Random Thoughts: God and Taxes

How much brain-eating partisanship do you have to be infected with to care about this CFPB stuff?

It’s theoretically possible to have extreme political views and not be an asshole.

Democrats taking a strong stand on Conyers and Franken could lead to getting rid of Trump, but morals for politicians is just for campaign speeches — its not an actual thing that influences your actions.

Remember when the NYTs decided that an extremely tiresome editorial about “assault weapons” that added nothing to the debate was important enough to put on their front page?
These guys like to pretend they’re influential when all they’re doing is preaching to a shrinking choir.

At some point, those of us who never thought to drop our pants in front of random women are going to start to feel like the weirdos.

It’s weird seeing how in other countries Netflix has lots of network American shows listed as Netflix Originals. You’d didn’t make The Good Place, you liar!

Regardless of how you vote, I think it’s fair to say that if you were at any time a Roy Moore supporter, you should feel really bad about yourself or you’re a partisan sociopath.
Politics has been overtaken by people who don’t actually care about anything other than the fight.

I think society is finally putting out a strong statement that sexual assault will not be tolerated from anyone who isn’t an elected official.

If you’re not going to do anything about Franken, shut up about Roy Moore. No one needs your nuanced take on sexual assault.

I was considering sexually harassing some women in the future — it sounded like a fun activity — but now I’m thinking that’s a bad idea. Going to take up woodworking instead.

The left screeching about the GOP tax bill means absolutely nothing because they would screech about it no matter what. But imagine if they were all “This is a GREAT tax bill!” That would creep me the hell out; it would be like the Twilight Zone.

I’m so convinced that everyone on both sides talking about the tax bill are being completely dishonest that I’m almost sure the bill doesn’t even exist.

“This tax bill will raise the deficit, starve millions of poor people, and resurrect Hitler as an unstoppable werewolf.”
“Okay, but let’s get to the nitty-gritty: Exactly how much will my tax bill be lowered?”

Oh no! They’re taxing overwrought political rhetoric no one takes seriously! Millions will die!

America is a country of about 400 million spoiled rich kids and I’m sick of all your whining.

It’s the contention of the ones constantly spewing hate and bile that they care more about people.

kneeling in front of a broken Statue of Liberty on the beach*
“You maniacs! You cut taxes too much! Ah, damn you! Damn you all to hell!”

What does the Bible say about taxes? I remember God warning Israel about having a king because the king would take their stuff and boss them around. Should have listened to Him.
My guess about taxes is that God would much rather us take care of each other voluntarily. There’s quite a bit in the Bible about that.
Anyway, I think it’s biblically accurate to say you should never get righteous about the money you demand at gunpoint.

I don’t know if this is a good tax bill. I also know you don’t know. But no one is going to let that get in the way of some good old fashioned partisan screeching.

I thought that Trump winning over Hillary might help end partisanship by showing how stupid it was to rally behind either terrible party, but partisanship has just got dumber to match Trump.
It’s as if the thinking is “Trump is so terrible, we can still beat him without moderating ourselves at all!” but that thinking is wrong. It is very very wrong.

If I had a billion dollars, I’d probably invest it. I think you could live a long while on a billion if you were careful with it.
And think if I had two billion dollars. That would be twice as good. I might buy a new car (even though economically it’s smarter to buy a two-year old used car).
Probably the worst thing about having a billion dollars is then Bernie Sanders would be on your lawn yelling, “You’re a bad man. You’re a bad man for having a billion dollars.” I’d spray him with a hose. Probably one with a fancy nozzle.

“Come at me, bro!” I taunt, knowing I can run very fast.

The tax bill seems kind of dumb, but all you left-wingers sound like Alex Jones when ranting about it.

Can’t believe all the people claiming the Bible demands a higher tax rate and that it definitively states that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

I don’t know if it’s relevant to taxation, but remember Jesus’s parable where the money is taken away from the guy with the least and given to the guy with the most because the guy with the least was an idiot?
Anyway, if you think the Bible clearly says “Take money away from the rich!” not so much. There are lots of warnings if you are rich (which, from a historical perspective, is everyone in this country) but I don’t think you’re supposed to worry about other people being rich.

“I AM THE LAW!!!” -Judge Dredd and Trump (probably)

I like when my wife makes the kids bacon and then they’re bad and don’t eat their bacon because then I have bacon sandwiches for lunch.
I don’t know how much bacon costs. I hope it’s cheap.

To solve the problem, have we tried locking the Capitol building and filling it with bees?
I don’t really understand what the problem is; I’m just wondering if we’ve tried bees.
Why are you staring at me? Okay, I’ll try explaining this slowly: BeeEEeeEEeeEEees

Got that fabled iPhone X. It says on the box “Examine your heart before you hold this phone, for whoever touches it and is unworthy will surely die.”
I haven’t touched it yet.

Our political parties are two giant turds and I don’t know why anyone wastes time arguing which one is more appetizing.

“What are you in for?”
“Manslaughter. How about you?”
“Rape. Sexual assault.”
-Senators conversing in the Capitol building

Our political parties are basically prison prison gangs—something that allows awful people to organize against each other.

What if we stuffed a large coat and pair of pants with rats so that it was vaguely human shape?
Just trying to help the RNC come up with a better candidate than Roy Moore.

If I were writing the Trump presidency, my ironic ending would be a nuclear war where the only survivor is Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Why are we talking about anything other than the tax bill that’s going to kill everybody?

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Random Thoughts: Net Neutrality and Alabama

You don’t protect freedom with government regulation. That’s like trying to protect yourself from Sauron with the one ring.

I don’t know why Reese’s Fast Break isn’t more popular. You take a Reese’s peanut butter cup and give it a bit more substance with nougat. It’s perfect.

They already tried Net Neutrality saying all nets had to be equally capable of catching all marine life and it nearly killed the fishing industry.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Everyone other than me is dumb and should go to jail.
No, wait, then they only one left to run the prisons would be me and that sounds tedious.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Anyone charged with a crime should go straight to jail with no trial. But jail walls should be made out of paper and be really easy to escape.
I didn’t say this was my opinion — just that it’s a not very popular opinion seldom seen.

Whenever the government says it’s doing something for the benefit of consumers, 99% it’s cronyism and they’re actually doing it for the benefit of a corporation.

So how many more women does Franken have to grope before we can stop pretending the ethics committee is anything other than a stalling tactic?

I’m really curious what Obama’s reaction was upon seeing Trump elected. Devastation at his legacy being crapped upon? Or, like everyone else, did he have to laugh at the disintegration of Hillary’s inevitable win?

“I’m thankful for…”
President Trump jumps out from under the table
“ME! You’re thankful for ME!”

Stuffing is soggy bread! How is that not disgusting? It sounds like the sort of thing people would eat in a universe where Trump is president.

Everyone should have something to be thankful for. Like if you’re a hobo, be thankful for the stick to hang your bindle from. Think if you just had to hang your bindle from your hand; that would suck.

Racists get what they deserve: an entitled, arrogant, douchebag nephew who comes to Thanksgiving armed with charts.

We need to learn to judge who is a good person and who is a bad person without factoring in politics at all.
You can teach a parrot to spout any political opinion you want. There is no morality in it.

Important question: The two big white buttons on the front of Mickey Mouse’s pants—are those functional or just decorative?

1980 Winter Olympics
Al Michaels: “Do you believe in miracles?!”
Co-Announcer Neil deGrasse Tyson: “No.”

The guy who can dominate the news cycle with every half thought out tweet probably is the person of the year.

The Nazi stuff seems like an even dumber version of the militia scare from the 90s.

The best you can say on Trump’s standards on sexual predators is that he‘s no worse than the Democrats.

I hope the US Capitol isn‘t near any schools.

Will the new slogan “Sex crimes are only for Democrats!” be enough to stop Roy Moore?

I feel like one of the biggest threats to liberty in this country is that Disney princesses have trained women to love monarchies.

Stupid Amazon. Despite selecting “No rush” shipping, I still got it in two days.
This actually was a problem. It caused a mix up resulting in my wife accidentally opening a Christmas gift I ordered for her 🙁

The Democrats winning in Alabama would take two things they’re not willing to do:
1) Hold their own politicians to some sort of standard on sexual misconduct
2) Nominate someone who is a little less “ABORTIONS FOR ALL!”

Overall, I thought The Punisher was really good without being quite great. Jon Bernthal was great, though, as was his pairing with Micro.
Reminded me of Luke Cage in that the main bad was just too cartoonish while the secondary bad guy (who I think they set up for being the main bad next season) was really compelling.
Also, I could do without all the soft-core porn.

For those wondering, you have to wait until the last episode of The Punisher to finally hear Frank Castle’s famous catchphrase “It’s punishering time!”

I feel like I’m constantly arguing with Nintendo to let me give them money.
“Please make more NES Classics so I can buy one from you!”
“Please, please add a virtual console to the Switch so I can once again buy games I bought from you decades ago!”

I hope The Punisher season 2 is about Frank Castle seeking revenge after being pwned online.

I honestly have no idea what Seb Gorka is beyond some wacky internet meme.

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Random Thoughts: Sex Perverts and Taxes

I wonder if this whole “sexual assault is bad and we need to help women come forward” awakening would have happened decades earlier if Democrats turned on Bill Clinton.

Overpopulation concerns are bit like someone gifted you a stack of gold bars and your first reaction was to get annoyed because you didn’t have anywhere to put them.

Cholula really should come in gallon jugs.

The problem of going after hate-speech is that inevitably they end up just going after unpopular speech, which is the speech most in need of protection.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the other Senators to Al Franken. I’m guessing there’s scumbags on both side who don’t want to set the precedent of Franken having to resign.

You know who we can be sure never sexually assaulted any women, though? Mike Pence.

Al Franken can’t resign now. He’s not done grilling Justice Don Willett on dad jokes.

If a Senator drove a car into a river and left a woman there to drown and didn’t notify the police, would that be consider resignation-worthy now? Or are we still not to that point?

Everyone always misuses the phrase “begging the question.” It should only be used for situations where a panhandler approaches Vic Sage.

What happens with Al Franken will help determine whether this tide against sexual assault is an actual cultural shift or just a temporary fad.
If nothing much happens to him, it gives cover to Roy Moore and deflates any push against Trump. And I’m guessing that will cascade.

We can still shoot elephants in self-defense, right?

The whole Vox union thing makes me wish I was overweight and smoked cigars so I could do a deep-belly chortle while chomping on a cigar.

Listened to the country song “Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee, Just to Be Clear; I Know It Could Be Read as Telling My Donkey to Take a Knee, But I Was Using ‘Ass’ as a Vulgar Term for Buttocks to Negate the First Part of the Sentence)” and I don’t get the controversy.

I’d certainly rather the rich keep their money than give to a bunch of moron sociopaths who are notoriously bad with money, i.e., politicians.

The left get really angry if you suggest there is any virtue to dressing modestly or anything wrong with wearing a hijab.

The women covering their hair (which I believe originated long before Muslims) always seemed a bit weird and sexist and nonsensical. Isn’t a woman’s head the part least in need of covering?
Why isn’t men’s hair — which is indistinguishable from women’s hair — also in need of covering?
Well, I assume there’s some logic to it somewhere. I guess I could Google it, but that takes all the fun out of ranting ignorantly!

Man, I love all the Red Letter Media videos. I think I like film analysis even more than actually watching movies.

The debate about the tax bill seems be nearly 100% partisan nonsense. I am so sick of it.

You can never tell when anything worthy of attention is going on in politics because of people’s ability to work into a frenzy over absolutely anything.

On these $100 million+ movies, how much is spent on the script?
At that financial level, the script should be basically down to a science. They should be able to analyze each plot point and piece of character development and know whether or not it’s compelling.
These are dumb blockbusters. They should be doing basic plots really, really well. And there is so much data from past movies that what works and what doesn’t shouldn’t be a mystery.

Movies are all about the director. In TV, which is having a golden age, the big name is the showrunner/writer. Maybe dumb blockbusters need to push a little more that direction.

Trump always punches back. Always. Like if a baby pinched him, he would punch the baby.

Who was the sexual revolution more of a boon for?
A) Women in general
B) Lecherous men

Any interesting new sex perverts today?
Wow. I’m both surprised and not surprised.
Well, I’ll check back again tomorrow!

I always love that no matter how dumb Trump is, the criticism of him is always much much dumber.

Super Mario Odyssey used to not be tedious collecting, but that was many moons ago.

You really can’t cut the taxes of lower income people that much unless you go after the stupid payroll tax.
The payroll tax is sneaky because half of it is hidden from you. Your “employer pays it,” but really you do as that’s more money that could have been your salary.
Not so hidden if self-employed. That’s when you really see all the taxes.

I think we’d be a much less greedy society if we went by the notion that someone else’s income was no one’s business but his own. Especially not the government’s business.

So, finally, men are facing consequences for sexual harassment and sexual assault.
As long as they’re not a politician.

If your defense of someone accused of sexual assault involves the person’s politics, just go ahead and sexually assault women yourself for all the good you’re doing.

The only rich person you should be angry at is Uncle Sam, who has way more money than anyone else and didn’t get it honestly.

Just because artists have sexually harassed women doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to create anymore. Allow them to make license plates.

I might take you more seriously about net neutrality if you weren’t so obviously lying about it. Really, all free speech hinges on something that’s only existed the past couple years?
When people screech to high-heavens like this, I just assume you’re trying to pull something over on me. You can’t, though. It’s just like I always tell my kids: I’m much smarter than you.

Protect Net Neutrality! Hold your mouse like it’s a microphone, shout into it, “I want to keep the internet efficient through government regulation!”, and then punch yourself in the face.

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Random Thoughts: Chainsaw Bayonets and Roy Moore

The depressing thing is seeing people cheering on partisan politics reasserting itself as if they’ve stumbled on to some great new solution to Trump.

Republicans are awful. I know, let’s elect Democrats!
Democrats are awful. I know, let’s elect Republicans!
Republicans are awful. I know, let’s elect Democrats!
Democrats are awful. I know, let’s elect Republicans!
Republicans are awful. I know, let’s elect Democrats!

Speech isn’t violence. Except whining. Whining is violence. Lock people up for whining.

Remember in 2008 when the Democrats were elected to big majorities and everything was fixed forever?

Great news, you guys. The solution to everything in politics is to double down on partisanship.

Our elections forever after will be between two groups, neither of which deserves to win but one of which deserves to lose more than the other.

I never even cared about AR-15s before and now I’m going to run out and buy 6 of them. #ChainsawBayonet

I bet now those freedom-hating Democrats are going to go after the $1000 tax credit you get for adding a chainsaw bayonet to your AR-15.

I despise Democrats, but I still find it hilarious how doomed the Republicans are looking for 2018.
What’s going to be the GOP’s pitch for itself in 2018?
“Um… remember Gorsuch?”
“You have to give us a solid C- for effort.”
“Democrats are going to take away your chainsaw bayonets!”

Chainsaw bayonets are traditionally associated with extreme xenophobia. Just play any Gears of War if you don’t believe me.

The purpose of the chainsaw bayonet is to bypass body armor. Cut off the body armor, and then shoot. Can also include infrared scope to spot glowing weak points.

If USA Today needs a new gun expert, I cost one million dollars.

Did you know there’s no waiting period on chainsaws and hockey masks?

I just can’t fathom how a supposedly professional news organization published a graphic about a “chainsaw bayonet.” That would be unbelievably idiotic on a random nobody’s blog.

I don’t usually spend much of the day glad I never sexually harassed anyone.

The new Republican strategy seems to be to nominate awful candidate with huge warning signs that even more awful stuff is going to come out and then they win anyway.

Why do we have to have a two party system? Why can’t we have four or five soulless, pointless parties?

In Alabama, they should start a write-in campaign for “Chainsaw Bayonet.”

My 4yo has beaten Super Mario Odyssey. I am very proud.

Roy Moore? I’d rather Roy Less! #PoliticalHumor

The people who did “Vote for the Worst” on American Idol have now hacked politics.

Got an Apple Watch. It seems kind of limited what it can do out of the box, but I’m excited for what I can make it do after I learn how to program for it.
I want to control everything from my watch. EVERYTHING!

When I was 23, I decided against dating a 17yo because the maturity difference seemed too vast. If a 34yo dates a 17yo, is it wrong to categorically assume he’s a creep?

I always thought the ending of Goodnight Moon was odd. Why do “noises” get the last goodnight? What are these noise he’s hearing? Is there a sequel?

For those who condemned the Democrats about Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy and condemn the Republicans today, maybe there can be some sort of “I never treated sexual assault as a partisan issue” badge.

Highly suspicious these women are making their accusations now when people will listen to them and not before when no one cared.

If anyone says anything bad about me on Twitter, it’s a Russian plot. Don’t be a Russian stooge and believe bad things about me.

I literally hate the environment and want it to die, and even I’m a little put off by the amount of waste a Keurig makes per cup of coffee.

French press, yo.

So does anyone want to revisit the importance of sexual morality?
No? No takers?
Okay. Moving on.

I really enjoyed Metal Gear V gameplay-wise, but man was the Quiet stuff super-pervy.
I spent a bunch of in game money I could have used to develop a new rocket launcher to get her a uniform where the only added benefit was not having to worry about my wife or kids walking in on me playing the game.

Even before these allegations, Roy Moore was practically wearing a sign that said “weasel phony.” How do we teach people to be smarter about this?

I want to write an article aimed at FOX News-watching uncles on how to make sure their nephews don’t survive Thanksgiving.
“If they have a list of talking point on why Trump is a failure, grab it from them, dip it in gravy, and eat it.”
“If he comes up with an argument you can’t refute right away, taze him and say, ‘Why would I listen to the opinion of someone who just soiled himself?’”

It’s seeming apparent that the ones who throw out the most red meat in politics are the ones who fundamentally don’t really believe in anything.

I’m all for protest candidates, but it seems like we should be able to find one who isn’t a complete scumbag.
Lately, the candidates have been the equivalent of taking a dump in the middle of the living room. Admittedly, that does tell the establishment exactly what you think of them.

I’d be happy with a nutty protest candidate if he seemed genuine and wasn’t just a bomb thrower trying to get attention. Like a right-wing Bernie Sanders.

I just can’t get behind backing someone like Roy Moore as a protest candidate. While I do despise the establishment, I guess I don’t despise myself enough.

Best solution I have: During the next State of the Union, declare that the entire city of Washington D.C. is now a prison and seal it off.

I’ve long asserted you could train a dog to do 99% of the job of a U.S. Senator. And it would be a lot nicer and less arrogant too. Just putting that out there.

Why do Republicans have to keep bringing up Bill Clinton, the proof that Democrats don’t actually care about what they claim to care about?
Why can’t people just accept being lectured at without pointing out the evidence that it’s partisan BS?
If Democrats have to confront the fact that they’ve treated sexual harassment as nothing but a partisan issue, what’s next? They have to do the same thing for racism?

Do you think Bill Clinton inspired a whole generation of lecherous “male feminists”? It was quite a message: Have the right politics, and you can get away doing anything to women.

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Random Thoughts: Allahu Akbar and the NRA

Are we sure “Allahu Akbar” means “God is great”? Really bizarre thing to yell out while murdering people. Maybe it’s meant sarcastically.

My favorite number has always been 101 because if you draw lines between the zero and ones, you get a tie fighter. Pew! Pew!

If you claim the Obama administration was scandal free, you’re why we have Trump.

Civil War could have been avoided with compromise, but would that have been best? Movie would be boring if Iron Man and Cap didn’t fight.

Seems like half of news articles these days are hoping dumb people get angry reading the headline and not bother to check out the article.

Be smart. Don’t get outraged unless you’re actually paid to be.

To explain Social Security to my kids, I took their candy and said they’d get it back when they’re 65 as they watched Grandma eat it all.

I don’t think most Americans have ever heard “Allahu Ackbar” shouted in any other context than random murder. Not sure whose fault that is.

Maybe you should choose a form of protest where you don’t constantly have to explain you don’t hate the country.
They’re going to have to do another protest to protest people not understanding the meaning of their first protest.

Would never have expected Steve to emerge as a favorite character. #KingSteve

The DNC was united behind their horrible candidate in the primary while the GOP was united against theirs. One succeeded, one failed.

I’m seeing on FOX News that Jake Tapper has joined ISIS. Can I get a second source on this?

The thing I still need an explanation for in Stranger Things 2 is how Dr. Owens was injured but not killed. Did he fall down the stairs?
The Demodogs don’t seem to have a habit of nibbling on you a few times and then moving on.

Just as I suspected: Russia convinced the DNC to rig things for Hillary in exchange for free Communism.

Someone having more money than you – even a lot more money – doesn’t hurt you. It can make you whiny, but that’s you choosing to hurt others

And now to argue about important things in a calm and reasonable manner
starts typing “Nancy: Hitler’s Favorite Stranger Things Character”

I think there should be a Constitutional right to make a living (high burden on regulation/licensing). At same time, no one owes you a job.

Idea: Frank Underwood turn to camera for aside, but gets scared. Whoever he’s talking to has a gun! Now it’s a Who Shot JR murder mystery.

What causes someone to snap like that? Most hate-filled sociopaths I know stick to opining on Twitter.

It is pretty weird that the new reaction to mass shootings is to scream about prayer for a few days and then forget anything ever happened.
Very intense emotion, but no intellectual grounding, so there’s nothing to hold onto after the emotion fades.
We all want to scream at times, but while cathartic, it never really helpful in political debate.

If the left ever want to get anywhere again, they need to forget about Trump’s hate and focus on their own. It’s out of control.

A Christian church was shot up, and it stirred up a lot of anti-Christianity among the left. Is anyone on the left going to take that on?
It’s very ugly. It can’t be healthy for anyone involved. There is a place to direct some compassion.

Remember to factor into your gun control ideas that the government is completely incompetent.

In defense of moron leftist, calling for the death penalty for someone already dead does sort of sound like something Trump would do.

I’m just going to keep saying it: Team Rocket is a terrorist organization.

Who does the NRA terrorize? Can you name any person scared of the NRA who isn’t up for reelection?

The assist mode on Mario Odyssey has been great for my 4yo son. He’s gone through 2/3rds of the main story line all by himself.
When I was four, I was struggling over and over to beat the first stage in the Atari version of Donkey Kong.

For background checks to be useful, need a government to do them competently and guns difficult to get through other means. You have neither

So we’re still in the “if you vote for the blue or the red guy, that will make a big difference!” mode?

So does anyone have any better solution to Trump than “elect Democrats”? Because I suspect that will eventually lead to “worse than Trump.”

I’ve always told my kids that it doesn’t matter the differences in language or culture as anyone can work together for the greater good as long as you have a JSON REST API.

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Random Thoughts: iPhone X and Mario

The iPhone X2 is going to be great after they work out all the kinks from this one and add the features they weren’t able to finish in time.

Do not tell me my shipment of Super Mario Odyssey may have been delayed, Amazon. If the U.S. government’s mail is failing you, take it over.

Bought Mario digital to have it on launch day. When I saw full price with tax – $65! – I was like this better be the best games ever. Supposedly it is.
I’ve somehow avoided paying over $50 for a game until now. They were $50 when I was a kid and I’ve just balked at paying more than that.

Wow. The ending of Super Mario Odyssey is super dark. Can’t believe you take control of Bowser with Cappy and force him to drink Drano.
I can still hear his cries for mercy. The kids haven’t spoken since it happened. Great game, though.

I forget who Manafort is. That’s like 80 resignations ago.

In videogames, this is certainly Nintendo’s year with two games for their new console vying for game of the year and nothing else close.
Now, Nintendo, use your profits to build more SNES Classics so I can have the privilege of giving you even more money.

Maui, Moana, and Heihei.

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Random Thoughts: Weird Al and Amazon

Don’t know what’s going on. On one side is an orange buffoon. On the other is a bedazzled cowboy hat. In middle, scary general man.

#WhyIWrite It’s a lossy compression algorithm for transmitting thoughts and ideas.

Past NRA: “We have to defend our God-given rights.”
Current NRA: “We have to defend our obnoxious, orange dummy.”

A great costume for Ted Cruz would be to not wear a costume and say he’s going as the Zodiac Killer.

It’s right to believe the wealthy don’t deserve their money. It’s wrong to believe someone else does.

The line of Luke singing “I’ll be playing this part ’till I’m old and gray” in Weird Al Yankovic’s “Yoda” is quite prescient now.
Another prescient Yankovic song: “Theme from Rocky XIII (Rye or the Kaiser)” where an aging Rocky opens a restaurant.

I wrote a list of the top 25 conservatives to follow on Twitter, but it’s just my name written 25 times.

We need to put colored bands around everyone in the #Resistance to denote exactly how much resistance they give.

I don’t really like the conservative label anymore, but I can’t even stop myself from calling me that.
I’m for conserving things that are good and radically changing things that are bad.

If someone is smiling, you know something problematic is going on. If someone is laughing, you have a hate crime on your hands.

I was afraid Ghosted was going to be like Powerless – great cast and premise but writing not there – but last episode was really good.
I was sticking with the show just because I liked the two leads, and I felt rewarded. Hopefully it keeps up.

My 7yo daughter is trying to talk me into taking Friday off to play the new Mario game, but I’m probably more mature than that.
Since I’m not a little kid, if I took the day off, it would be to binge Stranger Things 2.

Get all your blabbing about Trump nonsense out of your system because come Friday we’re only talking about Mario and Stranger Things.

Netflix’s Mindhunter was a lot like their Daredevil in that Mindhunter doesn’t get his costume from the comics until the last episode.

I paid for my own Russian dossier and it told me that oil, natural gas, metals, and timber account for more than 80% of Russian exports.

I’m incapable of getting angry at someone else being able to keep more of their money. Seems real greedy to be otherwise.

Amazon Watches You While You Sleep is a new service where someone quietly enters in the middle of the night to watch you while you sleep.
You are already enrolled.

Amazon Search is the new service where police officers can enter homes without a warrant on the pretext of delivering a package.

I feel like one of these days I should see a Madea just to be a part of culture and know what that’s all about.

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Random Thoughts: Blade Runner and Gold Star Families

If a bunch of country singers sang against Trump, that would be news, but I don’t get how Eminem alters the balance.

Trump is not the problem. He is the symptom.

Anyone who takes Sean Hannity seriously should be institutionalized.

When Hollywood moralizes in the future, reaction will be, “Thanks for taking break from ignoring rape to lecture us on lightbulbs or some crap.”

Rewatched Bladrunner. You could shave about 20 minutes of nothing happening from it.
Great art direction and interesting ideas, but man does it take its time. I’m okay with slow pace when there’s tension, but not here.
The whole movie feels like a Voigt Kampff test.

You kinda gotta wonder what the people hesitant to condemn Harvey Weinstein are guilty of.
If there’s a full reckoning of Hollywood, there are not going to be a lot of survivors.

Right might listen to left on Trump’s sexual assault allegations if they framed it as “Here’s how you can be better than we were with Bill Clinton.”

So the Wakandans have a futuristic utopia in the middle of Africa and just keep it to themselves? Are they the villains? #BlackPanther

One thing that surprised me in rewatching Blade Runner was that the famous theme only appears at end. Was waiting for that the whole time.

I’m actually surprised Trump has not tweeted a conspiracy theory about the Vegas shooting.

So is The Snowman a parody of the typical serial killer movie?

I don’t think I’ve watched a Netflix original movie, just their original shows.
Shows are so much more convenient. Who has two or more uninterrupted hours to watch a movie? But you can watch an hour long show.
I guess we could watch a movie in pieces, but a show is already broken up into those logical pieces for you.

Don’t 22 episode seasons seem like such a slog now? With serial shows, no one has that much story to fill up all that time.

I missed the most recent Trump controversy. There’s not enough time in the day to understand them all.

I hate in Win 10 how hard it is to boot to safe mode or straight to command prompt. You’re Windows; I’m going to need to do that a lot.

One day we’ll regale our grandchildren with stories of how we survived living through the dumbest of times.

I guess I’m still #NeverTrump because I continue to not vote for Trump.

Been sympathetic with Trump on this gold star family thing because:
1. Not easy thing to do
2. We already know he’s not great off the cuff

I’m terrified at regular funerals on what to say to the grieving. Would hate to have that scrutinized.

Since it does seem like Trump is kinda of a sociopath, we should be more supportive at his attempts at things like comforting the grieving.

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Random Thoughts: 2nd Amendment and DuckTales

The left love guns. Without guns, how would you force someone to bake a cake?

Obama_care_? More like “Obama doesn’t care if he ruins your insurance and causes your rates to rise.”
Am I kinda late on this?

“Bladerunner? More like Blade-FUNNER!” -good line you can use in your review if you think the new Bladerunner is better than the first

Cabinet members who clearly understand that Trump is a moron are the cabinet members he needs the most.

You can repeal the 2nd Amendment (it’s not feasible, but it’s technically possible), but you can’t ever get rid of the right to bear arms.
If something is actually a right, it is and always will be a right. You can’t get rid of it; you can only infringe it.

With President Trump, if right turned against free speech, due process, and 2A, it would be scary. Left opposing those things just bizarre.

Most of the left’s ideas to oppose a tyrannical government run by Trump is to increase government power. Worst. Resistance Movement. Ever.

Even with Trump, the left still clings to idea that the govt is this benevolent entity that you give all the guns and great things happen.

“Now, with support for gun rights at a historic high and a GOP president and Congress, it’s time to repeal the 2nd Amendment, you guys.”

Gun control people have been on a 50 year losing streak but are convinced that THIS TIME the same old arguments will turn things around.

The 2nd Amendment protected guns from being banned middle of last century. Now popular opinion does that.

Problem with Stranger Things retro game: 1) SNES graphics (90s era). 2) Says it’s “1984 hard” reference to NES hard though NES came out 1985

I doubt there will be much opposition to making bump stocks illegal, but it will be largely symbolic with no effect on anything.

The actions of ISIS might seem horrific to us, but your have to remember that they grew up in the 60s.

If you think the 2nd Amendment is going to be repealed, you are not a serious person.

So according to everyone in the media, with Harvey Weinstein it was like a Kitty Genovese incident that went on for decades?

We should have been to Mars by now but instead we’re like, “Duh… how do you go to the moon again? I forget.”

It’s so weird to tell my daughter, “Man once went to the moon. Go ask your grandmother about it.”

Orwellian people are using the slogan #HandsOffMyBC when they’re actually asking for government intervention. #HandsOffEveryone

It used to be “Government stay out of the bedroom” and now it’s “Government, get in this bedroom… and bring cash.”

Instead of yelling at other people to pay for the thing, all you very very concerned people can get together and pay for the thing.

Good news! There is now a nationwide gun ban. Employers are no longer required to buy their employees guns.

I don’t know about this new DuckTales. That’s two episodes in a row now without Scrooge McDuck.

Ugh. My kids like soulless pop music like the new DuckTales theme and not classic, authentic music like the original DuckTales theme.

There’s no hypocrisy. They’ve made it clear they’ll only get outraged about something if it gives them some sort of partisan advantage.

my 2yo puts on sunglasses
“Are you a movie star?”
“Is that why you haven’t said anything about Harvey Weinstein?”

Kind of seems like no one cares about racism, sexism, or basic human decency unless there is a partisan advantage in doing so.

Ain’t nobody blocking your access to birth control unless it’s a really fat guy standing in the doorway to Walgreens.

Maybe we should just add a political expression free period before the start of football games.

How our nation has fallen: When asked if they’re a bad enough dude to rescue a president kidnapped by ninjas, 87% of Millennials answer “No”

“The 80s called. You better get right back to them; they’re very big right now.”

To whom it may concern: You’re not actually fighting against some great injustice, you’re just being insufferable.

If McDonald‘s wants to save the gag, they need to announce they‘re so upset by what happened that they‘ve burned the recipe.

The Star Wars trailer had me really hyped until it ended with “a Harvey Weinstein film.”

I wanted more Finn in the trailer. I thought he was the most interesting new character and strangely the most relatable.
Finn has no analog to any character from previously trilogy and I have no idea where his character arc could go.

The far right and the far left need to learn to work together for the betterment of the country if we’re ever going to stop the centrists.

I’m really looking forward to Thor and Star Wars. And there’s a remote possibility Justice League won’t be terrible.

I want Trump to take an IQ test on live television. I can only see good things coming of that.

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It was the most powerful Jedi who ever existed: Mari Soo.”

It seems like the majority of a toothpaste tube’s lifecycle is spent on it’s last 10%.

People constantly criticize Trump for focusing on dumb issues, but how does it help anyone if he gives his attention to important ones?

The biggest evidence against Trump having sexually assaulted women is that he boasted he did.

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Random Thoughts: The 70s and Guns

Watching Fargo season 2. Makes the 70s look like this dark, apocalyptic time. Are things really worse now or are we just whinier?

70s problems: Horrible economy, crime explosion, nuclear threat from Soviets, Jimmy Carter.

I fully support a Trump versus Oprah 2020 election. Let’s turn into the skid.

Nintendo makes some neat products that look like they’d be fun if you were actually able to buy them.
Still shocked my wife was able to call up Target and then just drive over and pick up a Nintendo Switch on its release day.
She doesn’t even care for video games. She is a good wife.

I remember seeing Bladerunner on VHS as a kid. “A scifi movie starring Harrison Ford! This should be fun!” It was not fun.

Watching my daughter try to solve my all time favorite adventure game puzzle: when you’re tied to the idol in Secret of Monkey Island.

By now we know that even mild criticism will set off a tantrum from the big dumb baby. If we need his help, we have to tiptoe very carefully.
“Great job! You’re super! But we could use even more supplies and aid in Puerto Rico, and we know you can do it because you’re a big boy!”

My 2yo daughter likes to say “Goo goo gah gah.” It’s very meta.

The most fascinating thing about The Good Place is just trying to figure out how in the world they’ll keep the story going.

My kids never say anything woke. I wonder if they’re Trump voters.

Compared to the rest of the season, the Rick and Morty season finale was just dumb, wacky fun.
Ricky and Morty is very clever, but it often gets too nihilistic for my tastes.
Plus, it does seem like they’re writing themselves into a corner with how powerful Rick has become.

It is not the time for thoughts and prayers. It is the time for impotent, unhinged screeching.

Interesting time to push for gun control as president is Republican but doesn’t care much for gun rights (or rights in general).
But a Trump presidency is a really odd time to make the “only the government is benevolent enough to have guns” argument.

Side note: People make fun of the NRA’s “good guy with a gun” argument, but that is the premise of modern government.

The reason mass shootings don’t lead to more gun control is the proposed gun control ideas are terrible and wouldn’t stop mass shootings.
Remember how the response to Sandy Hook was background checks even though the guy stole the guns from his mom? Come on.
“This is a terrible tragedy we never want to see a repeat of, so here’s a law that can’t even pretend would have stopped it!”
It’s like the gun control side has concluded that it has so so much emotion that critical thought is not required. Most disagree.

You think you want gun control, but what you really want is a magic kid who can wish all guns away to the corn field.

Not a big fan of the NRA lately, but the focus on the amount of money they spend like that’s their power is so so dumb.
But this illustrates the main problem of the gun control movement: It has barely any serious people left. It’s just emotion.
They’ve been screeching the same things for decades and only losing the argument, but it never prompts soul searching.
It’s always “Maybe with this tragedy, the same pointless yelling we’ve done for decades will finally be effective.”
It’s hard to watch, is all I’m saying. It’s people thinking they’re very very serious on this issue when they are quite the opposite.

Enjoying the series Fargo which is about them and their battle with their rival town Closestop.
It’s based on the works of the Coen brothers, known for such films as There’s Something About Mary and The Matrix.

Remember: With breaking news, there tends to be a lot of misinformation, so don’t believe anything without a Verrit authentication code.

I know it doesn’t always seem that way, but we live in a blessed time and there is no better time in human history to live.
Imagine showing someone from hundreds of years ago a car. Your smartphone. A supermarket. Hot water at the turn of a knob.
Imagine showing people of ancient times a country made up of people from all over the world, working as one cohesive society.
We still have a lot of work on how we treat each other, but what an advancement it is that that’s a constant concern.
Anyway, point is don’t look so gloomy all the time. If anyone from the past is watching, it makes us look ungrateful.

Can’t we go ahead and pass a non-specific gun control law to end mass shootings? The text of it can just be “Australia!”

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Random Thoughts: Feuding and Take a Knee

If Republicans in charge of everything means absolutely nothing happens, at least there’s way worse scenarios.

Watching Ducktales with all three of my kids. I am very happy.

Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean we have to pay attention to him.

I like it when Donald Trump feuds with celebrities. It’s one of the things he’s qualified to do.

Left complaining about Trump feuding reminds me of right complaining about Obama golfing. What else do you want his brilliance focused on?

Next Trump will say people should be fired for disrespecting puppies and get people to kick puppies to protest him.

Trump has some control over those who support him and a huge amount of control over those who hate him.

Trump is going to be reelected because his opponents can’t stop themselves from doing counterproductive things to spite him.

TRUMP (idiot): “Anyone who throws me in the briar patch SHOULD BE FIRED!”
RESISTANCE (smart): “I know exactly what to do to get at Trump!”

Saw the new Kingsman movie. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one.
Learning Channing Tatum had scheduling conflicts explains a lot about the plot, though.

I don’t get CBS All Access. Who would pay just to stream CBS? Tech-savvy old people?

In the future, everyone will be milkshake duck for 15 minutes.

My parents had 50s nostalgia. I have 80s nostalgia. I don’t see my kids having 2010 nostalgia unless it’s “Remember when we had 80s nostalgia?”

Why is Trump still president? We’ve made it clear we don’t want him there in every other way than not electing him.

With #TakeAKnee, people keep focusing on the flag and veterans and not what the protest is about… whatever that is. Trump, maybe.

How will the new 280 character limit on Twitter affect foreign policy?

Would be pretty hilarious if they rollout the new 280 character limit to everyone except Trump.

Hopefully Luther Strange will seek revenge for losing the primary. With a name like that, he really should be a supervillain.

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Random Thoughts: Rights and Arguing

Health care is not a right. A right is not the government making an empty guarantee of a good or service.
Can say “I want the government to do everything it can to make sure everyone has health care” but calling it a right tortures the language.
Rights are very important – at least many people think so – so let’s not go around trying to redefine what they are.

If you don’t side with the nazis in fighting the nazis, then you’re no better than nazis.

Everything is “Hillary versus Trump” now.

Despite what happened to Hillary, I still have faith that one day the mediocre spouse of a former president can be elected president.

All I want is for everyone to get along. And I’ve identified which group of people keep that from happening. They must be eliminated.

I care less about politicians being against science than I care about them being against economics.

I’ll be more sympathetic to DREAMers if you stop calling them DREAMers. That term just makes me want to slap them.

You’d think President Trump would cause the left to be cautious about putting govt in charge of more things, but no, still full speed ahead.

As much as I love having more of my income spent by idiot sociopaths who care only about reelection, not fully on board with single payer.

If the government ever decided food was a “right,” I’d be afraid of starving.

My kids want ice cream for breakfast and single-payer and I just know I’m going to end up looking like the villain here.

Trump’s base is flabbergasted. How were they supposed to know they thing everyone said would happen would happen?


Things Trump critics were wrong on:
1. Electability in general
2. Appointing crony as 1st SCOTUS pick
But everything else was spot on.

Everything Democrats want
Everything Democrats want but with a big gold “TRUMP” stamped on it

Calling Ben Shapiro a “white supremacist” is why no one listens when Trump is called one.
If you actually care about racism, scream at the idiots devaluing all the terms used to label racists.

My 1yo is ready for the internet. She argued with my 6yo that a unicorn was a pony, going so far as to claim the horn was a “pony hat.”
Let that be a lesson to you. Never let lack of knowledge get in the way of arguing; all you need is tenacity.
Most of my 1yo arguing was simply saying, “No! Pony!” louder and louder, but is that is basically half of it.
And man was it nice to see my 6yo experiencing what it’s like when someone with far less knowledge insists they know better.
And I like how my 1yo was “I just learned what a pony is, so now I’m an expert on animal identification.” Remind you of anyone? Or everyone?
Liked seeing my older daughter think she had the killer argument (“See. This is a horn. Unicorn.”) just to have no effect (“No! Pony hat.”).
The important thing is that in the end we all learned something. Except for the one who was wrong.

Ooh! The iPhone 8 is available for preorder! Who wants to have the latest, greatest iPhone for one month?

Terms that used to mean something specific and now just mean someone I don’t like:
White Supremacist
The problem is, those used to describe some bad things which we don’t have other terms for. To overuse those terms normalizes evil.

Am I supposed to be offended by the boobs thing? And why? Politeness? Puritanism? Sexism? Pretending to be baffled by heterosexuality?
Can someone edit the video so the host is an old rich lady who clutches her pearls and says, “Well I never!”?

Seriously, though, guys, don’t like boobs. It’s wrong.

Be a gentleman and pretend not to like boobs. If a lady ever shows them to you, say, “Ugh. Not for me.”

Only way to make this boobs thing more fun/ridiculous would have been for Baldwin to say, “I can call them that. You can’t use that word.”

A lot of people on the left are confused about the inexplicable love of free speech, due process, and boobs.

When I was a kid, my dad would hook the fish and let me reel it in. My equivalent is letting my soon do the last hit in a boss battle.

Trump does something moronic. His partisan opponents completely overreact. You can practically set your watches to it.

Did anyone win an Emmy this year?

Having Sean Spicer on the Emmys was disrespectful to the families of the millions he murdered.

Reminder: If Hollywood wants to defeat Trump, they need to stop focusing on how awful he is and instead focus on how awful they are.

By posting that golf ball video, Trump is now on par with some of history’s worst leaders: Hitler, Stalin, and Moe from The 3 Stooges

Wouldn’t part of the reason Emmy viewership is down is that the appeal of the top nominated shows is much more selective?
There’s always been critic favorite movies with low viewership, but critic favorite tv shows with low viewership more recent thing.
Which isn’t to say tv has gotten bad — it’s gotten better — but again, appeal for top shows is more selective.

Just finished 1st season of Fargo. That finale was so intense partly because I knew none of the character needed to survive for next season.
Uncomfortably intense, actually. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I knew ahead of time whether my favorite characters survived.

Someone has claimed a White House Press Secretary lied. Could this be true?

Constant reminder: There exists no other solution to housing costs than building more houses.

All politicians should be wiretapped. I don’t trust any of them.

I’m sure the left’s embrace of political violence in the era of Trump is a far-sighted move that will lead to a very good place.
No possible negative repercussions. Let’s spend no more than 1.7 seconds thinking about this.
1.8 seconds later
“But what if…”

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Random Thoughts: The Illiberal Left and Science

Be on the look out for false Verrit sites that will verify illegitimate authentication codes.

Only the heartier Millennials survived the Great Avocado Famine.

Life is like a Donald Trump policy position: You never know what you’re going to get.

Political opinions for sale. $1000 each. Guaranteed to be correct.

Since Trump, I’ve seen many on the left:
Argue against free speech
Argue for political violence
Argue against due process
I suspect most of this is moron partisanship (“Betsy DeVos likes due process? Then we hate it!”) but it’s still just a wee bit troubling.
Of course, not like the right has been all puppies and sunshine since Trump has been elected. Hopefully this is the dark before the dawn.
Oh, yeah, the other thing: Aren’t these all really really dumb positions while Trump controls the government?

The problem with the idea of Trump being a racist is that it would involve him having a deeply held belief.

So how’s the war on due process going?

People who use the phrase “believe in science” don’t understand what science is.

Is there an example of one party switching their views to what the other party believed because science said so?

*talking to man from 1700s
“We share words across the globe instantly.”
“What do you do with such a marvel?”
“Try to make each other angry.”

Remember election night when we suddenly realized Trump was going to win? That was crazy.
Whatever happened to him?

If you want to prove your reverence for science, go after people pushing bad science who agree with you politically.

Some Losers Club taking on a clown monster sounds like a political metaphor, but I think they win in the end.

Wrathful, vengeful science is punishing us with hurricanes for our faithlessness in its data.

Once as a kid during a heated game of Contra I blurted out the s-word, but I immediately felt sorry and never did it again.

I forget how far my brother and I made it in Contra before we learned about the 30 lives code. The snow level, maybe.
I remember when we first beat it. “It’s got credits at the end… like a movie!”

If want to prove your respect for science, go after the people acting like there’s definitive link between the hurricane and climate change.

So bizarre watching movie trailers in 60fps. Thought I was watching behind the scenes footage at first.
It looks real at 60fps, and to us, that makes it look fake. It’s now a bunch of guys on a movie set.

Now what do I do with my garbage iPhone 6S which isn’t even worth chucking at a hobo?

“To make sure there’s enough iPhone Xs for everyone, we’ve put Nintendo in charge of their manufacture.”

The iPhone X makes the newly announced iPhone 8 look like an outdated piece of crap barely distinguishable from the iPhone 7.

Cool. Advanced new emojis I won’t use because I’m an adult man.

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Random Thoughts: Antifa and Immigration

The Nazis are successfully convincing a lot of people to support political violence and suppression of free speech.

The Defenders was disappointing. It was great when the leads interacted, but overall meh.
A big part was the threat. In episode 4, they basically fought the Hand all at once and won, so that reduced that threat thereafter.
And the Hand’s big plot was just to get themselves back to their status quo we didn’t know had ended (being immortal).
There was a throwaway line about how that would collapse New York City or something, but it never felt like huge threat.
Still hopeful for future Marvel Netflix because of past series, but that’s now two missteps in a row.

Trump not meeting Harvey victims seem like dumb controversy. If I went through huge tragedy, last thing I’d want is to deal with politicians.

I saw something I disagree with AND I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!

I’m going to publish a “Big Book of Bad Opinions People Are No Longer Allowed to Have” so no one is confused.

Trump’s superpower seems to be using his horribleness to bait his opponents into being even more horrible.

I finally saw the new Spider-Man movie and my new favorite superhero is Ned.
What a fun movie. Despite comic books movies being seeming kind of tire now, I’ve counted four really good ones so far this year.
Three of them went for being fun (despite one taking place during WWI) and the fourth was kind of brutal but very compelling (Logan).
I have hopes Thor: Ragnarok will be as fun as the trailers make it look. No expectations on Justice League, though.

I’ll support whatever rules you want for violence toward and suppression of Nazis as long as those rules also apply to Commies.

What if in girl Lord of the Flies someone sees a spider on the island?

Trump could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave. and it would dominate the news for a day before people seized on some moron fauxtrage.

“Is putting Tubman on the $20 your #1 priority?”
“Well, it’s not #1..”
HEADLINE: “Mnuchin vows to go back in time and murder Harriet Tubman”

Only Nazis are unequivocally against all political violence.

Trump lost my support early on when he crashed a blimp into an orphanage and sued the orphans.

People who make mealy-mouthed justifications of political violence are as morally disgusting as white supremacists.

Ridiculous to compare ideology that stomped puppies to death to benefit the rich with ideology that stomped puppies to death for the poor.

I have great faith the violent dimwits in black masks will carefully vet anyone before beating them up.

If you’re a violent moron and you want to do whatever you can to get Trump reelected, my best advice would be to join antifa.

Anyone who thinks antifa is doing anything other than help Trump is as deluded as a tiki-torch wielding neo-nazi.

It’s great how both sides have concluded that the only thing holding them back is not being angry enough.

I can stress how much we need the Disney princess’s oppressive, outdated monarchy overthrown. We need it now.

We need an endangered species list for animals we actively want to make endangered. I’ll start the list:
Fire ants

The big challenge for the Democrats in 2020 is finding a candidate even more unlikeable than Hillary.

The best platform for the left to help them defeat Trump would be a closed forum that helps them figure out when they’re being insufferable.

I thought the pilot was dark and off-putting, but I am so onboard with The Tick after the first six episodes.
It’s established itself as something completely different from the previous incarnations while still being The Tick.
And love how it’s an Amazon Prime series and they integrated a great Amazon product placement in it.

Eventually Labor Day is going to become a celebration of robots.

I am so bizarrely fascinated by the Verrit authentication codes. I kinda want them to explain that and I kinda don’t.

Problem with immigration debate is many people are implicitly arguing for open borders without owning up to it which comes off as dishonest.
And people’s spidey senses start tingling when they see a lot of dishonest people arguing for something.
Realistically, though, the only thing that would stop Mexicans from coming into the U.S. illegally is if Mexico were a lot richer.

I think I might be a scientist. How can I tell for sure?

I used science, math, a compass, and a pencil to draw a perfect circle around Florida, the state where Irma is supposed to hit.

How hard is it to direct a Star Wars film? Just a bunch of lasers and spiritual mumbo jumbo. Get your act together, people!
I love the “we mutually agreed to part ways.” I assume security dragged him out kicking and screaming.

admiral collapses to the ground after being force strangled
DARTH VADER: “We mutually agreed to part ways.”

I don’t know which dishonest, demagoguing politicians to listen to on immigration.

I’ll direct your Star Wars. I want $30 an hour and one replica lightsaber.

Has anyone tried yelling “Racist!” to solve the immigration issue?

“You may say I’m a dreamer…”
John Lennon is immediately deported

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Random Thoughts: Robert Lee and ESPN

If ESPN had let Robert Lee announce the game as normal, I’d say there was a 2% chance we’d have seen a meme of it.
And even then, people would forget about it in an hour or two.

A strange amount of being a leftist these days is running interference for the stupidity and dishonesty of large corporations.

The Robert Lee thing is another example of ESPN thinking its viewers are idiots when the real idiots are closer to home.
What kind of skewed and condescending view of people they must have to think there would have been a big controversy from Lee’s name.
The ESPN thing is another example of “sensitivity” being used as a shield for its opposite: thinking poorly of your fellow man.

The left are determined to constantly demonstrate that Trump is but one obscene idiot among many.

The guy who took Robert Lee off the UVA game to avoid controversy has to be hoping this doesn’t come up in his next performance review.

ESPN should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom for single-handedly stopping the Confederacy from rising again.

“I’m hiding the word ‘IMPEACH’ in my letter.”
“Why not just come out and say it like millions do constantly?”
“It’s a hidden message.”

Is there a word for that shudder down your spine you feel when you realize eventually there will be an entire Marvel Universe reboot?

An argument against there being an alt-left is that those encouraging and excusing violence on that side are fairly mainstream.
On the right, those excusing violence are just fringe groups with little support. Neo-nazis. White supremacists. The POTUS.

It’s illegal to shout “Wolf!” in a crowded theater unless it’s when Harvey Keitel comes on screen in Pulp Fiction.
This is settled constitutional law.

Amazon Prime’s Comrade Detective is pretty funny and insane. I don’t know why I haven’t heard more people talking about it.

You can’t shout “You can’t shout ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater!” in an intelligent discussion on free speech.

I told my daughter what James Cameron said about Wonder Woman. Then I had to explain who he is. Then I had to explain Terminator franchise.
Then my daughter asked, “Can robots from the future really come to kill us?” And you can’t honestly answer no to that, can you?

Programming is a tense, intellectual battle between you and whoever designed the crap you’re trying to interface with it.

Hoping for a relaxing, sunny weekend here in Texas. Now to check the weather forecast as I sip my drink…

In defense of Trump, maybe he has no idea what he’s doing.

New hurricane prep step: Download shows you’re binging to iPad in case the power goes out.

I can never take the word “humanist” seriously. Like is it opposed to “dogist”?

I’ve only read Game of Thrones. Last thing I remember was Jon Snow being stabbed to death – only interesting thing to happen in last 2 books.
The third book of Game of Thrones was one of the most exciting things I ever read, but things kinda meandered after that.

One of most frustrating things as some who writes in spare time is imaging what George R.R. Martin does with his day as a full time writer.
I mean, I’m lucky if I get an hour to write a day, and I’m still guessing I’ll have the sequel to Superego out before Winds of Winter.
Anyway, taking years would be okay if they were masterpieces, but the last two needed lots of editing for pacing.

I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Made me do something I almost never do: rewatch a Marvel movie as I rewatched vol 1.
I’ve seen and enjoyed almost every Marvel movie but they never seem worth returning to. Maybe first Iron Man.

Why is “alt-fascist” abbreviated as “antifa”?

I’ve heard of both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé and understand they are both singers. That’s all I have to contribute to this conversation.

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