Name that flag!

You’ve seen that flag Obama is selling, right?

Yesterday, Frank J. was wondering how the pledge of allegiance to that flag might go.

I kinda wonder something else. My country’s flag has some nicknames, such as “Old Glory,” “The Stars and Stripes,” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Obama’s flag? I’m not sure what to call it. An Obama-nation fits, but that’s been used before.


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  1. “That which flies in the face of all America represents” or “O’s 5 Fallacies”– Hope, Change, Transparency, Unity, and Recovery”


  2. “I don’t remember how many stars on the flag so I took them off” flag.

    “We don’t believe in anything” flag.

    “We surrender” flag.

    “The Peoples Democratic Republic of America” flag.

    “The retired president” flag.

    “The Muslim America” flag.


  3. The red stripes represent the marks of a bloody hand on the ‘safe house’ in Libya.
    The O in the corner represents the administration responsible.


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