Capitalist Propaganda: Gasoline For Everybody

“‘Production, refining and distribution of gasoline.’ Explains 4 types of gasoline, straight run and 3 ‘cracked’ varieties.”

And I’ll just point out that the unfathomable amount of infrastructure this nation already dedicates to pumping oil and refining gasoline is just another reason why practical electric cars are just an idiot’s pipe dream.

[Gasoline Production: “Gasoline For Everybody” 1947 Ethyl Corp] (Viewer #6,155)

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Capitalist Propaganda: Our Job In Japan

CAUTION: Contains graphic war footage

Training film for U.S. soldiers embarking on occupation duty in Japan. Written by Dr. Seuss and formed the basis for his latter 1947 Oscar-winning film, “Design For Death.” This film was seen as too sympathetic to the Japanese and MacArthur worked to suppress it

[Our Job In Japan (1945) – Military movie – War Movie] (Viewer #2,932)

Really good advice for the war on terror – kill the idea.

Oh, and if the “mumbo-jumbo” section at 6:35 gets a little long & hard to listen to, skip to 7:30.

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Capitalist Propaganda: Your Job In Germany

CAUTION: Contains graphic war footage

“Your Job In Germany” is a short film made for the United States War Department in 1945. It was intended to be shown to U.S. soldiers about to occupy Germany. The film was made by the military films unit commanded by Frank Capra, and was written by Theodor Geisel, who is better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss.

The film urged against fraternization with the German people, who are portrayed as thoroughly untrustworthy. It reminds its viewers of Germany’s history of aggression, under “Führer Number 1” Otto von Bismarck, “Führer Number 2” Kaiser Wilhelm II and “Führer Number 3” Adolf Hitler. It argues that German youth were especially dangerous because they had spent their entire lives under the Nazi regime.

An edited and rewritten version of the film, Hitler Lives, was released commercially the same year, and won the Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #16,424)

I can’t help noting that this goes a long way toward explaining how we managed to lose Iraq after we won the war.

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Capitalist Propaganda: The ABC of Hand Tools

The ABC of Hand Tools is a 1946 Disney animated short film sponsored by General Motors.

Disney is always good, but I take special delight in its upbeat, “of COURSE we can build the future” opening montage. I miss that optimistic attitude in America. Some days it really feels like Obama beat it out of us with his insidious health care law.

[The ABC of Hand Tools] (Viewer #38,026)

This is an educational film in two parts. Part one covers metal shop, and part two covers wood shop. Primitive Pete does everything wrong in both environments. He uses the tools incorrectly, allowing the narrator to correct him. It also features his female counterpart, who is constantly distracting him.

I actually remember being show this one in my shop class, so I’ll count this one as effective propaganda.

By the way, I’ve only embedded part 1. I couldn’t find part 2, but I did find this link to a “full version”. I chose not to use it because they clipped the credits. Anyway, jump to 17:18 for part 2.

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Capitalism’s Best Kept Secret

[High Praise! to Call Me Stormy]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #12,892)

Pay close attention at the 57 second mark, because this point cannot be emphasized enough:

“Specialization and trade make everyone better off even if one person is ABSOLUTELY BETTER AT EVERYTHING than his trading partners.”

There’s no excuse not to be a capitalist.

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Milton Friedman Explains the Minimum Wage

I thought this was a pretty good video explaining exactly how the minimum wage ruins everything:

The market is a wild animal. If you try to restrain it, you get bit.

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Capitalist Propaganda: Heir Conditioned

From 1955, the Warner Bros. cartoon “Heir Conditioned”.

Elmer Fudd lectures on the basics of sound investments.

[Frequency direct link]

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Capitalist Propaganda: Red Nightmare

From 1962, the Department of Defense’s short film “Red Nightmare“.

[High Praise! to American Digest]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #3,057)

“Jack Webb (Dragnet) plays a Rod Serling-like role as he introduces us to Jerry Donovan – an average guy who shrugs off his inconvenient, civic responsibilities. Jerry “wakes up” in a communist-controlled town, where he’s the only American left. This film was produced for the Defense Department by studio mogul Jack L.Warner and stars many Warner Brothers stock actors – including Jack Kelly (Maverick), Robert Conrad (Wild Wild West) and Andrew Duggan.”

For my part, although I thought the acting was passable, the storyline of the script just left me baffled. Apparently the moral of the story is that if you don’t attend PTA meetings, you’ll be shot in the head by communists.

Nevertheless, worth a watch. Just don’t expect Twilight-Zone-level plot-coherence.

One thing that did occur to me, though… during the “nightmare” sequence, Jerry’s oldest daughter mutates into Sandra Fluke.

A younger, hotter Sandra Fluke, to be sure, but still just as willing to mouth the socially-acceptable “party line” of her peer-group while vociferously rejecting the morals and values of her parents (or at least her father).

As for the younger kids, it’s basically the 60’s version of having your kids come home and unplugging your computer because they were told at school that you’re “killing polar bears by using electricity.”

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Or You Could Write With Socialism, Bird Feathers, and Berry Juice

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #162,972)

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If There’s Anything Better Than Punching a Hippie, This Video Might Be It

[High Praise! to Shout First, Ask Questions Later]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #42,119)

When a hippie goes to hell, this is his Groundhog Day for eternity.

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