Highway to Hell

Last Exit!

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  1. We in Kansas are very familiar with this scene. We can tell you in vivid, horrific detail all about the destruction of not just an F5 tornado but the damage done by Washington to communities with ties to the military (which is continually being downsized) the airline industry and farming. At least 9 or the 12 RINO’s in the state’s House and Senate went down in flames this primary season due to their tax and spend policies not to mention the insatiable appetite of the NEA for more and more school funding as more and more graduates have to take remedial classes just to get into college. So yes, we have a sure knowledge of what awaits us down the “keep left” highway to Hell.


  2. There’s still a right or left turn at the end of the exit. That’s what worries me. Notice the left turn takes you over the overpass which the tornado will destroy. Mr. Right, you need to have a long talk with Romney – he’s been known to turn left at the damnedest times.


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