Idea to Help the Energy Crisis

Posted on May 26, 2010 1:01 pm

So as to help the energy crisis, have we ever tried drilling for oil in Mexico? There should be a decent amount of oil there and some it should be on land so if we spill it, we just get it all over Mexico instead of the ocean.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Won’t Mexico be all like, “Hey, that’s our oil! You can drill for it, you pesky gringos!”

Yeah, but then we’ll say, “Oh, so now the border means something to you.” And we can give Mexico a choice: You can act like a border is meaningful and not encourage people to illegally cross it, or we get to come over and drill all your oil.

Actually, either way, let’s just take their oil. We like oil.

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13 Responses to “Idea to Help the Energy Crisis”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    Actually, when you say to them “Oh, so now the border means something to you,” most of them will just look at you stupidly, as they don’t speak English…and those are the ones already here.

  2. storm1911 says:

    Brilliant idea. Help to make up for the care we are paying for THEIR citizens. Plus a new place to dump our nuclear waste.

  3. Proud Infidel says:

    I hear that liberals are an excellent energy source. With all the hot air they spew, just tie a liberal in front of a windmill and watch that baby spin, baby!

  4. Dodsfall says:


    If they start to complain, just start yelling ‘RACIST!!’ and ‘PROFILING!!’ No matter what the complaint, the correct answer is always “RACIST!!’ and ‘PROFILING!!’

    That has worked for the progressives for a long time.

  5. Dodsfall says:

    storm1911 says:
    May 26th, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Brilliant idea. Help to make up for the care we are paying for THEIR citizens. Plus a new place to dump our nuclear waste.

    I doubt they would notice.

  6. MarkoMancuso says:

    I like vegetable oil! Mmm, homemade fries.

  7. hachie1 says:

    Easier just to order up a buncha their food an’ squeeze it out.

  8. shiggz says:

    Almost all of our oil comes from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela. Mexico though last time I looked was about to become a net importer of oil at some point in the next decade. (the recession has probably distorted that)

    We are a huge part of worldwide consumption and it drives up prices everywhere. So we don’t by oil from Iran but when we drive up prices they get more money per barrel from selling to the French and Chinese.

    Add Chinese and India populations together and you get nearly 3 billion people compared to our 300million. Which means if only a small part of their population buys cars its like adding an a whole new America to the world of international oil consumption. Add in that these new people leaving huts and want to buy homes, cars, TV’s etc.. prices for natural resources will continue to skyrocket unless an apocalyptic worldwide depression spreads.

    While its nice to drive over sized vehicles to throw it in liberals faces it really really screws America over by enriching our enemies, deepening our dependence and draining our economy.

  9. shiggz says:

    In other words find something else to throw in liberals faces something American made and renewable like your fist.

    Throwing oil consumption in their faces hurts us and makes their buddies like Chavez and Ahmindejhad rich bastards who can then afford to fund terrorist organizations while domestically buying off militaries and mobs needed to maintain their tyrannical rule.

    Listening to conservatives brag about oil consumption is the only time I would rather punch them then hippies because they should know better. Punching a hippie for saying stupid hypocritical anti-American things is like punching a fish for swimming.

  10. Peregrine John says:

    It’s never a good sign when parody presents better ideas than D.C. does.

  11. Granny Boo says:

    Actually, back during the Jimmy-Carter-induced oil crisis, I suggested that we conquer Mexico and take over their oil. It would take an afternoon or so. Let’s just go all the way to Panama and take the canal back, too, for good measure. We would not annex this territory, just use the resources and make them a protectorate –poof– both oil and immigration problems solved.
    Or we could just drill here, drill now, drill, baby, drill. And refine. Drill, refine, use. As soon as someone comes up with a viable alternative (i.e., don’t ask me to give up my vehicles unless you want to come here and haul hay on your back) let me know.

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  13. Dave in San Diego says:

    There were very sound reasons why President Polk didn’t take all of Mexico. I can’t remember them now, though.

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