Capitalist Propaganda: “Responsibilities of American Citizenship”

In 1955, this was considered an almost laughably elementary lesson in civics. Today, it’s considered “a comically serious anti-communism diatribe masquerading as an educational film“. I give you “Responsibilities of American Citizenship”:

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Notice how they talk about how America produces disproportionate wealth for it’s population instead of the lefty talking point of using a disproportionate share of “the world’s resources”.

Also notice how the movie visually demonstrates that a fundamental belief in God is the ultimate foundation of our nation’s greatness. If you show this to a liberal, wear a raincoat in case his head explodes.

Funny thing is, as an atheist, you’d think I’d be offended by that part, but I’d have to be an amazing sort of fool to ignore the historical fact that the vast majority of people who founded this country (and the ones who continue to keep it functioning to this very day) believed in God. Regardless of my personal choices, that’s a tough one to chalk up to mere coincidence.

There’s no denying that a belief in God provides the high-octane spiritual fuel needed to keep good Americans running smooth day after hard-working day.

Freedom ain’t for sissies.

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  1. This video is a comically serious anti-communism diatribe masquerading as an educational film. It contains the familiar notion that Americans who understand capitalism know that it is superior to all other forms of economic systems. It also contends that the average American should be aware of the ways in which socialist governments promote their philosophies abroad in order to be able to resist their propaganda and brain-washing techniques. As the narrator speaks, he sometimes adds flair with some low-tech visuals. For example, as he is explaining how communism would bring our economy crashing down, he knocks over a tower of blocks. Then, he holds his hand over a globe, creating a shadow over it, and explains how socialism is “casting a shadow” over the globe. Equal parts hilarity and horror, The Responsibilities of American Citizenship is can’t-miss classic extremism.

    Just keep laughing until you find yourself living in a nightmare you just can’t wake from.


  2. They mock it as comically simplistic because their tiny minds can’t grasp it, thus they feel the need to tear it down.


  3. I, for one, am offended that he would have the foundation block say “Fundamental Belief in God”… and then not spend more time talking about it.


  4. Freedom ain’t for sissies.

    Yes commie pinko liberal environazi hippies hate freedom so much because their tiny minded sissies who can’t think or act for themselves. I think a bowl of oatmeal understands freedom better than liberals.


  5. ” There’s no denying that a belief in God provides the high-octane spiritual fuel needed to keep good Americans running smooth day after hard-working day.”

    Yup, that’s why America is one of the largest muslim nations on Earth, I guess.

    Wouldn’t it be great for an American president to go to a Muslim country
    (One of the top 50 , I mean, like Montenegro or Sri Lanka, not the American muslim nation)
    to tell them that liberty, democracy , and religious freedom is the American way, and will not be subverted by threats, terror, or blackmail.
    That we will bear any burden, and pay any price to spread liberty- as we did for Kuwait and later Iraq-
    and that liberty is superior to dictatorship and repression, and that it is high time for the backwards misogynistic repression and murderous hatred in the “Islamic world” to end.

    Mr. Imam, close down the terror training camps.
    Mr. Ayatollah, tear down those burquas.


  6. Freedom isn’t for socialist-liberal demagogues either.
    If they wish to live under the thumb of “government” so be it.
    Leave me out.

    Oh, yes, tear down those burquas.


  7. It occurred to me today that I would rather have a president who was a devout Muslim than a CINO (Christian in name only).
    We might disagree but at least I’d know where he stands.
    (Note: I did specify ‘devout’ – not crazy.)


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