MST3K Question of the Day: Updating the Classic

mst3kPitchWe all know that Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning soon. And, if you’re like me, you’d just be happy with more of the same. That is, a guy in space being shown bad movies and him watching them with his two robot friends while making fun of the movie.

Simple. Well, sort of. Except for all of the shooting the janitor into space and him building robots and … okay, it’s not simple. But, it’s just a show, you should really just relax.

Remembering, though, that the show was canceled back in the day — twice, in fact — we want the show to stick around for a while. As long as it’s funny, at least.

But, you know kids these days. Things can’t be like they used to be. We have to update things to get the kids’ attention. And, TV is no different.

Which brings us to our MST3K Question of the Day: What changes to MST3K are needed to make it appealing to today’s TV viewer?

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MST3K Question of the Day: The Movies

mst3kLoboBy now, you’re not only excited about the MST3K reboot, you’re actually sick of hearing about it. Well, think about what poor Joel and Mike had to go through. Now, you don’t feel so bad, do you?

And now that I’ve cleverly maneuvered you into being in a good mood, let’s put that to some good use.

We know there will be some changes in the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but some things will remain pretty much the same. For example, there will have to be a bad movie to riff. Or, like they did from time to time, a TV show presented as a movie.

Which brings us to our MST3K Question of the Day: What should be the first movie/TV show riffed on the new MST3K?

You’re smart enough, you’re good enough, and doggone it, people like your answers. Share with us, won’t you?

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MST3K Question of the Day: The Villains

mst3kVillainsWith the reboot of MST3K coming soon, we are all so excited that we don’t know what to do. Well, I’m excited. You should be too. But, it’s okay if you’re not. I’m excited enough for all of us.

Anyway, there will be some changes in the show with the reboot. There will be a new host, for one. And, there will be a new villain.

We had Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt, then Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank, then Dr. Forrester and his mother Pearl, then Pearl with Professor Bobo and Observer. But, the new show will feature a new villain, but we don’t know who just yet. And that’s where you can help.

Today’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Questions of the Day: Who should be the new villain for the show?

Give us your best suggestion. We don’t want guesses, we want ideas. And, where else but the twisted brains of the world’s largest supply of Moon Nukers than the comments section of IMAO. I turn it over to you now.

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MST3K: The Reboot

mst3kBotsHave you heard the news? In the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D., Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning! But, of course, the whole story is complicated.

Shout Factory has purchased Mystery Science Theater 3000 and has licensed Joel Hodgson to restart the show. Joel has launched a Kickstarter campaign to do just that.

There will be new on-screen talent. Joel won’t be the host, there will be a new villain, and new actors will portray Crow and Servo. None of the RiffTrax crew (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, who played Mike, Servo, and Crow in the later years) will be involved.

Confused? Just be thankful I didn’t give you the whole story about all the cast changes and network changes over the years. I could, you know. I’m that obnoxious. But I spared you of that. I’m that nice. You’re welcome.

Anyway, MST3K is coming back! Yay!

Which brings up the Question of the Day. Who should be the new host?

If you want to be a killjoy and be serious about it, go ahead. Or, you could play comedian and come up with a really clever idea that will make everyone else just laugh and laugh. Go for that.

Again, who would be your choice for the new host for the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

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Cartoon of the day

No politics with this one. It’s for the MST3K fans in all of us. Or that should be there in all of us.

[Source: Francesco Marciuliano, Craig Macintosh – King Features]

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