One Week!

Posted on October 26, 2010 11:03 am

It’s one week until Election Day, our big opportunity to tell Obama definitively how stupid he is and how much we hate him. And the more seats the GOP wins in the House, the more we tell Obama we hate all his socialism and wish he went back to Kenya and took his Ivy League university terrorists friends with him.

Of course, the Democrats are going to try to do everything they can to avoid the reality that everyone hates them. Nancy Pelosi is even claiming that everything was going great and everyone was loving the Democrats until evil foreign money showed up. How much money? According to super smart Joe Biden it’s $200 billion. In fact, I’m getting $1 million in foreign money just for writing this blog post making fun of how stupid Democrats are.

Anyway, that Republicans are getting foreign money is the big meme the Donks are clinging to now, which is weird since I thought it was well established that foreigners hate the Republicans (and they hate them), and love Obama. Plus, I thought Democrats loved foreigners way better than they do Americans. They probably wish they could just be funded by a bunch of George Soroses and never even have to deal with Americans.

Still, Democrats are making some last ditch efforts. You have Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Smugness (make sure to check out the Taiwanese animation of it) since many liberals think their main problem was that they weren’t dismissive enough of the views of Americans. Also, Obama is still going around and talking even though that sounds really counterproductive. He recently said that Republicans have to sit in the back of the bus he’s driving, basically comparing Republicans to blacks in the Jim Crow South… which is a surprisingly honest assessment of his attitude towards them.

So that’s how things are going one week until the elections. Make sure you get everyone to go out and vote… unless they’re thinking of voting for a Democrat. Then you should knock the person out and throw him in a ditch on November 2nd. It’s for the good of the country.

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17 Responses to “One Week!”

  1. zzyzx says:

    The Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor, widely seen as more conservative than the independent seeking to lead the heavily Democratic state, said Monday that President Obama can “shove it” after learning Obama would not endorse him. Let’s hope more people are thinking that way on election day.

  2. MarkoMancuso says:

    I don’t care about money. Obama and the Democrats are right about people from jobless towns in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Sometimes, when it’s dark outside and no one is around, I open up my Bible to Romans and pour 50 rounds of cheap surplus foreign ammo upon the pages. I stare at the ammo as the beautiful moonlight shines upon it. I sit for hours until I fall asleep. I awake to the loving smell of copper.

    I do everything I do for cheap surplus foreign ammo.

  3. Jimmy says:

    One week? Thank God. The BS political ads on radio and TV are unbearable.

  4. jcp370 says:

    I’m already in line at my polling place. I’ve been here since 7:00 AM EST.

  5. MarkoMancuso says:

    Jimmy! Here in Pennsylvania, the Democrat candidate for Governor, Onorato, apppears to be headed for a loss. Thank God! He’s so crazy even Ed Rendell thinks his idea to force the gas companies in the Marcellus Shale to only hire Onorato-approved workers is crazy. Anyway, Onorato’s newest campaign idea is to suggest he will defund both Penn State University and the University of Pittsburgh if the two schools don’t play each other in football. How does one even argue with something that stupid?

  6. storm1911 says:

    jimmy, there are still the run-offs. Gah !!!

    The lefties know they are in trouble. Be prepared for some super serious high weirdness in the next week. A cornered badger always freaks.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Marko! You don’t. You stick his head in a pumkin and kick it through the uprights!

    storm1911 – run-offs? All I hear the Democrats doing is “running-off” at the mouth. Craptards!

  8. Burmashave says:

    WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? The McRib is an abomination. I worked at McDonalds when it first came out in the 70’s (yes Jimmy Carter was responsible for the McRib). It is a greasy patty of some sort of meat, and eating it induces McRib flavored burps hours later. For over 30 years, McDonalds has rolled it back out, only to roll it back in.

    Fun fact: Part of the McRib preparation involves stacking them up while they are on the grill so you can try to squeeze a puddle of the grease out of them. One cannot be too aggressive with the grease squeezing because the mystery meat will fall apart if squeezed too hard.

    McDonalds is very liberal-esque, no? “It’s a great sandwich. We just didn’t market it right the last 8 times.”

  9. ussjimmycarter says:

    Find a Democrat, tie him up and drive his car into the ditch. Then have a Slurpie and walk away a leave him there to get it out! Obama has great ideas!

  10. Bantha_Fodder says:

    Burma, its all about communication. It would have worked, and they knew everybody wanted it, but if only they could have communicated better with them.

  11. plentyobailouts says:

    Spam, spam, spam, spam, McRib, and spam. And eggs.

  12. jcp370 says:

    MarkoMancuso, the Inquirer or the Pinky as we lovingly call it,, endorsed Onorato. I have to say I didn’t see that coming cause I heard they once before endorsed a Republican back in the 1800s. They also endorsed the psychopath Sestak. I attended 2 Sestak town halls in the past and that guy is certifiable. He constantly widens his eyes in a pitiful attempt to look innocent and blinks stagily. Sort of like a lying male Bette Davis. The Pinky threw me for a loop by endorsing the Republican Pat Meehan in PA-7, Sestak’s old district, cause the Dem candidate collected 3,000 signatures to run a faux Tea Party candidate and then admitted it, saying he saw nothing wrong with helping someone else who wanted to run for office. One. More. Week.

  13. Frank M says:

    The money shot of the week comes from the mostly brilliant P.J. O’Rourke:
    “This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.”

    Read the whole piece-it’s well worth it:

  14. Son of Bob says:

    So, foreign money is bad, but running a candidate for president who’s actually a foreigner, who was backed by foreign money is good. I don’t think I understand.

  15. Dodsfall says:

    I got $100 in foreign money just by making this comment!

  16. ussjimmycarter says:

    So, where’s my dough?

  17. 4of7 says:

    #13 – Frank M, good link! thanks.

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