That Vigilant Obama

Who said he couldn’t talk to Obama because of “them Jews”? No, not the Holocaust Museum shooter, it was Barack Obama’s pastor for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright. Now Obama is saying, “We must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms” and I keep thinking about how that speech would be better with Wright standing by his side.

OBAMA: “We must remain vigilant and look out for anti-Semites.”

WRIGHT: “If I had an aunt who was a Semite, I’d beat her with a baseball bat!”

OBAMA: “Oh, hi, reverend. I didn’t even notice you there. Did you want to say something about this tragedy.”

WRIGHT: “Yeah, why was that crazy cracker shooting up a museum? If he wanted to shoot Jews, he should have shot up a bank.”

OBAMA: “And is there any wisdom from the Bible that can help us in this occasion?”

WRIGHT: “Hell if I know. The CIA is trying to give me AIDS.”

OBAMA: (laughs) “You’re a cut-up, Jeremiah. I can no more disown you than I can the black community.”

If Obama really wants to unite people, maybe he can take those who want to kill Jews and blacks and those who want to kill Jews and whitey and get them to meet together and hash out their white/black difference on focus on just killing the Jews. He can get his buddy Ahmadinejad to help out.

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  1. It’s funny, but the haters never seem interested in a straight up, out in the open, toe to toe fight to the death.
    Perhaps the Jews could draw them out by offering to fight the winners.



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