Update: The Obama Ate a Dog Singalong Project

Posted on April 30, 2012 7:40 pm

A follow-up to the previous announcement.

Innomonatus’s project to record a multi-participant song, “We Don’t Eat Dogs” to the tune of “We Are the World”, is still moving along.

Words and music now available.

Pick some lines, record yourself singing (or doing whatever it is Bob Dylan does, if you have no singing talent), and send them to Innomonatus (his email link is in his right sidebar, near the top).

Ya know, I was worried this topic might blow over before the song was done, but I guess we can always count on Obama to light a cigar as the Hindenburg is landing.

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10 Responses to “Update: The Obama Ate a Dog Singalong Project”

  1. richard mcenroe (@richard_mcenroe) says:

    You’ll need a ‘B’ Side… http://tinyurl.com/d2x9gqo

  2. Chris Karma says:

    I see you used quite a bit of my lyrics, thanks! …no hat tip??

  3. Harvey says:

    Hat tip?


    High Praise!

  4. Chris Karma says:

    swoon <3

  5. macko says:

    Is it true that Jimmy Buffet got in the act with “Fried Puppies in Paradise”?

  6. Jimmy says:

    Someone worked hard on that MIDI, Innomonatus. Was that you?

  7. CrustyB says:

    UPDATE: It is now May and jokes about eating dogs are now entering their second month.

  8. innominatus says:

    Chris K – Your lyrics rock. You will get big props when (if?)this gets anywhere.
    Jimmy – No. Just googled around and found that.

    I feel like a bit of a turd because this project hasn’t gotten very far. Normally I keep my drama to myself, but the last week and a half has been horrible. Worse than when my mom died a few years ago. I’m not looking for sympathy – I just don’t want anybody to think I’ve blown them off over nothing.

    Lots of people have jumped in to say they’ll contribute vocals, but I haven’t received any yet. I understand that my failure to get even my own crappy-voice “rough draft” of the vocals posted doesn’t make it any easier for the rest of you. I’m worried that the whole dog-eating meme will be really stale before I can devote much time to this. If somebody else wants to take the reins of this project I will not be the least bit offended. Otherwise, I will keep chipping away at it.

  9. Son of Bob says:


    I don’t think you understand. The current American president is not opposed to eating dogs.

  10. 20mmAutomatic says:

    That’s terrible! I like the Hindenburg. . . .besides the giant Swastikas & the state-run airline.

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