Link of the Day: Double Barrel Marshmallow Gun

Are your kids too young for an AF2011-A1 double-barrel .45 pistol? Train ’em up right with the

Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter

If that link’s too gravely unserious for you, Deb [High Praise!] offers this thought-provoking piece about property rights in outer space, which is an issue we’ll (hopefully) need to address in the very near future (and also, hopefully, after Obama’s no longer around to mortally blunder the opportunity).

How the U.S. Can Lead the Way to Extraterrestrial Land Deals

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  1. The geeky guy in the video is using a marshmallow gun TODAY, but if that other guy doesn’t return his stapler PDQ, this could turn ugly!


  2. Steve gets the prize for “Spammiest-Sounding Comment That’s Not Actually a Spam Comment”!

    Seriously, though, Common Cents is a good, conservative blog. Go check it out.


  3. Are you serious? With the current condition of our space program…we’ll be lucky to end up with a half acre of land on the dark side of the moon.



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