New IMAO T-Shirt! Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans

I bet a few of you figured this out when you read how scientists are working on a t-shirt that is bulletproof and radiation-proof, but it’s finally time for a new IMAO t-shirt!

Go! Buy now!

It’s been a while since I came out with a new shirt, so you’ve probably all been walking around shirtless. But no more! Now you can bring IMAO with you everywhere in shirt form!

So what are the advantages of the Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans t-shirt, you ask? Here they are:


* It counts as proof of citizenship in Arizona.

* It infuses all your hugs with extra love.

* It’s the perfect attire for a Tea Party to make sure people don’t mistake you for one of those Tea Partiers who supports what the Democrats are doing.

* If Obama sees one, it will upset him so much the he won’t finish his waffles.

* It will give you bursts of SUPER DOUBLE EXTRA GENIUS so you can know what it’s like to be me.

* It will give you the power to spot ninjas.

* Liberals will not be able to accuse you of being violent or racist, as they will be struck dead by the great power that protects the shirt and its wearer.

* If you buy one, I will be your very best friend.

So buy one now! Or two! Or three! And please note that a portion of the proceeds for every shirt purchased will go towards the IMAO baby so we don’t have to dress him in old potato sacks.

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  1. …so we don’t have to dress him in old potato sacks

    Since all the potato sacks I see at the grocery are plastic, this might be an issue with child protective services. You could always use left-over T-shirts instead.


  2. Excellent new shirt, Frank! I’m gonna buy one.

    Now, if we can only get you off your lazy ass and get you to re-issue the awesome Fred Thompson “Punch The Hipppies” shirt so I can replace the one I wore to shreds, we’ll be golden!

    Just kidding! (well, maybe). Thanks for the awesome new shirt!


  3. Kewl. And as I was reading I said to myself, “Self, as cliche as it sounds I think I would be very much interested in a “You Might Be a RIGHT WING RADICAL if”…….and thats my comment ….


  4. Mine’s ordered, although I am bummed that there are no more Nuke the Moon shirts left to go along with it, so I settled for a UN Slogan Shirt for summer wearing fun.

    Mebbe you could update the Fred Thomson shirt to a ’12 version and reissue it.


  5. Well, I ordered my shirt. But it said something about it shipping on 5/14! What gives, I want my instant gratification now. I want MY t-shirt NOW, Nurse Ratchet!

    OK, I just went and fired my gun randomly down the hall, I feel much better now. Of course, now all the weiners in the other offices are freaking out over a couple of dozen gunshots. What a bunch of cry babies! Put a sock on it or I’ll start shooting again!


  6. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to kick-in my normal annual subscription to IMAO for the last four months but now I think I’ll just kick-in.

    Besides, you’ve been maligning potatoes and the Irish for a long time and I was worried about how you’d handle the potato sack thing.

    Is it too early for a BL Lime?


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