Straight Line of the Day: Have You Seen How They Decorated the White House for Halloween?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Have you seen how they decorated the White House for Halloween?

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  1. …the decorations are so ‘dead’ oriented the WH looks like the inside of a San Francisco Chick-Fil-A during gay pride week.

    …the decorations are so ‘dead’ oriented the WH looks like the Chicago polls on election day.

    …the decorations are so ‘dead’ oriented the WH has Ozombies wandering around chanting ‘Obam-ho-tep… Obam-ho-tep… Obam-ho-tep…’


  2. … The decorations are so ‘dead’ oriented the WH invited Al Franken and Anthony Weiner in their joint Frankenweinie costume.

    … The decorations are so ‘dead’ oriented they made John Boehner cry… well, admittedly the past Easter decorations make him cry too.


  3. The White House was done up to look scary!

    How scary was it?

    Scarier than Helen Thomas without makeup.

    Scarier than Helen Thomas WITH makeup.

    Scarier than Obama with a pen approaching a passed piece of legislation.

    Scarier than Congress in session.

    Scarier than Lena Dunham asking you to be her first.

    Scarier than Sandra Fluke maniacally screaming for free contraceptives.

    Scarier than Pelosi before she has her daily face lift.


  4. Moochelle stopped shaving.

    George Soros at the back door dressed as a Soul Eater. Actually that is normal.

    Joe Biden took out his teeth.

    Obama’s costume is not very scary. He put on a hat and is going around as a Star wars Tie-Fighter. (Its an ears joke.)

    Valerie Jarret has her arm up Big bird instead of where she normally keeps it. ( hint; Its Up Obama’s Obama)

    Nancy Pelosi and George Stephanopoulos are playing whack a mole with the big gavel.

    Micheal Moore is dressed rather unconvincingly as Rush Limbaugh. Except Rush wouldn’t have a gravy stain on his un-tucked shirt.

    The hollow look in Obama’s eyes is normal.

    U-haul keeps cold calling the switchboard.


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