Obama-Titanic Photoshop Request

In the comments, Scott [High Praise! pending someone accepting this challenge] had this suggestion:

What would be appropriate would be a group photo of Obama and all of the screw-ups in his administration (e.g., Geithner, Holder, Clinton, Napolidumbo, Panetta, Obama himself, etc.) super-imposed on a picture of the Titantic, portraying all of those chronic screw-ups as the officers and crew of the Titantic.

Of course, no such group photo would be complete without Obama’s waving hand obscuring the face of one of that clueless twit’s cabinet members.

I know for a fact that there are some good “digital image rehab artists” amongst the IMAO readership. If you’d care to take a stab at it, either send the result to me at harvolson@gmail.com, or post it on your own site and send me a link.

UPDATE: Scott offers further suggestions for the picture:

In view of Hillary Clinton’s recent undignified escapades in Columbia, and in view of the recent GSA scandal(s), it might be even more appropriate to show caricatures of Obama and caricatures of the screw-ups in his administration PARTYING on the deck or on the bridge of the Titantic… you know, as a take-off of Nero fiddling as Rome burned.
for the benefit of those who might not get it otherwise, you know, like Democrats, it might be helpful to have a cartoon caricature of Nero fiddling, along with or inserted into that group photo of the Obama Administration partying on the Titantic

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  1. Our Ship of State is sinking fast – and the last I checked, we’re all still on board with no life jackets.


  2. I recall an old SNL skit where Richard Pryor and Garret Morris played a couple of crew members on the Titanic. They waited patiently while the officers announced the loading of all first class passengers into the lifeboats, then the second class passengers, then the third class passengers. But when they next announced the loading of the first class passengers luggage into the remaining space on the lifeboats, they knew they were scr*wed. The skit ended with both being interviewed after being rescued. The reporter asked them, “How did you survive?” Richard Pryor said, “We made a raft out of dead white people”. I couldn’t find a video link; sorry.



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