Top Ten Things Overheard at the Beer Summit


10. “Can I tell you guys a secret? I have no idea what Cap & Trade is.”

9. “Why the non-alcoholic beer, Joe? If you get a little drunk, do you get reserved and coherent?”

8. “Quiet! Don’t say that with the cops around!”

7. “I have to confess, I’m a little prejudiced against blacks myself. Every time Malia and Sasha hug me, I check my wallet.”

6. “To help with racial justice, I have the Secret Service randomly beat up white people. Sorry, Joe.”

5. “I love you guys! …Except you two, because you’re white.”

4. “You took an economics class in college, Jim? Holy crap! You have to tell me what the hell is happening!”

3. “No, that’s also a racial slur, Joe.”

2. “How dead from alcohol poisoning would you be if you tried to drink until Pelosi looked doable.”

And the number one thing overheard at the Beer Summit…


The Fred Thompson Show also has some audio from the event:

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  1. Chuck, Barney Frank was lurking about because he had heard Obama was serving Queer Nuts. Biden was drinking O”Dulls, the alcohol-free beer for morons. Gates was insulted because thwy sat at a WHITE table. I guess it was held outside so the crackers were kept out of the White House.


  2. #2 ……. That was a gud one!

    Bama actually let Biden attend? What? Couldnt find another white guy to balance out the table? Ya gotta admit …. Bama is reckless….. allowing Biden to be exposed to that environment was begging for another “incident”.

    I SHUN “Skippy” Gates…..( I have never heard of a black guy nik named “Skip” are they really sure he isnt just really tan?)


  3. the Beer Summit ….what really happened.

    Biden, Gates, Obama, and Sgt. Crowley sitting at table…..

    Gates: Crowley Yo mamma is so stupid….
    Sgt. Crowley: Why you little! (chokes gates)
    Obama: Uh Sgt Crowley you are uh um acting stupidly uh um er so uh stop choking my uh um little buddy er friend uh Mr Gates.
    Biden: but skipper I thought I was your little buddy? (biden starts sobbing)
    Obama: uh oh fudge er uh what do I do telepropmter?
    Teleprompter: (crashes to the ground and shatters)


  4. Was Joe the Vice-President drinking non-alcoholic beer?! I’ve been wondering about that. I kept thinking, as I watched this dog and pony show “My God they’re not actually giving him alcohol are they?” If indeed they gave him near beer then it’s encouraging to know the White House isn’t completely out of touch with reality!


  5. Did you hear how the Secret Service had to keep Barney Frank from crashing the party yesterday because Barney thought they were having a Queer Summit and thought he could just BLOW right in….Hey I gotta million of ‘um, Joe the Vice-President, somewhere un-disclosed, Washington DC. All credit to Chuck.


  6. “No Joe, we aren’t going to take our Weeners out and compare!”

    “I am your boss, you are the Secret Service and I am ordering you to fire on that man…I don’t care if he is the Vice President!”


  7. Biden: “Fella’s there’s nothing I like better than kicking back a few beers with some of my constituents in this little bar downtown that’s been closed for 12 years.”


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