lolbama! Part 19

This week, That One. Next week, terrorists. Submit for either at

Meanwhile, pass ’em around, spread the love, and if you make your own, don’t be shy about dropping a link to your pics in the comments. The more, the merrier.

NOTE TO READERS: Hovering your mouse over the picture activates closed captioning for the l33t-speak/txtmsg impaired.

From Brian:

[reference link]

From Ron Rockstar:

From Velvet Elvis

From Veeshir

Also from Veeshir:

My favorites from the submissions using last edition’s uncaptioned picture:

From Biffkuo:

From DBrit:

Also from DBrit:

From dneff:

From GeorgeGuy of The Prophet of Neofederalism:

[reference link]

Also from GeorgeGuy of The Prophet of Neofederalism:

[Exodus 20:17]

From Greg W:

From Jared:

[reference link]

From NunyaB:

From Peregrine John:

[True: age of consent in France is 15, she’s 16]

This week’s uncaptioned picture for you to play with:

#1: When creating lolbama! pictures, please caption with either black or white text, as colors like red and yellow tend to blur badly when I compress the images.

#2: Standard image size for these posts is 350px wide by whatever high. If you can have your images 350px wide before you caption them, I won’t end up shrinking your captions into illegibility when I re-size the images.

MAKE YOUR OWN: The free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

STYLE NOTE: Short captions are usually better. Your goal is 10 words or less, with humor value tending to increase exponentially as the number of words approaches 1.

Send your submissions to and – if they aren’t obscene (IMAO is a PG-13 site) and don’t suck too terribly bad – I’ll post them for you. Remember to include your name (and blog URL, if applicable) so I know who to thank.

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  1. WOW! I didn’t watch the All Star Game…but I did play baseball. And from that one photo I can tell you that our POTUS has a totally gay throw! I wouldn’t even show up if I threw the ball like that! If I threw the ball like that as a kid, they would have ripped my jock strap off and shoved it up my ass! I would have been sent to play home economics with the women! The cheerleaders would have kicked me in the nads with a throwing motion like that! Is that how they roll in the Ivy League? WOW!!!


  2. I am humbled to be in the company of ones much better than mine. Thanks for your help, Harv. 😉

    Hehehe…love the “Friends” reference.


  3. “bat’leth treatment” – BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA

    I first misinterpreted the word “FXN” to be… something else. But that one would have ended with “FTW!”

    Ok, here’s another one for the currently abused image. These things just write themselves, and keep writing…

    For the new one:
    “And the first pitch is… faaabulous!”


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  5. My caption is: WHY, when you can’t bowl a higher score than 39 and you throw a baseball like a totally wasted Britney Spears would you do it? Why would ‘they’ let you ?



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