Nuke the News: We’re All Clear Ron Paul Is an Unelectable Nut, Right?

Posted on December 22, 2011 11:00 am

* Man, I am about done with politics for the year? How about you?

* Let’s just say it again because it can’t be emphasized enough: Ron Paul is an unelectable nut, and if you don’t understand that, you’re a crazy person. Do we really have to bring up the racist newsletters written in his name (racists and anti-Semites love Ron Paul and he seems quite keen not to discourage them… along with truthers)? CNN brought them up, and Ron Paul’s reaction? Run away!

And then there is that blame America first impulse that has no place in the Republican Party. For instance, his instinct was to proclaim Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning as a hero.

And do you know he’s previously endorsed Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney for president?



And if you don’t understand that, you have no place in politics.

Still, I kind of hope he wins Iowa so we can’t once again make fun of how stupid and pointless these early primary states are.

* New poll actually shows Romney leading in Iowa, and he’s spent nearly no time there. The guy has good organization. I find I’m slowly starting to think to myself, “This Romney guy is actually pretty good.” It’s like the end of the book 1984. “I love Big Brother!” If you can’t change things, might as well take the bullet to the brain and embrace them.

* Newt Gingrich told a gay person that if your number one issue is gay marriage, he’s probably not the candidate for you. And this is news? Well, other outlets portrayed it as, “Newt tells gay people don’t vote for him!” I guess you don’t need basic comprehension to be a journalist (technically, I’m a journalist). Would have been nice for Newt to remind the guy that Obama is “against” gay marriage too… or at least too much of a pandering coward to pretend otherwise.

* North Korea is saying they got condolences from Jimmy Carter for the passing of Kim Jong Il, and Jimmy Carter has not said otherwise. I know it’s unprecedented, but can we deport an ex-president? He doesn’t even seem to like this country, so he might actually want that. Maybe Norway will take him; they did give him a peace prize.

* Complex molecules have been found on Pluto. This would be a really interesting discovery… if it were found on a planet. But since it was found on Pluto — that nothing rock floating somewhere — who cares?

* Wisdom of the Day from Shelby Fero:

“There are no stupid questions.” – someone who’s never watched a movie with my mom

* Tonight in the MAACO Bowl, 7th ranked Boise State (11-1) plays nothing ranked Arizona State (6-6) who fired their coach. Yay the BCS system and the awesome bowl match ups it produces! Boise State is moving their football program to the Big East (Idaho is East of some things) which is currently an automatic qualifier in the BCS, but that will probably be stripped soon. Well, half the fun of rooting for BSU is seeing them try but never get the respect they deserve. Underdogs!

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60 Responses to “Nuke the News: We’re All Clear Ron Paul Is an Unelectable Nut, Right?”

  1. Basil says:

    Boise State should have at least been picked to the Outback Bowl instead of, say, #17 Michigan State.

  2. antodav says:

    With all due respect, the things you’re saying about Ron Paul simply are not true; they all have been thoroughly debunked and explained away to an extent that wipes him clean of any culpability or damage to his campaign. And he’s neither unelectable nor a nut: he’s the only person in this race, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, with integrity, intelligence, and a clear understanding of the issues.

    Four years ago I was a neocon like you too and I thought the same things about him. Then I realized what an unmitigated disaster our foreign policy has actually been and that we can’t keep it up without ending up like the former Soviet Union. Thus, Ron Paul’s message began to make sense. To say one believes in limited government and yet cavalierly turn a blind eye to government attacks on civil liberties, out of control deficit spending to pay for needless wars, and the general shredding of our Constitution is simply inconsistent.

    And now all the neocons on here will proceed to condemn me as a “Paulbot”…let the bashing commence.

  3. Jimmy says:

    “MAACO Bowl” – is that like a big bowl with sharks in it? Maybe that’s a stupid question.

    What became of the infamous “The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?”

    Go Potatoes! (Well, not Idaho potatoes. Washington Potatoes are better. Neener neener.)

  4. Basil says:

    > What became of the infamous “The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?”

    Since you asked… Ohio won a wild one: link

  5. Genghis Khen says:

    You think you’re sick of politics? Try living in Iowa! Yesterday we got 4 political mailings. The night before we went to my son’s band concert, and when we got back after 2 hours, there were three messages on our answering machine (yes, we still live in the 90’s) from various campaigns. Unless you absolutely recognize the phone number, you don’t dare answer the phone. This has been going on for months.

    I’d be more than happy to give up our early primary status. Can you sell that on Ebay?

  6. Basil says:

    I for one won’t jump on you yet. You write coherently, which shows you are new to the Ron Paul bandwagon. Plus, this is actually on topic, which is unusual for a Ron Paul supporter.

    After a while, you’ll start writing in mixed case, broken sentences, then all caps. Oh, and you’ll start leaving 3-4 comments in a row. True hallmarks of the typical Ron Paul supporter.

    But, you have started using words like “neocon” so that’s a good start.

  7. Nicki says:

    I’m going to say here what I said on the American Spectator website. I could have forgiven a lot, because I liked Ron Paul’s fiscal policies, his Second Amendment record, his solid stance against the United Nations and his efforts to hold the Fed accountable. I’m not even so much worried about the newsletters. There’s ample possibility that they were ghostwritten. BUT… after the “Bradley Manning is a patriotic hero” fiasco, Ron Paul is dead to me.

    Manning wasn’t a hero, and he didn’t reveal sensitive information out of a responsibility to get any kind of truth out, nor did he do it because he felt our government was behaving criminally! If you read the logs of Manning’s conversations with Adrian Lamo, you’d understand that he was an emotionally unstable jerk, who was upset about not being treated like he thought he deserved. He was conflicted about his sexuality, and he was determined to prove himself important.…..-lamo-logs

    Manning didn’t do this out of any sense of obligation! He downloaded everything he could find and gave it en masse to Assange. He wanted to appear important, nothing more. And the information he revealed didn’t serve to paint our leaders as “criminals.”

    What he did do was reveal names of sensitive sources.

    What he did do was endanger the families of assets in Afghanistan.

    What he did do was reveal a list of sensitive sites that our allies consider critical to national security.

    And what he did do is make public private communications between State Department employees.

    Additionally, what he did do was violate his contract with the Army to keep sensitive information secret.

    He’s not a hero. He’s a criminal, and a disgusting, whining piece of crap who decided to get back at Uncle Sam for not treating him like his mommy and daddy would.

    And THIS is what Ron Paul finds patriotic and heroic?

    Screw Ron Paul! I was a supporter of his, despite his nutty foreign policy and defense views, but now…

    I’m done.

  8. Jimmy says:

    ^ That

  9. PBunyan says:

    “Boise State should have at least been picked to the Outback Bowl instead of, say, #17 Michigan State.”

    Michigan State could’ve played Boise State’s schedule (which may or may not have been slightly tougher than your average varsity high school team’s schedule) with one hand tied behind their backs and still would have gone undefeated.

    But when Boise State moves to that powerhouse Big East Conference then they’ll get the respect they deserve, since their schedule will then definitely be slightly tougher than your average varsity high school team.

  10. Alex C. says:

    I’m with you antodav to an extent… I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say, but he’s anti-war… and I stand with Frank on his desire to Nuke the Moon…

    I couldn’t, in good faith, vote for someone who won’t continue to extend the American Empire.

  11. DamnCat says:

    @Nikki – here’s that link

  12. Nicki says:

    Oh, crap. Thanks, DamnCat. I’m apparently a computer retard.

  13. Ernie Loco says:

    Yeah, I didn’t read any comments over 5 sentences long because in my experience, people who write that much in the comments section of a blog are rarely worth listening to.

    However, regarding “neocon”: if thinking it’s a bad idea for Iran to have nukes makes me a neocon, then I guess I’m a neocon. (Here all this time I thought I was a paleocon or whatever, but I guess I was wrong.)

  14. Basil says:

    Did you miss the underlying joke to my suggestion that Boise State take Michigan State’s place in the Outback Bowl? Michigan State’s opponent? Georgia. It was both a slap at Frank J & Sarah K for their Broncos whuppin’ up on my Bulldogs in the season opener, as well as a slap at the system that caused UGA to get a better bowl than BSU. Essentially, Frank’s right, but “neener neener neener” anyway.

  15. e pearse says:

    I just read that “Contrary to the conventional wisdom that Dr. Paul intends to screwed-up the election chances of Republican Mitt Romney, he is actually plotting to insure his election”. The piece “10 ways How Ron Paul Will Make Sure Romney Beats Obama”, said that and added, “We have learned of a top secret hush-hush explosive information that will secure the election of Mitt Romney in 2012”.

    The ten ways of Paul’s plan HERE

  16. Basil says:

    Ernie Loco:
    Yeah, about the “neocon” thing: I was a supporter of Goldwater in ’64. That’s about the time the neoconservative movement started. So, maybe I am one.

  17. Ernie Loco says:

    Also, the reason Boise didn’t go to the Outback Bowl is because the Outback Bowl has a contract with the SEC and the Big 10. The Outback invites the third pick from the SEC (through 2014) and the third pick from the Big 10 (through 2013).

    I’ll be interested to see how Boise St. does in the Big East. (Is it confirmed they’re joining it yet?) While the Big East is the little brother, or maybe the baby brother, of the automatic qualifying conferences, it’s still tougher than the MWC. I think a 1 loss Boise team in the Big East probably makes it to a BCS game.

  18. Ernie Loco says:

    Basil: Heh, I forgot MSU is playing Georgia. Oh well, picking Boise over Arizona St. was the easiest bowl pick of the year. If they lose, my picks are completely screwed.

  19. DamnCat says:

    Couldn’t we send Jimmy Carter to North Korea? He could build them some houses. And I know for sure they could use some peanuts.

  20. Basil says:

    Of course, all of y’all realize that college football isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution, so Ron Paul would’t fix the BCS.

  21. PBunyan says:


    No I missed your joke, sorry. And while in college football on any given day, any team could beat any other team (which is why I love college football), if Boise State actually had to play in a tough conference like the SEC or Big 10, they would never be ranked nationally.

    [If BSU made it to the National Championship and beat LSU, people would say, “Just because Boise State beat LSU doesn’t mean they’re good enough to play them.” The teams that BSU isn’t apparently good enough to match up with could play and beat BSU and shut them up… it just hasn’t happened. And the BCS is happy with that. -Ed.]

  22. Mxymaster says:

    Yeah, Frank, I’m leaning Romney too. Did we get our heads shoved in rat cages at some point? Well, even Big Brother might be an improvement over Big Dumbass.

  23. MarkoMancuso says:


    The Outback Bowl, by its own rules, could not simply choose Boise State over Michigan State. The Outback Bowl, by rule, must choose an SEC team and a Big Ten team.

  24. Jimmy says:

    This is for Crabby. (She likes walnuts!)

      ╗╔ ║  ╔
      ╚╣ ╚╬╝
      C╙─ ╨────☻
      /  Θ  ═════╡
     /    /──────┘
    /    /

  25. plentyobailouts says:

    @Basil “Yeah, about the “neocon” thing: I was a supporter of Goldwater in ’64. ”

    I was 1.

    If Ron Paul gets elected, he will not only put an end to war, he will put an end to college football. Maybe he isn’t so bad.

    Oh yeah almost forgot: RON PAUL!!!111!!!

    I keep hearing this name john huntsman. Isn’t he a democrat or some kind of oblama cronie?

    “North Korea is saying they got condolences from Jimmy Carter for the passing of Kim Jong Il,…”

    carter is just trying to get back his Worst President Ever title.

  26. MarkoMancuso says:

    I see Ernie already corrected Basil.

    What I do not see is the following two thank yous:

    Thank you, BCS, for giving us an exciting rematch of two SEC schools who will try so very hard to put us all to sleep again. Thank you, BCS system, for marginalizing the computer part of your system so that stupid humans (Proof that humans shouldn’t vote: President Barack Obama) can give Alabama another shot to put us all to sleep instead of giving, say, Oklahoma State an entry in the biggest game their program would ever have seen. I must also thank you, BCS, because I’m sure you wanted Alabama over Oklahoma State for the simple fact that Alabama has more fans and, thus, more money.

    Thank you, BCS, for being a total financial loser despite your best (worst?) efforts.

    Thank you, NCAA, for allowing this BCS charade to continue, for not setting a framework for stopping cheaters like Jim Tressel and USC, and for instead spending your energy threatening Penn State with punishment when, by your own rules, there is absolutely no way you are legally entitled to punish a school for alleged criminal activites committed by a non-employee and two employees who were promptly fired as soon as the school learned what happened.

    Thank you, media, for spending your energy sensationalizing sports rather than reporting about them and commiting yourselves fully to to the reelection campaign of Barack Obama.

  27. MarkoMancuso says:

    Thank you, brain, for making me bad at proofreading.

  28. Ancient Mariner says:

    What about the HBO Palin movie with Woody Harrelson playing McCain? The only actor qualified to play that role is Mr. Hanky.

  29. Burmashave says:

    Thank you, Ernie Loco, for not reading any posts longer than five sentences. Now I understand why you have not been offended by the gratuitous jibes I have thrown your way in nearly all of my posts.

    “This is an exciting finding because complex Plutonian hydrocarbons and other molecules that could be responsible for the ultraviolet spectral features we found with Hubble may, among other things, be responsible for giving Pluto its ruddy color,” says Dr Alan Stern of SWRI.

    Dr. Stern, at the risk of being Shelby Fero’s mom, why is this exciting? And could you aim your telescope at my black and white mixed breed dog? She’s a rescue, and I’ve always wondered where she got her coloring from. Thank you.

  30. DamnCat says:

    Burmashave – if you can’t offend someone in less than 5 sentences you’re not trying.

  31. PBunyan says:

    Ed: “If BSU made it to the National Championship and beat LSU, people would say, “Just because Boise State beat LSU doesn’t mean they’re good enough to play them.”

    I wonder what the BSU fans will say if 6-6 Arizona State beats them tonite… They may end up sounding like Obama voters– “It’s all Bush’s fault!”

    [Then you’d have a case. Of course, the BCS is pretty careful about not putting BSU in situations where it would be something if they won like when they played Oklahoma. -Ed.]

  32. Rockin' John says:

    I know it’s unprecedented, but can we deport an ex-president? He doesn’t even seem to like this country, so he might actually want that. Maybe Norway will take him…

    Reminds me of one of the newspaper headlines from Johnny Dangerously: “Moroni deported to Sweden. Says he’s not from there.”

  33. Crabby Old Bat says:

    1. @Jimmy: Thanks for the reindeer. WALNUTS!!1!!

    2. @Nicki #7: Exactly.

    3. @MarcoMancuso: I have two x chromosomes, so I don’t care in the least about the BCS or the NCAA. I will watch and enjoy the bowl games without worrying about the teams that coulda shoulda been there.

    4. @Basil the neocon: “In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right.”

    5. @antodav: See Nicki #7. Also, nuclear Iran. Also, head-in-the-sand foreign policy.

    6. Ernie Loco molests puppies.

  34. Ron Rockstar says:

    Antodav, you are quite welcome to vote for Ron Paul in the primary unless of course you live in a state that comes after the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida primaries. Because at that point I believe you will find that it would be pointless to vote for Ron Paul. The anagram for your internet handle (antodav) is Toad Van. Riding in that would be just as productive as riding in the Ron Paul bus. From what I gather, the folks that support Ron Paul just want magic mushrooms and pot to be legal. The best analogy I can come up with for Ron Paul is that he is the Dennis Kucinich of the Republican party. He just hasn’t seen any UFOs yet. But I’ll bet dollars to donuts his mushroom eating followers have.

  35. PBunyan says:

    When Boise State goes undefeated they do get to go to good bowls– against Oklahoma like you mentioned or even the Fiesta bowl a couple years ago which they also won, IIRC. When they’ve got THAT calibur of a team they do get into the BCS bowls. It’s a bit audacious, IMAO, to think they deserve a top bowl this year just because they have the same record as some of the schools in tougher conferences. Yeah, they beat Georgia, but still it was the first game. Maybe they should have gone to a “better” bowl this year against a tougher opponent, and I’m not going to make the argument that the abillity to draw fans doesn’t factor into it (especially as a fan of Michigan who often gets to go to better bowls than their season would warrant for that very reason), but they just don’t have to knock against the big boys every week like other teams do. If they did I just don’t see them having the same record as they oftern do. That’s my point.

    Anyway, good luck tonite. Sorry if I upset you.

  36. CrustyB says:

    Well thanks for ruining the end of 1984 for me. I bet you told Buttercup the ending of Fight Club before she was done watching it, too.

  37. Basil says:

    Fight Club? Is that the one where Bruce Willis was dead the whole time? Or is that the one where the chick is actually a dude? Or was it the dude was a chick?

  38. Bob_R says:

    I know they don’t teach science very well at that downtown Pittsburgh Technical College, but it’s usually bad form to try to get people to agree on the outcome of an experiment right before you are going to run a bunch of trials. The best way to find out if Paul is electable is to, you know, hold a bunch of elections. We’ll see. You are probably right. Not many people elected to the Federal Government who have anything close to Paul’s foreign policy views. On the other hand, there is a small possibility that “minor” issues like the size of government, balanced budgets, the second amendment, and crony capitalism will be discussed briefly. On those issues Paul has a lot to say and a far better and longer record than anyone in the race. If there is a Paul lever and an Obama lever to pull next fall, I know which one I’m pulling.

  39. Basil says:

    > If there is a Paul lever and an Obama lever to pull next fall, I know which one I’m pulling.
    Well let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that!

    By the way, why do Ron Paul supporters only complain about “crony capitalism?” Why not complain about crony socialism?

  40. Bob_R says:

    First, I’m not a Paul supporter. I’ll choose one of these scumbuckets when I am forced to. So I’m not qualified to answer your question. But my guess is that socialism is where the state owns the means of production. Obama is using the system used by the fascists. The means of production is owned privately, but entry into the market, management practices, subsidies, taxes, wages, etc. are controlled by the state. But even if fascism is the “right” word economically it is useless in everyday language since you can’t get around the fascism = militarism + racism equation in most peoples minds. Jonah Goldberg fought that battle for a long time. Not worth it. “Crony capitalism” is probably best since is calls bull on companies like GE who say they are champions of the free market, but give huge bribes to get incandescent light bulbs banned.

  41. Basil says:

    What we need: A staunch conservative that will respect individual liberties, other countries, and the constitution ie: Ron Paul

    What we don’t need: Another tax and spend liberal with no respect for the constitution or individual liberties. ie: GW Bush, Romney, Perry or Gingrich.

    I will tell you this: the Republican party is making it abundantly clear there is a division they aren’t willing to reconcile between libertarian Republicans and institutional Republicans. I, for one, will not vote for an institutional Rerpublican if they continue with this insane course of action.

  42. CTCompromise says:

    * Complex molecules have been found on Pluto.

    I thought they meant those Brain Eating Ameobas!! had been found on Mickey Mouse’s dog. Whew! It’s just on some stupid ex-planet lwhich we already divorced . ( Insert your own Beavis and Butt Head joke that at least it’s not on Uransus!)

    * but can we deport an ex-president?

    Never mind that, can we deport a CURRENT president ?? (Think about it: He would have to show proof of citizenship in order to fight the deportation order! 2 birds w/1 stone)

  43. Scooter says:

    I disagree with Ron Paul about foreign policy. But I can live with 4 or 8 years of isolationism in exchange for finally having a President who at least believes in genuine real freedom for Americans. I gave him $20.12. He’s sure to win now.

  44. rumcrook says:

    not only is ronpaul a nut, but im considering selling t-shirts with his face on them under the title batshit crazy. fortunately since ronpual stormed off the cnn set hes been making great headway in reinforcing his mantle as crazy uncle which I deeply apreciate since im considering my options to capitalize on him in a monetary way.

  45. Nephew Sam says:

    If there is a Paul lever and an Obama lever to pull next fall, I know which one I’m pulling.

    I disagree with Ron Paul about foreign policy. But I can live with 4 or 8 years of isolationism in exchange for finally having a President who at least believes in genuine real freedom for Americans. I gave him $20.12. He’s sure to win now.

    ^ This

    Personally, I am not even certain I want to see an Obama lever and a (any current non-Paul Republican contender) lever. After actually looking at his voting record, I want to see a Paul lever.

    Sure, I don’t agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy (isolationism doesn’t work very long). But to me, stopping a collapse of our budget, money supply, economy, and/or government seem like pretty neat things (aka: more pressing matters in the next 4 years). And honestly, after examining each candidate, I’m extremely pessimistic anyone else currently running has the willpower to actually deal with those things.

    Besides, as someone willing to vote for Ron Paul, I’ve been perfectly able to resiST TYPING IN ALL CAPS!!111one

  46. Basil says:

    > Basil (December 22nd, 2011 at 9:51 pm)
    Whoa! Someone named Basil supporting Ron Paul? I hope people don’t confuse the two of us.

    Let’s refer to me as “Basil” and you as “Crazy Basil” m’kay?

  47. Basil says:

    > Nephew Sam:
    > … stopping a collapse of our budget…
    Oh, if only someone in the current crop of Republican candidates had actually done anything in the past, like have balanced the federal budget… Wait. Something. Someone. But who could I be thinking of?

  48. Paul says:

    This is what I don’t get about the Republicans: we know there are moderate Romney supporters willing to vote for Crazy Uncle Ron just to stop Obama. But radical libertarians like me are not willing to vote for Romney (unless he both starts tacking hard right and picks someone awesome for a running mate. I’m talking Chris Christie, John Bolton, and MAYBE Palin again) because we figure that the closest path to freedom runs right through liberal totalitarianism. So why not nominate someone everyone on the right will vote for instead of someone people on the right don’t want to vote for?

  49. Basil says:

    This is what I don’t understand about radical libertarians:
    Why are they willing to let Obama win? If the Republicans nominate someone other than their Dear Leader, Ron Paul, they’re perfectly willing to let Obama win reelection. That’s just plain crazy. It’s like they think anyone other than their guy is all the same. Which is nuts.

  50. Nicki says:

    I disagree with Ron Paul about foreign policy. But I can live with 4 or 8 years of isolationism in exchange for finally having a President who at least believes in genuine real freedom for Americans.

    I have to disagree. One of the biggest functions of the presidency is Commander-in-Chief of the US military. One cannot be an effective C-in-C if one wants to disband his intelligence community and claims CIA is a bunch of assassin drug dealers. Like it or not, we’re in this world, and everything that happens in it affects us. Like it or not, Russia is a huge threat. I know many libertarians don’t believe that, and actually want us to withdraw from NATO, but that’s about as stupid as an idea as you can have. We are a leader in this world. The fall of the Soviet Union, globalization, etc. has created a unilateral balance of power in this world, and we’re it – like it or not. I’m not a fan of meddling in other nations’ business, but I’m also not a fan of abandoning our allies and letting them go to shit. Ron Paul would make a great Fed Chairman, but I want him as far away from the White House, defense and foreign policy as possible.

  51. Scooter says:

    >Oh, if only someone in the current crop of Republican candidates had actually done anything in the past, like have balanced the federal >budget… Wait. Something. Someone. But who could I be thinking of?

    This is from the updated praface of O’Rourke’s Parliament of Whores, speaking about when the Republicans under Gingrich took over congress under Clinton’s Presidency:

    “The fun of “governing,” it turned out, lay in running the government, not dismantling large parts of it; the pleasure of holding power vanished when power was given away. So they didn’t. “Discretionary spending”-the part of the budget that Congress actively controls-actually dropped the first year of the Republican Congress. But spending increased the following year, far beyond the rate of inflation, and continued to increase thereafter. In fact, the annual margin of spending increases got bigger each year the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. From 1996 to 2000, the Republican Congress actually spent $187 billion more than the Democratic Congress of 1994 had planned to spend over the same period.”

    Also, Newt Gingrich thinks FDR was the greatest President of the 20th century. His philosophy of what governments should and shouldn’t be allowed to do is no different than Obama’s. They both want the government’s fist up our poopers. They just differ on where to tickle us after it’s in there.

  52. Basil says:

    Scooter :
    Yeah, imagine if Republicans nominated someone who admired FDR. Oh, the terrible times that would follow!

  53. Scooter says:

    I’d vote for any generic candidate who believes in genuine freedom over Reagan too.

  54. crazyjetguy says:

    Can we have two presidents? A foreign policy president – and a domestic policy president That would solve the problems most people have with him.


  55. Scooter says:

    I could not be more on board with that idea, crazyjetguy.

    Although the actual libertarian party’s likely candidate is actually much more moderate on foreign policy than Ron Paul. Too bad he has even less of a chance.

  56. Nicki says:

    Although the actual libertarian party’s likely candidate is actually much more moderate on foreign policy than Ron Paul. Too bad he has even less of a chance.

    Are you talking about Gary Johnson? If he does get the LP nomination, he’ll get my vote.

  57. Alex C. says:

    CrazyJetGuy: I’ve been saying that for years… though I’m sure it would end up with two presidents trying to get larger governments… seperate congressess… etc etc. Rather have one guy screwing up 50% on each issue than two guys screwing up 100% of the time on everything.

  58. Scooter says:

    “Are you talking about Gary Johnson?”

    That’s the one. I wish he was standing where Ron Paul is standing. At least.

  59. Nicki says:

    Scooter, me too. I supported Gary when he first announced, and I still do, and I think it’s a damn shame he never got any coverage or traction. He’s a more successful executive than anyone else on that stage.

  60. miriam says:

    People who vote for Gingrich are also crazy. His mouth is unconnected to his brain. He’s all about being smart. I call it half smart, and not the good half.

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