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Posted on August 28, 2012 9:30 pm

This picture is from this past Spring, but made news recently when the administration re-released it as a “tribute” to Neil Armstrong.

Lots of comments about not just Obama using an image of himself as a tribute to the late astronaut, but about the image itself. It just begs to be in a caption contest.

So, have at it.

Offer your best caption for this in the comments. And, hey, you may decide you want to use it as an entry in lolbama, too.

The winner gets … HIGH PRAISE.

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57 Responses to “Caption this!”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    Barack Obama demonstrates that when it comes to anything American, he’s truly in the dark.

  2. GEBIV says:

    Obama: “How did Armstrong stand on that? It looks way to small.”

  3. Anthony Bialy says:

    The Moon looks admiringly at Obama.

  4. Harvey says:

    I didn’t even know Jiminy Cricket HAD ears.

  5. Lambchop says:

    Look , Joe its the big one on left. Came down, used the anal probe and they were gone…lickety split.

  6. Zombie John Gotti says:

    Golly! What are those shiny things up there?

  7. Sharky says:

    “Of all my creations, I think I’m fondest of the moon.” – B. Obama

  8. Manolo says:

    Gee I wish a staffer would tell me which one is the moon….

  9. Manolo says:

    If I stand here long enough one of my winged monkeys will take a picture of me….

  10. Manolo says:

    I bet Astro would taste good right now….

  11. jimbthepilot says:

    Hey, God… You didn’t build that!

  12. T-dog says:

    “if dumbo could fly, maybe I can fly too.”

  13. ealye says:

    It’s not fair for one man to walk on the moon and not everyone else. Cancel the space program

  14. T-dog says:

    “He is not using a flash. People won’t be able to see my face. They’ll think I’m looking at the light thingy behind me.”

  15. MarkoMancuso says:

    He forgot to say Alan Shepherd’s prayer.

  16. Manolo says:

    Sure he walked on the moon. And I was born in Hawaii…

  17. Manolo says:

    Hey buddy, could you get my Big Gulp for me? I left it on the roof of the white Lexus over there. Thanks. What’s that? Neil Armstrong died? Who?

  18. Jimmy says:

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

  19. AwesometificAmerican says:

    “How dare Romney! Cybertron and all its moons belongs to me!”

  20. Chris says:

    Barack Obama gazes at the moon while a nearby Secret Service agent balances a snowboard on his head. Meanwhile, just off camera, a bonfire fueled by mass-printed dollar bills casts a warm red glow on vehicles in the presidential motorcade, courtesy of the Treasury Department.

  21. seanamahair says:

    “Neil Armstorng didn’t build this”. ” I did”.-Barak Obama-Spring 2012.

  22. Son of Bob says:

    Barack Obama makes a speech to the American people explaining how his plan to save the failing sun worked perfectly.

  23. Bob in Feenicks says:

    “A crescent moon and star. Boy, that takes me back to my days in the madrassa.”

  24. CarolyntheMommy says:

    “I wonder at what point we should tell Joe it isn’t actually made out of cheese.”

  25. ChristheLibertarian says:

    At night on the African savanna, the elephants arrive to sniff out the Village Idiot. “This one, over here!”

  26. tanstaafl says:

    moonbeam power!!!! that’s the answer!!!!

  27. rodney dill says:

    Biden: “Hey Obama… I can see Uranus, he he.”

  28. rodney dill says:

    (from White House archives)
    The first human to set foot on the Earth’s moon has died. Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong was 82…
    President Obama has been frequently mooned by Joe Biden.

  29. rodney dill says:

    “Wow… there’s as many stars as the U.S. debt.”

  30. rodney dill says:

    Star light, star bright,
    The first star I see tonight;
    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    not be a Pres. that’s such a blight.

  31. Vulcanrider says:

    While awaiting the arrival of the flight crew, King Obama the First reflects on his Muslim faith.

  32. Westing1992 says:

    Someday… I will go to Neverland…

  33. Chip says:

    Just as the cars explode and a huge fireball fills the screen the helicopter blades chop off the President’s head and the 3D effect makes it look like its flying into the face of the audience followed by the ginormeous exploding ball of flame.

    …. taken from the next Micheal Bay movie script.

  34. rodney dill says:

    That’s no moon!

  35. storm1911 says:

    Taken just before Obammus bends over to start prayer… “allah akbar alla oxenfree…”

  36. terryo says:

    What the hell is that and why haven’t I taxed it yet?

  37. zeeman says:

    Is my father up there?

  38. Bouncing Beatnik says:

    Barack Obama, standing in the open, waiting for his alien masters to take him home after destroying America. Soon, the cables will descend and attach to the handles on either side of his head, lifting him up to the waiting ship.

  39. Jimmy says:

    Obama: “You know why the sky is blue like that?”
    SS Agent: “No. Why?”
    Obama: “Because Allah loves Democrats.”

  40. rodney dill says:

    “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

  41. rodney dill says:

    “Look there’s Sirius… Hmmm… now I’m hungry…”

  42. Jimmy says:

    SS Agent: “A penny for your thoughts, Mr. President.”
    Obama: “Surely, you jest.”
    SS Agent: “No, sir, I’m serious, sir. An evening like this makes you think deep thoughts.”
    Obama: “Son, my thoughts are worth way more than that.”

  43. Conservatarian says:

    Goodnight moon
    Goodnight room
    Goodnight Joe, acting like a buffoon
    Goodnight freedom
    Goodnight Michelle and this crazy diet she’s got me eatin’
    Goodnight sovereignty
    Goodnight Capitalism
    Goodnight common sense
    And goodnight Joe Biden blabbering nonsense
    Goodnight America
    Goodnight individualism everywhere

  44. matt says:

    Ah, the beauty of a star and crescent.

  45. slapout says:

    Obama looks lovingly out at his home planet

  46. Sam says:

    And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in incredible acts 40 years ago when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense, George.

  47. Sam says:

    We didn’t land on the Moon! The Moon landed on us!

  48. Sam says:

    typical white moon . . .

  49. Sam says:

    Hey! Look! I think it’s smiling at me! Awesome!

  50. shane says:

    That d**n light better be a f**kin’ CFL or Valarie’s gonna be pissed!

  51. CTCompromise says:

    …As soon as I finish peeing, we can ride off into that sunset.

  52. Dohtimes says:

    Man, that cow has some mad hops. Angus? Well I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin”.

  53. CTCompromise says:

    Moon, on behalf of all Americans, I would like to apologize to you for the invasion of your sovereign area.

  54. ussjimmycarter says:

    Ready to bow…5,4,3,2,1 bow…deeper Mr. President…deeper!!! There now you look like a peter puffer!!!

  55. Sarge says:

    “I better not turn sideways, or the camera will catch the moonlight shining right thru my ears…”

  56. Writer says:

    Phone Home.

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