Random Thoughts

Why do scientists have to keep sissifying all the dinosaurs by putting feathers on them?

Dinosaurs were cool when I was kid and now they’re Vegas showgirls.

Uh oh. Mitt Romney knows all the lines to O Brother Where Art Thou and one of them has the n-word in it.

Who knew that a crack mayor could be such an embarrassment?

I apparently missed something about caterpillars.

BREAKING: The War on Women has been won by men. All women must report to nearest kitchen to make us sammiches.

The GOP doesn’t hate caterpillars. They hate butterflies.

Phase 1: GOP declares war on caterpillars.
Phase 2: Democrats use government to help caterpillars.
Phase 3: Caterpillars become extinct.

So the media is purposefully misunderstanding Priebus’s point so they can ridicule it which proves his point.

I want to be happy with what I have, but then it feels like the beginning of a movie where my family gets kidnapped and I have to fight to get back the perfect life I had.

I blamed global warming, but I bet they’ll be able to tell from the marks that I garroted that polar bear.

Game of Thrones book stop talking about trees I don’t care

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  1. When I read, “Caterpillar” and “extinct” I simply assumed that Obama and Bernanke had simply somehow destroyed another American business.

    Random thought: Unemployment rate drops at the same time people disappear from the labor force. What a coincidence, right? But, hey, the unemployment rate dropped, so it’s all great.


  2. “Why do scientists have to keep sissifying all the dinosaurs by putting feathers on them?”

    First they put feathers on the dinosaurs, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a dinosaur…


  3. No sandwiches for you Frank. Your potato chip, cheetos and beer privileges have been revoked. No hot meals for you either. So there!

    On another subject the crack mayor was also a serial cheater (with prostitutes attached). Obviously you haven’t spent much time in the Northeast especially the Mid Atlantic states. People there don’t care what you do so long as the check is in the mail. Check out the movie 1776. It’ll give you a good idea what the people are like even today in those states highlighted in the movie.

    “One man is a disgrace, two are a law firm and three become a Congress.”-John Adam 1776.


  4. There’s always been a “battle between the sexes” but there’s never been an all out war. If there had been, there would be a surplus of sammiches all over the damn place. And I don’t see no surplus of sammiches anywhere!



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