Might As Well Have Some Fun With This

Commenter 4 of 7 said:

Where can I get a t-shirt or bumpersticker that says, “Proud member of the Angry Mob”?

So I threw this together:

[original image from here]

It occurs to me that other people might want to play with this, so I uploaded a blank version to the lolbuilder site that you can re-caption to your heart’s content. Or just leave your caption in the comments.

Here are some suggestions:

Tell me about
Your health care plan

I supported Obama and
all I got was this lousy mob


Palin/Mob 2012

You want our taxes?
Come get them.

Got TEA?


Just say no

Why didn’t you lefties TELL us that angry mobbing was so much fun?

Proud Mobican-American

Meanwhile, John Hawkins of Right Wing News is putting new captions on the Obama-Joker poster, and encouraging people to post them in public places. That naughty little scamp!

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  1. ‘Proud Member of the Angry Mob.’ I like that, it’s catchy. It’s as good as ‘Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,’ or ‘We Eat, Therefore We Hunt.’ I guess I’m becoming a Mobican-American….well I must confess I’ve always wanted a hyphen.


  2. Remeber, like the glowball warming hoax, they could not get the distraction they wanted, so now they have changed the talking point from healt care reform to health care insurance reform. Communism by anyohter name.

    Damn, I must be an angry mob.


  3. The liberals should be careful. Unlike their angry mobs, ours have access to high quality automatic weapons, and not just the occasional piece of rust that was robbed from a pawn shop.


  4. I am not encouraging anyone to use weapons, or to rebel. Just for the liberals to keep in mind that if they ever fulfill their dream of a socialist America where they steal every election, then we will seek popular change by other means. As long as we have the election route, we should go that direction, but keep the other open.


  5. Rush just came up with this awesome idea for “mobwear”! He scrapped it because he figured it would take 3 weeks to come up with a design. Frank just missed a really great opportunity.


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