Caption this!

This picture is from this past Spring, but made news recently when the administration re-released it as a “tribute” to Neil Armstrong.

Lots of comments about not just Obama using an image of himself as a tribute to the late astronaut, but about the image itself. It just begs to be in a caption contest.

So, have at it.

Offer your best caption for this in the comments. And, hey, you may decide you want to use it as an entry in lolbama, too.

The winner gets … HIGH PRAISE.

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  1. Barack Obama gazes at the moon while a nearby Secret Service agent balances a snowboard on his head. Meanwhile, just off camera, a bonfire fueled by mass-printed dollar bills casts a warm red glow on vehicles in the presidential motorcade, courtesy of the Treasury Department.


  2. Just as the cars explode and a huge fireball fills the screen the helicopter blades chop off the President’s head and the 3D effect makes it look like its flying into the face of the audience followed by the ginormeous exploding ball of flame.

    …. taken from the next Micheal Bay movie script.


  3. Barack Obama, standing in the open, waiting for his alien masters to take him home after destroying America. Soon, the cables will descend and attach to the handles on either side of his head, lifting him up to the waiting ship.


  4. SS Agent: “A penny for your thoughts, Mr. President.”
    Obama: “Surely, you jest.”
    SS Agent: “No, sir, I’m serious, sir. An evening like this makes you think deep thoughts.”
    Obama: “Son, my thoughts are worth way more than that.”


  5. Goodnight moon
    Goodnight room
    Goodnight Joe, acting like a buffoon
    Goodnight freedom
    Goodnight Michelle and this crazy diet she’s got me eatin’
    Goodnight sovereignty
    Goodnight Capitalism
    Goodnight common sense
    And goodnight Joe Biden blabbering nonsense
    Goodnight America
    Goodnight individualism everywhere


  6. And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in incredible acts 40 years ago when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense, George.


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