Valour IT

Valour IT is back, raising money to get special laptops for wounded vets (and also Nintendo Wiis to help in rehabilitation and other stuff). The branches compete against each other to raise the most money, and I’m helping the Marines this year as someone asked and my brother is an officer in the Marines:

Everyone loves the Marines because they unapologetically like to kill bad people. I think this would be as good a time as any to repost that cool song Harvey found:

So don’t dither on whether you’ll give or not. Donate today.

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  2. I’m conflicted….my first husband was a Marine, my now husband is an Army vet – 173rd Airbourne, Viet Nam….but we lost a good friend to leukemia (agent orange) who was a Marine….aw heck….we won in VA and NJ last night….I’ll contribute to both!!!
    Incidently, if you visit this milblog there’s a video and song dedicated to Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss who founded Valor IT…. it’s well worth the visit!! Trust me!!


  3. #9

    I remember that video, and the “Bombs over Baghdad”. They were great! If I had any skill, I would have made a video but to 10,000 Maniacs’s “Days to Remember”. Kicking in Doors, taking down terrorist, making the world a better place, What can be better? Plus it would have been funny.


  4. Oh. Yeah. I’m a former Navy man. Rod yanker. (Nuke Qualified a long time ago).

    And to all my MC buddies – Semper Fi. For my Army friends. I drink out of an Army coffee cup. And you know how Navy men love their coffee. And my AF buddies? I had/have a few lines of code flying in the SR-71. And I designed some bits for the B-52 and had/have some numerical calculation software in the F-16.

    Thank you all for your support.


  5. DAAAAAMN i wish i didnt take so long to listen to that, thats the most hardcore friggin song ive ever heard

    @Taggart Snyder
    well, they wrote the song “soldiers” for the troops, and released it to military only first, then they did a USO tour, dedicated their newest album to them, and then did a “know your enemy” tour here in the states, one of the shows i attended and they dedicated the show to the troops, they also said some other stuff about them, and closed the show with “bodies” and “soldiers”

    overall i would guess they are not only supporters of the troops, but the war, and are right wing, like a good bit of metal bands, just seems to be evidence for it



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