Thanks to Obama, “I Built This” Banner-Printing Business Now Booming

[High Praise! to The Last Refuge]

No idea what Paul’s business is or where it’s located. Any of you Nukers got an inkling?

Ya know, if Obama’s re-elected, I’m picturing a new sign gaining popularity:

“I built this, and now I’m tearing it down. I am John Galt and I approve this message”

UPDATE: Per Gradual Dazzle [High Praise!]:

“I would venture to guess that it’s JennMar in Pennsylvania. Can’t guarantee it, but an extensive cootie-hunt Google search turned that up.”

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  1. In 1972, JENNMAR began to change the primary focus of its business to the manufacturing of roof support systems for coal mines. Between that and telling Obama to kiss his ass, he’s going to have a rough time if…….


  2. While I understand the sentiment I wouldn’t want the president anywhere near my……..well that close to me anyway. So he could certainly kiss my great aunts bussel or my Aunt Fannys granny but stay the heck away from me and my ……personal space. There’s a bubble dude.



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