Great Campaign Ad

Posted on May 18, 2010 1:03 pm

A lot of people have been calling this a great ad:

Dale Peterson certainly does get to the point and spares no words. I don’t even know what agricultural commissioner is, but it now ties for astronaut as my dream job.

This makes me think of the ad I might run if I one day campaigned for an office. I think I could improve on his ad, though. Here’s what I would do in my campaign ad:

* Ride into the commercial on a Liger.

* Every scene, I’d be stroking a different gun.

* Vow that if elected, our enemies will be eaten by genetically resurrected dinosaurs.

* In the middle of the ad, pause to shoot a hippy dead.

* Not only call the other politicians “thugs and criminals” but also promise to lock them in a room with a bear.

* Draw a picture of Muhammad while talking.

* Look up at the moon and yell, “You’re going down!”

* End with an awesome guitar solo while my farm explodes behind me.

Yeah, I’d be so awesome commissioning agriculture or whatever.

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34 Responses to “Great Campaign Ad”

  1. MJDZFUN says:

    First Christ Christie gets all up in Tom Cub Reporter’s face for being a pollypissypants MSM hack and now this guy? Dare I say there is a new era of John “In Harms Way” Wayne like sex appeal coming back to politics? What’s next…whenever a hippy opponent says something stupid in a political debate, instead of rebutting our guys just double up a fist and knock the crap out of them?

  2. t-dog says:

    Any politician using the word dummy to describe his opponent, that is who I would vote for.

  3. Proud Infidel says:

    I saw that awesome ad yesterday and wished that guy was running for office here in FLA. You know any liberals who saw that ad had their heads explode the moment he picked up the rifle.

    If you ever run for office and have a campaign ad like you describe, I’d have to vote for you even if you didn’t re-issue the Fred Thompson Punch The Hippies shirt. I’d move to that state and vote early and often.

  4. Bix Dugan says:

    The horse looks sad & confused when Dale asks: “Who would support such a dummy?”

  5. MarkoMancuso says:

    I hope Hank Hill is his running mate.

    What a man!

  6. LearntoDrawaLine says:

    Saw this ad yesterday, Frank. It’s great isn’t it? We need more politicians willing to run commercials like this. Though, just cause he has an awesome commercial I can’t really say he’s any good. Does look like he has the right idea…… if only he’d advocated nuking the moon I’d nominate him for president! 😉

  7. Bob_R says:

    “Marine DURING Vietnam.” Me too – in the sense that I went to the beach in 1969.

  8. motopolitico says:

    I am holding out for him to shoot some critter with that .30-30 or brand a steer.

  9. Bantha_Fodder says:

    I was born during VietNam

  10. storm1911 says:

    The libbie web sites are cr@pping themselves over this ad. The rifle has them terrified. We need more guns on our ads. I’d vote for this guy on principle in a heartbeat.

    Now time to run Frank’s ad on primetime on msnbc and cnn.

  11. hachie1 says:

    Think ‘True Grit’. “Duke’ Peterson, rifle in hand, reins in teeth charging half-dozen libbys on unicorns. Libtards slaughtered as they scream, ” Hey, is that athault winchethter regithtered, you right wing terroritht”?! (no animals harmed; you can’t hurt unicorns)

  12. Tommy the Towelhead says:

    This guy sounds like an American.

  13. FormerHostage says:

    Suggestion for your campaign ad –
    bikini babes washing the horse in the background

  14. cptnmoroni says:

    Rather than a horse in the background, he should have a group of 5 samurai following him around with swords drawn.

    I think he should have also pointed off camera, said, “There’s a spotted owl!” and shot it. Bonus points if there was a close-up camera view of the dying bird.

    He also could have suggested that, as Agriculture Commisioner, he will have complete jurisdiction over ACORN and will round up any current or former members and throw them into camps.

    He also should have had a scene where he shook hands with the Grim Reaper and said, “I command you to hunt down all big government liberals and RINO squishes and punch them in the throat!”

    I don’t know if there are any Demon Sheep in Alabama but you can’t go wrong with Demon Sheep in a political ad.

    “I’ll find out where that stupid place Pandora is and throw all the Na’vi down a well. Then, I will personally strip mine the entire planet until there are no more usable resources. I’m Dale Peterson and I approved this message.”

  15. 1/98th Shredded Lemon Peel says:

    I’m pretty sure Dale resurrected that horse from the scalps he took off the hippie commissioners he shot on the way to the candidate registration office.

  16. Plentyobailouts says:

    Yup, he’s norweigian

  17. acrazymic says:

    WOW! We need to clone this guy and give every state one!!!

  18. Mister ThinSkinFranky says:

    woot! We need him for president!

  19. Burmashave says:

    I dunno, there are some fine suggestions here, but I think it’d be hard to improve on this original. It’s like one of those classic movies that cannot be improved upon. Like a classic movie, I can, and do, watch it over and over.

    We need more like it, though.

  20. Smokey Behr says:

    I can see him riding at full gallop screaming “Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!”

  21. MarkoMancuso says:

    Next, I think he should pull out some hockey gear, fire a slapshot at his opponent’s naughty bits and yell, “Suck it up, you pansy!”

  22. Son of Bob says:

    Every lib who sees this ad will immediately say something stupid about him…however, first they’ll look around sheepishly to make sure he’s nowhere near within earshot before they do.

    Then he’ll go home and secretly wish he was man enough to be Dale Peterson, while his wife looks at him with disgust, wishing she’d married someone like Dale Peterson instead of such a whiny wimp.

  23. 4of7 says:

    Tennessee borders Alabama.
    I feel safer just knowing I have neighbors like that.

  24. 4of7 says:

    Kudos to Terry_Jim for first mention of this All-American Classic. (yesterday).

  25. Charon says:

    I hope Hank Hill is his running mate.

    What a man!

    “William Bares? That boy ain’t right, I tell ya whut…”

  26. Terry_Jim says:

    The pace of the ad reminded me of THIS GUY,

    and here is why short sentences work in advertising.

    Conservative candadates MUST make their case as clearly and
    quickly as Dale Peterson.
    Use the imperative voice, win in November,
    keep America, America.

  27. Terry_Jim says:

    Glenn Beck interviewed Peterson today, sounds like a solid guy.

  28. RightWingKiller says:

    Whoa, hold on there. How can I trust a guy walking around with his finger on the triger like that?
    My Daddy and my DI taught me better than that! Like he said, “We’re Republicans, We’re better than that!”
    Keep yer damn finger off the triger till you’re ready to pop that Libtard or hippie!
    And I don’t want to hear no excuse about how the hammer is down on that ’94 or maybe he hasn’t chambered a round yet. If you are carrying that rifle there’s a round chambered and teh hammer is down and your finger is along side the receiver.
    But I DO love the way he has the Libtards pissing their pants in fear!

  29. Randy says:

    My thought exactly RightWingKiller.

    If you can’t keep your booger-hook off the bang-switch, then you’re probably using it as window-dressing. Assuming it’s a functional firearm, it will go back to the safe until the next commercial is made.

    (no, I’m not cynical at all)

  30. jhillstephens says:

    Meet the man behind the ad .

  31. Capitalist_B says:

    thank you so much for sharing this Frank. It made my day.

  32. Granny Boo says:

    I want one.

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