Not Satire – This Is Why Those 9 Words Are So Terrifying

The government ordered all the Confederate flags removed from a Civil War museum:

the museum’s directors cited the request by District 2 Commissioner Dee Clemmons that all Confederate flags be removed from the museum, in addition to the gift shop, “in an effort not to offend anyone.”

The museum decided to close:

…without that symbol, the Nash Farm Battlefield and Museum announced that it can’t conduct its mission properly and will close June 1.

“To exclude any Confederate flag would mean the historical value has been taken from our exhibits, and a fair interpretation could not be presented to each guest,” the post read. “Confederate flags were on this hallowed ground, as were the Union flags. To remove either of them would be a dishonor.”


The museum property, which is owned by the county, included a large collection of artifacts and exhibits that were owned by private citizens. [who chose to remove his property from the museum]

and the punchline:

“Henry County in no way asked them to remove their things,” county spokeswoman Melissa Robinson told Channel 2 Action News. “We did not request that. It was a voluntary move to leave the museum.”

And that’s how government rolls: burn down your house, then blame you for choosing not to continue dwelling on the ash heap.

Exit question: Why would someone who’s offended by Confederate flags visit a Civil War museum?

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  1. Society will be purified. Let no stone hide the smallest wrong. Let no one have an unapproved thought. Let none draw unapproved knowledge unto them for the Kingdom of the Social Purifiers is nigh and shall be brought unto all those who will choose life and death to all unbelievers.


  2. Why would someone who’s offended by Confederate flags visit a Civil War museum?

    …same reason a pair of homos would go out of their way to find a bakery that doesn’t like their definition of “marriage”,

    The liberals are finally figuring out that the info is out their, DEMOCRATS were the ones for slavery etc etc etc, they’re trying to rewrite history, like all communists do,


    • I looked it up, the democrats didn’t start the holocaust so you’re not required to be offended by it, they certainly aren’t. But don’t you dare mention how the communists killed way more people than Hitler, that is highly offensive.


      • And THAT’S because, in their hearts, Democrats identify with Communists.

        The Nazis didn’t require you to be selfless, just Aryan German and loyal. The Communists – like the Democrats – require you to abandon yourself – and your rights – in the name of the common good.



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