Twitter Updates for 2009-04-16

  • @PatrickRuffini The government has lots of stuff they need to pay for, but they leave us enough to buy food. Let’s not become extremists. in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • RT @JonHenke: Funny how fast the Left went from “Jesus was a community organizer!” to “community organizing is astroturf!” #
  • @curiouswork You sound like an extremist I should report to the DHS. in reply to curiouswork #
  • It will be interesting to see how a protest goes when it’s not run entirely by useless people. #teaparty #
  • So is today when all the violent right-wingers the DHS warned us about do their coup? #teaparty #
  • @JonHenke But we like being angry! in reply to JonHenke #
  • Just saw MSNBC headline: “It’s tax day and no one is complaining” #
  • If you weighted support for Obama with people’s tax burden, I wonder what it would look like? #teaparty #
  • @PatrickRuffini No, increase taxes on the poor. We need to tax behavior we want to discourage, like being poor. in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • I knew she was a closet liberal! #
  • It would be neat if the MSM got Baghdad Bob to cover the Tea Parties. #teaparty #
  • @allahpundit Howard Kurtz sounds like an extremist. Maybe we should report him to the DHS. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Why is everybody so angry? Smart people can’t seem to understand. #teaparty #
  • RT @TheOnion In Focus: Inner-City Prodigy Earns GED At Age 11 #
  • My mom was so angry recently she wrote an e-mail to both Obama and Pelosi. I hope the DHS is watching her. #
  • It’s Patriot Day! So why are so many of the Obama Administration unpatriotic? #
  • Representation should be proportional to tax burden. That’s fair. #teaparty #
  • Hippies are no better than pirates. #teaparty #
  • @TomCrowe If you have two sniper bullets and a pirate and a hippie, what do you do? Beat the hippie to death with the rifle. in reply to TomCrowe #
  • Ron Paul supporter calling Fred Thompson show worried about Obama giving us bird flu. #
  • Bucket stuck on his head this whole time. RT @allahpundit White House: Obama is “unaware” of the tea parties #
  • Sissies RT @jaketapper someone threw teabags over the WH fence+now parts of WH are in temporary lockdown while Secret Service checks it out #
  • @usmcpanzer Hey foo’. Only took me a day to get hooked. You just got a jump right in and find some good people to follow. in reply to usmcpanzer #
  • Spending package? RT @BreakingNews Emergency services at the White House to investigate suspicious package #
  • RT @johnhawkinsrwn Liberals love to think of themselves as sophisticated, meanwhile they’re all teabagging jokes and bumper sticker slogans. #
  • I just realized that when most people look at my username, they’ll think my name is “Frank Jiamo” #
  • I guess dems pay taxes instead of charity, except they don’t pay those either. RT @jaketapper Bidens declare $269,256… $1,885 to charity #
  • RT @ExurbanJon Love all the anti-teaparty lefties.Tonight they’ll be scraping off the 1st word of their “Question Authority” bumper stickers #
  • Primary reason Bidens only gave pocket change to charity: Hatred of the poor. #
  • @scrowder Good luck, dude! Be funny! in reply to scrowder #
  • @allahpundit Come on. Secession would be great for the news cycle. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Do it! It will be funny! RT @BreakingNews Gov. Rick Perry in an “anti-tax tea party” suggested Texans might…want to secede from the union #
  • @mkhammer I’m sure that’s what the rich puppet masters organizing these wanted you to claim. in reply to mkhammer #
  • @fatelvis04 And Obama will shake his fist at Texas impotently. It will be high-larious. in reply to fatelvis04 #
  • @mkhammer Could have avoided this if we made it a Coffee Party. No innuendo there. Plus, more manly. in reply to mkhammer #
  • Is it really surprising the DHS considers right-wing extremism more of a threat? Lefties are bunch of impotent little sissies. #
  • @allahpundit Well keep it to yourself if you don’t want to be ripped apart by your commenters. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Uh-oh. Huge money recall. #
  • So are we all going to do a roundup of racists jokes we heard at the tea parties? #teaparty #
  • @allahpundit When I saw GaGa on American Idol, I honestly thought it was an April Fools joke. Kids these days. in reply to allahpundit #
  • Someone should do an opposite of Twitter where there is a 1000 character minimum. #
  • @jimtreacher The left’s reaction to tea parties reminds me of the apes and the monolith in 2001. in reply to jimtreacher #
  • I think TweetDeck is causing my computer to freeze. #
  • 2,500 for Boise. #teaparty #
  • Watching AI results with wife. Hope there’s big surprise and they publicly execute all of them. #
  • RT @Lileks I’ll accept teabaggers for the protestors if the other side agrees to be salad tossers. After all, they throw around the green. #
  • New Red Dawn. This time it’s the Chinese (plus the Russians). #

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  1. If I wanted to read your twitter posts, I would read them at twitter. Don’t give me more crap to scroll through 🙁


  2. > The left’s reaction to tea parties reminds me of the apes and the monolith in 2001.

    Racist right-wing extremist!!!1!!!


  3. I hated yesterday’s twitter posts. Today I like these posts. Go figure. Did you all eat your Wheaties this morning or what?

    Since I don’t twitter, and abjure those who do, finding it easier to read them on this old fashioned blog-thingy, continue aggregating them here. Read and obey the commenterroriat! As it has been commented, so let it be done.

    Perhaps twitter aggregation can create the next Instapundit-like super website. Although I doubt it.


  4. “Emergency services at the White House to investigate suspicious package” My guess is they checked hObama and found absolutely no evidence of any package, suspicious or not. Michelle on the other hand… *shudder*



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