Random Thoughts: More Dog-Eating Fun

Obama ate a dog.

Obama said people talk to him like he’s a dog. Well, you are what you eat.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m pretty afraid of what will happen when Obama meets with my representative Raul Labrador.

You can disagree with Romney’s transportation method, but his dog always arrived at the destination alive and uneaten.

Quiet! You’re all making baby Obama cry!

Obama was surprised when he went to see The Hunger Games and it wasn’t about dog racing.

TEACHER: “What sound does a dog make?”
LITTLE BARACK: “Usually a sort of sizzle.”

Obama 2012: “How much is that doggie in the window?”

“Ann Romney never worked a day in her life!”
“She also never ate a dog.”

Some people don’t seem to have a coherent politically philosophy beyond that they like sneering at everyone.

So was the Obama team really expecting to ride the roof of Romney’s car all the way to reelection?

Obama 2012: “Reelect me president or I’ll eat this dog.”

Obama: “Romney can’t relate with the common man; he probably only eats purebreds.”

So what would Obama rather be talking about? How he eats dogs or the state of the economy?

He might actually publicly chomp down on a poodle just to keep people from talking about the bigger issues.

Dennis Miller is pretty funny when you can figure out what the hell he’s talking about.

Had a few people try and tell me the Romney thing was horrible but Obama dog-eating is nothing. My response: nomnomnom

Whether you agree with Bill O’Reilly’s politics or not, if you’ve read one of his books you have to admit the guy knows his python code.

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  2. Saw a picture of the occupant eating a dog yesterday while sasquatch was watching. No wonder the commie is so skinny.

    So barry, are German Shepards best with sour kraut? Are viener dogs best as sausages? Are Boxers best as Bento?

    Will peta be really angry when sasquatch has fur coat that isn’t her own?


  3. “So was the Obama team really expecting to ride the roof of Romney’s car all the way to reelection?”

    Rehashed speeches from years ago, repeated talking points that were long ago debunked as lies, and political assaults that continue to blow up in their faces. If Obama was a Republican wouldn’t we be hearing on a daily basis how disasterous his campaign was?


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  5. “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life!”
    “She also never ate a dog.”

    And yet the Dems are doubling down on the meme that the Romneys are the ones with nothing in common with every-day Americans.


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