loldemocratlogo! Part 1

This week, your job was to mock the Democrats’ new logo/motto:

A LOT of good entries, and since this is a one-shot, I’d hate to leave a dozen gems on the cutting room floor. I’ll post Part 2 this weekend. I’m saving some of the best ones for then, so don’t miss it.

And next Tuesday, we’ll pick up where we left off with lolbama!

Here’s my first batch of favorites:

From Corona:

From Dan:

From FormerHostage:

From Kris:

From Kris:

From Kris:

From Kris:

[reference link]

From Kris:

From Kris:

From Larsinkima:

From NephewSam:

From Paul of Mean Ol’ Meany:

[reference link – NSFW! And you will be scarred forever if you search for the image]

From Proof of Proof Positive (more images at the link):

From The Jinxmedic:

From Travelwise 42 of Wise Up!:

More to follow…

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  1. DO NOT SEARCH OUT THE NSFW REFERENCE LINK! Long ago I followed that trail to its conclusion and have regretted it ever since. Having seen, you cannot un-see. It really, truly is not necessary to know everything that is out there on the web.

    Sheesh, Frank, thanks for the reminder of one of the very few regrets that I have in my life. I had not intended to start drinking this early today.


  2. FH, I wants me my 3-wolf tee! Do you mind if I print it on a transfer film and make my own; or do I have to pay you royalties? Also, how did you make the D logo semi-transparent – (I’m a graphics nOOb)?

    Paul! Harsh man; hard core. I need some brain bleach.


  3. Kris, no royalties but you have to print one up for me.

    I used Paint Shop Pro. I first took the wolves image and then added a transparent background layer. On that layer I copied the DNC logo and adjusted both the size and position over the moon. I then lowered the opacity of the layer until I could see the moon details.


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