninitiated, a “MILF” is a term popularized by the movie, American Pie. It means, “mom I’d like to …” well, go here if you really must know … but I suspect you get it by now.

Anyway, claims that the McCain campaign owns the domain name.

Got pictures, screenshots, and everything.

And plenty of left-wingers jumped all over it.

The Washington Post, Crooks and Liars, FireDogLake, and others.

Of course, they’re wrong.

The whole thing was a prank. Rial F. Sloan of Chattanooga, who runs, confesses all.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious.

If the McCain camp had registered it, I think it would have been a good move; they’d have kept it out of the hands of evil-doers. You know. Democrats.

But the McCain camp didn’t do it. Some geeky guy in Chattanooga did it.

And the left fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Silly hippies.

[Hat tip: William Teach at Pirate’s Cove and McCain Blogs]

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Yakko’s Bailout

And now, Yakko Warner explains the bailout…
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