Nuke the News: The Very Poor and Other Things Not to Care About

* So Romney won Florida. No surprises there. And by a big margin in pretty much every group you can think of, which is a little surprising. Also, this was a closed primary with only actual Republicans voting (which is why Ron Paul only got 7%).

Basil is technically right that it’s not over, but CW is that the only one who can defeat Romney now is Romney. Basically he has to make some huge mistake to lose. Like be caught with a dead hooker. That sort of thing.

Still, maybe Newt can pick up some Southern states and gain some momentum. The disadvantage of that is that then we’d might have Newt as a nominee. Just can’t trust that guy. Unlike Romney who…

What are we trying to accomplish again?

* Romney is already kind of stepping in it, though. “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” Not so bad in context, but these are the things people seize on. Other things he needs to avoid saying:

“Poverty is funny.”

“I like the sound poor people make when I run over them in my limo.”

“Shut up, you stupid poor people! No one wants to hear what comes out of your money-less mouths!”

Actually, if Romney gets challenged on his concern for the poor, a good response would be, “And exactly how many millions have you given to charity?”

* Of course, Obama isn’t exactly saying all the right things either. A woman confronted him the other day with how her husband couldn’t find a job, and Obama said he found her husband’s unemployment “interesting.”

Obama 2012: “I find your lack of a job intriguing.”

Hmm. He is a lot like Spock.

* Rick Santorum says that Newt Gingrich should stop pressuring rivals to drop out. Gingrich responded saying, “I will… when you drop out.”

If Santorum had dropped out before the Florida primary… Gingrich still would have lost. But if Ron Paul had also dropped out… Gingrich still would have lost because Ron Paul voters wouldn’t vote at all and would instead just stay home and put brand new tin foil coverings on their windows.

* The CBO is estimating another trillion plus deficit. But don’t worry, taxes should soon go up to help with that. Though that should also slow economic growth.

Obama 2012!

* Wisdom of the Day from Grover Norquist:

I want to cut Warren Buffett’s secretary’s taxes. Obama hopes she ignores her pain and focusses on his promises to raise Warren’s taxes.

* DC Comics has announced new Watchmen comics. Since Watchmen is considered to be one of the greatest comics of all time — nay, one of the greatest pieces of literature of all time — and nearly sacred, and since Alan Moore isn’t going to be involved with these new comics, expect fandom to scream like an abattoir full of retarded children. Actually, there’s no question Alan Moore wasn’t going to be involved as DC Comics burnt bridges with him (plus he’s a weirdo — a weirdo who takes all his characters seriously and write them three-dimensionally), but DC does own the rights to the Watchmen characters and this should be a pretty big deal. And they’re going to be prequels, which is good since *SPOILER* Rorschach was killed in the end (he gets all blowed up in one of the saddest scenes since Old Yeller). Who would care about new Watchmen comics with Rorschach?

Well, I guess DC is banking on some people caring, because they’re making 34 comics, but only four are going to be centered on Rorschach. I mean, they have a six issue miniseries on Ozymandias; who cares? I want nothing but comics of Rorschach’s nihilistic musings while being brutal to criminals. He’s like Batman if Batman were poor and much crazier. “None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with ME!”

If Rorschach were still alive today, though, I kind of get the feeling he’d be a Ron Paul supporter.

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  1. the only one who can defeat Romney now is Romney.

    And then Romney steps in it with his ” “I’m not concerned about the very poor” comment. True, in context, it’s not as awful as all that. But a polished politician-slash-cyborg should know better not to utter certain words in a particular sequence. EVER. His chip should have this programmed into it. You know like:

    “Why don’t the poor just burn $100 bills to heat themselves?”

    But the same could be said with Mitt’s “I like to fire people” comment, and that certainly didn’t stop the liberals from dishonestly playing that snippet in an endless loop.

    Now they have something to add to that loop.

    “I like firing people.”
    “I’m not concerned with the very poor”
    “I’ll bet you $10,000”
    “When Bain took over my factory, we all lost our jobs.”
    “Sure, I have accounts in the Cayman Islands.”

    And… SCENE!

    And I didn’t even mention Mitt’s blind trust. Who the heck has one of those? Blind trust is what we put into our candidate that he won’t say something dumb and sound like Joe Freaking Biden.

    Would a greatest hits of Romney’s snippets be unfair? You betcha. But in the 2012 Rumble of the States, Obama’s called topic – “class warfare” and Romney’s called tactics – “negative ads.”

    We saw what Romney could do to Newt with $15 million of negative ads in the Florida primary yesterday. Just imagine the distortions Obama could mangle with his $1 billion of cash. By the time the Democrats are done with Romney, he’ll be unrecognizable, resembling a cross between the Donald Trump, Koch Bros, George Soros Dick Cheney and Darth Vader (but I repeat myself).

    Live by the negative ad, die by the negative ad.

    Second look at Santorum?

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  2. Rorschach was definitely the best part of the Watchmen movie (although the soundtrack was pretty good too). I don’t think Rorschach would be a Ron Paul supporter though, because I just don’t see him participating in the political process. If he did participate, it would most likely be by killing some politicians.


  3. If RMoney was IN TOUCH and read Huffing Post he’d know that the poor and very poor are of great concern as most families are only one crisis away from real bare knuckles poverty; something he’ll NEVER understand­, unlike President Obama who lived in poverty in Indonesia and grew up on foodstamps­. Freakin idiot keeps handing these pieces of gold not just to Newterz but to the Dems as well. How the heck can one not be concerned about the very poor then cite the 90/95% of which is compiled of the very poor, poor, and middle class? Seriously Mittens? Time to hire an Interview Coach.


  4. This thread is awesomely Jack Handy-esque, so I thought I’d add a quote for ya:

    If I ever get real rich, I hope I’m not real mean to poor people, like I am now. -Jack Handy

    Anyway, Mitt’s quote will be used ad nauseam whether or not he becomes the nominee (Karma for the “ghetto” ad?). Context be damned…however…the quote in context isn’t all that great either. He is essentially saying that the entitlement programs are just fine. This leaves one less thing to hit Obama with. Until now, we have had the “food stamp president”. Now it seems that Mitt would happily leave them on the dole. kwim?


  5. HARVEY KORMAN: I’ve come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting.
    MITT ROMNEY: You said it, they stink on ice.
    HARVEY KORMAN: No your majesty, this is a very serious problem. The peasants feel you have no regard for them.
    MITT ROMNEY: What? I have no regard for the peasants? They are my people! I am their sovereign! I love them! PULL!!! …drifting to the left.


  6. What he should have said was: ” I don’t care about people who claim to be “very poor” (aka, they have never worked a millisecond in their life) because when you add up all the free stuff they get, they’re not only not “poor”, they make more than most people who WORK!”

    Let’s take the 250 lb plus leech in the apartment right next door:
    Rent: $18,000/yr (at least)
    “free” insurance for her and her 2 bastards: $15,000 at least (I assume since I have to PAY almost $7000 to cover just me)
    free food: gotta be $500/month to maintain her tonnage so that’s $6000/yr
    free cell phone: $1200/yr (I’ve seen her talking on it…while sitting on her fat ass on the back steps, smoking cigarettes that cost $8+/ pack)

    Total: $40,200 [Per capita money income in past 12 months (2010 dollars) 2006-2010 $27,334]

    The “War on Poverty” is over, poverty won.


  7. # Haitiana4Obama says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    If RMoney was IN TOUCH and read Huffing Post he’d know that the poor and very poor are of great concern as most families are only one crisis away from real bare knuckles poverty; something he’ll NEVER understand­, unlike President Obama who lived in poverty in Indonesia and grew up on foodstamps­.

    A: when he was born there was no such thing as food stamps and had abortion been legal then, he wouldn’t even be here
    B: He went to a PRIVATE SCHOOL in Indonesia and then a VERY expensive PRIVATE SCHOOL in Hawaii (thanks to his white grand parents)
    and has never lived one second of his life “in poverty” you ignorant moron. He’s also never had a JOB, something I’m sure you and he have in common along with your IQ.


  8. @13 NO-_MO_BAMA
    “He went to a PRIVATE SCHOOL in Indonesia and then a VERY expensive PRIVATE SCHOOL in Hawaii”

    It seems he went to VERY private schools throughout all his life..including Ivy League Colleges which will not release any records involving classes taken, attendendance, grades, thesis papers, etc. etc. “Dem folks” made a big deal about George W. getting “C” grades in some least we know he TOOK the courses..and WHEN…and WHERE…and that he PASSED the courses…and actually earned a degree. Amazing how public records can become not-so-public when they relate to a certain public…let’s face it, the MOST public person in this country!! For this administration POTUS is the anacrynism for “Put Our Transcripts Under Security”. It’s time we leave Chicago politics (and politicians) where they belong….in Chicago, and all of it’s graveyards; which cast the majority of votes there..


  9. @Haitiana4Obama

    I took what you said to be sarcastic since you quoted the HuffPost. Looks like the other folks here straightened things out for you if you weren’t.

    I thought Romney’s quote was reasonable. The poor have a safety net and the rich don’t need help, so he is concentrating on the middle where it will make a difference.


    if you are “only one crisis away from real bare knuckles poverty”, maybe you should work up a budget. Scraping up an emergency fund might help you sleep better at night.


    What exactly is Obama doing about the problem? Punishing the rich doesn’t help the poor. Having more rich people helps the poor, it means there are more jobs.


  10. That’s the problem with liberals, the s%&t they say is like a parody of themselves so there’s no way to tell if it’s sarcasm/humor or not, they both sound the same. But if Haitiana4Obama was being “sarcastic”, he’s obviously a racist and should be prosecuted for hate crimes.



  11. [Posted this at NR, reposting here]

    So, let me get this straight: Romney the uber-liberal boldly espouses two conservative sentiments…and this is bad? Not only that, that darned spineless flip-flopper doubles down when asked about both statements; refusing to back off. Um, which team are you guys batting for?

    Don’t get me wrong, if taken in isolation it COULD sound bad. However, the statements are so audacious that anyone who hears them is going to ask, “did he really say that?” The slightest investigation (or 30-second rebuttal ad) will lead them to hear both quotes in context. These quotes espouse ideas that have broad popular support, by the way.

    TL;DR: Romney the spine-less, bland, flip-flopping progressive lobs conservative red meat and refuses to back down; “genuine conservatives” throw tantrum.


  12. This ‘story’ is on the radio now…wtf? he says he’s for 95% of Americans (the exact opposite of Obama) and this is now “news”?

    Obama loves “poor” people, he’s bought milllllions of them.

    At the end of 2011, with 1.825 million people in the food-stamp program, the city (NY) employed one worker for every 852 cases. At the end of 2007, before the recession, there was one case worker for every 549 food-stamp cases.
    The city is scheduled to hire 49 additional food-stamp eligibility workers and 50 employment specialists in February, the city said
    (employment specialist specialize in getting people hack fake jobs like ’employment specialist’ and ‘food-stamp eligibility worker’ as long as they
    aren’t among the leeches, can’t expect them to… for their free food!!)

    ^^^^^creating jobs^^^!!1!!1!!!!1

    New York City population:8,391,881 , therefore 22.343024168240706% are on welfare….I wonder who they’ll vote for?


  13. “There’s a reason we have the ‘minimum wage’ and it’s not a ‘living wage.’ If it were a living wage, then it would be the ‘new minimum wage’ and people would have to have a higher ‘living wage,’ which they clearly don’t need to live, thus causing even more inflation. Therefore, I’m in favor of indexing the minimum wage to inflation to keep things more stable.”

    “I am worried about the middle class. If you’re caught in the middle like they are, there’s nowhere to go but up or down. I like firing people when their wages are too high. After they’re fired, they have a safety net to fall back on, which is good. But if it’s broke, I’ll fix it so they can move back up in society.”


  14. Other things Mutt Romulan needs to avoid saying: 1) “RomneyCare works great for Taxachusetts.”
    2) “When I was governor of Taxachusetts…..”
    3) “I can’t have illegal aliens working for me, I’m running for president for God’s sake!”
    4) “I bet you $10,000 that I care about the middle class!”


  15. There are situations involving background noise where he shouldn’t say things like:

    5.) “I’ll reach across the aisle and we’ll work it together.” (to the sound of a jack hammer)
    6.) “I think abortion is a state’s issue but I support a woman’s right to choose even though I’m against abortion, personally.” (to the sound of babies crying in a daycare)
    7.) “Social Security can be made sound again.” (to some old guy farting in a nursing home)


  16. Son of Bob scores!

    haten4osama not so much. I mean anyone who reads huffpoo has fsb liberal syndrome. Anyone who buys a single word deserves it. Heck, I would wonder what the meaning of is is if I saw it on huffpoo.

    I hear osama doesn’t understand why people are unemployed. Maybe rumney can splain it and then fire him.

    I have decided I am writing in Pat Paulson. Because all of the alternatives suck.

    The secret service is investigating an hussein obaaamaaa target with a lot of holes in it. What else do you do with a target?

    Sasquatch was lecturing Jay Leno on the type of food he eats. Do you suppose she had a Big Mac in her hoof while she was lecturing? You just can’t make this stuff up! I am hoping newt is going to lift his shirt in the next debate and tell sasquatch to eat this!


  17. No, Mr Romney should cease answering questions from the media unless their questions are based on accurate and complete quotes. And he should point out that a misquote is a ‘lie’; and a quote out of context is a ‘falsehood’. He needs to maintain this regime until the media sorts itself out, or we get a new reality show “Media Scumbaggery: Lower Than John Murtha In A Wagon Rut”.
    And he should begin calling on Chris Matthews as the “White Albino Straw Man”; and “Tinkles the Lyre”.



  18. Yes, Mitt ‘stepped in it’ with his “poor” comment. But all one needs to do is glance back to the 2008 Primary to see how supposedly damaging statements today go by the wayside by the time November rolls around. And that Democrats therefore are greatly overestimating their chances for success …



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