Random Thoughts: PBS, Minimum Wage, and Voltron

Government didn’t step in to save Firefly, so unless something on PBS or NPR is better than Firefly, I don’t see why my tax dollars should go to it.

Where did the president get the idea he can make innovation happen in a determined number of years? Guess he plays a lot of Civilization.

If you mess up a RoboCop reboot, you should just not be allowed to make movies ever again.

Math hates a minimum wage increase and all our entitlement spending, but no one elected Math so I don’t know why we’d listen to it.

But I just saw Obama claiming a minimum wage increase would create 140,000 jobs through wage-magic or something.

If you needed the CBO to tell you a minimum wage increase would cost jobs, please please stay out of politics.

So a minimum wage increase would cost jobs for the benefit of making mainly middle-class teenagers wealthier.

Obama’s war on job-lock is going pretty well, actually.

Why can’t multiple tanks form together to make a giant tank robot? Has no defense contractor ever seen Voltron?

“Have we tried reversing the polarity? I don’t know of what; whatever has a polarity.” -me trying to be helpful in a Star Trek episode

“If we raise the prices on goods, people will buy even more of them!” -Obama’s economists, I assume

“I have a Nobel Prize; you’ll do as I tell you!” -Paul Krugman yelling at a math textbook

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  1. Where did the president get the idea he can make innovation happen in a determined number of years? Guess he plays a lot of Civilization.

    I wish he’d start viewing the U.N. Colonization Spaceship to Alpha Centauri as a victory condition and take all the liberals with him….


  2. If reversing the polarity doesn’t work, try inverting the subspace particle field.

    That usually works.

    And that’s why I prefer the original Star Trek, there was none of this inverting or reversing crap, they just shot it until it stopped being so alien and stupid.


  3. @2 – You forgot about “That Which Survives”:


    Spock: Computer, for out phase condition, will reverse field achieve closure?

    Computer: Affirmative, if M-7 factor maintained.

    Spock: Mr. Scott, reverse polarity on your magnetic probe.

    Scott: Reverse polarity?

    Spock: That is correct, Mr. Scott.

    Scott: That’ll take some doing. What purpose could it–

    Spock: Please commence. I’ll explain. You were correct in your feel. The Enterprise was put through a molecular transporter and reassembled slightly out of phase. Reversed polarity should seal the incision.


  4. There aren’t any middle-class teenagers earning minimum wage. It is the 55 to 75 age group forcibly retired from full-time employment that is earning minimum wage. And there is no need to raise the minimum wage. Simply scrap the Obamacare employer mandate so we can go back to working 40 hours a week instead of 25. Instant 40% raise.



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