Promoted Comment: The Democrat Party in 17 Words

In the comments to this post, Toadroller [High Praise!] said something that I considered profoundly insightful, so I thought I’d make sure you didn’t miss it:

My gosh America, they had to cheat their own people just to get God on the platform.

There you have it. The naked soul of the Democrat Party.

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  1. Did the democrats attract the bedbugs infesting their hotels, or just bring them with them so they’d feel at home?


  2. Yet more fodder for derisive mockery…the anti-Deity/anti-Semitic crowd having to play me-too at their convention. Every libtard sporting Obama merch should be confronted with the question “how ya liking God Almighty now, Sparky?” They had The Uncaused First Cause and the ancestral home of His Chosen People written out and then they had to bring them back!

    Oh the bile that must backing up in the throats of the Lefty rank-and-file!



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