I See DC Is FINALLY Addressing This Long-Standing Problem

DC is now considering a ban on large sodas.

I think they’re just trying to plug that empty space in their black and rotted souls that the gun ban used to fill.

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  1. If everyone you know jumped off a cliff, would you do THAT too? Just because “Everyone else is doing it” doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

    Damn, our moms were smarter than the DC politicians, even back then.

  2. This is the sort o problem that DC’s government is capable of addressing. They can’t improve the public schools, they can’t decrease crime, they can’t improve traffic flow, but they can handle this. Do you really want those defectives tackling important issues?

  3. Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a Pail of water.
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    And the Jill came tumbling after.

    This sedecious nursery rhyme is about when King James (the bible guy) tried
    to reduce milk containers from the Pail to the Jill. The people of England reacted
    so strongly that King James was threatened with civil war.

  4. What’s funny is that this reflects the gentrification of D.C. by all the whites who are moving back into the city. First it was the plastic bag tax to “clean up the Anacostia waterway” (But the funds actually go into the general fund to be dished out to Democrat cronies) and now it’s this. It will only become more clear to the black community in places like Ward 8 when a couple more white people win City Council seats or the current crew introduces a bill to ban 40 ounce malt liquor bottles, to ban on take out fried chicken and catfish, and a ban on buying more than one scratch off ticket or picking more than one lottery ticket per store visit. Day-yammm!!!!

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