Straight Line of the Day: Obama Gave the Weirdest Answer During the Debate…

Posted on October 18, 2012 12:00 pm

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…

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56 Responses to “Straight Line of the Day: Obama Gave the Weirdest Answer During the Debate…”

  1. rodney dill says:

    “Mine’s not as big a your’s, Mitt.”

  2. rodney dill says:

    “My solution to the economic crisis is… Oh look! Shiny!”

  3. frogmouth says:

    He actually told the truth.

  4. rodney dill says:

    “So Ms. Crowley, did you like Alex Karras?”

  5. g says:

    … the rules have been changed and the buck now stops with the assistant to the undersecretary of the secretary of state.

  6. Bouncing Beatnik says:

    Ahhhhh! Close your HTML tag!

    No Obama didn’t say that, but I’m saying it to IMAO.

  7. Zaklog the Great says:

    I think someone forgot to close a tag.

  8. g says:

    … that mitt romney was the head of the congressional opposition when they voting on obamacare.

  9. Fangbeer says:

    He deferred the question to the person responsible for making executive decisions.

    It was a 17 part strategy to stimulate business by increasing their taxes and imposing more penalties. You’re probably too stupid to understand it.

    He allowed the oceans to rise back up again to distract from a question about his failure to deliver on his deficit promises.

  10. Fangbeer says:

    I accidentally the national security.

  11. Dohtimes says:

    …when he proposed solving hunger and the need for birth control with a dog in every pot and a chicken in every garage.

    …when he said Muhammad brought the mountain of debt to me, so I brought you to the mountain.

    …when he told Romney his woman didn’t fit in a binder until he used a three hole punch on her and then Michelle stopped clapping and punched him. Three times. Upside his big head.

  12. DamnCat says:

    …when he replied “I prefer boxers. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a ‘brief’ breed.”

  13. FormerHostage says:

    …Ich bin ein Berliner!

  14. FormerHostage says:


  15. FormerHostage says:

    …Who’s up for some pie?

  16. FormerHostage says:

    …fer schnizzle.

  17. Mrs. C says:

    Good thing the “moderator” had his back.


    He just sat there, blowing a dog whistle. Weather to summon a snack, or rile up his supporters no one knows.

  18. AwesometificAmerican says:

    Biden! Klaatu barada nikto!

  19. FormerHostage says:



    …I didn’t get a harumph from that man!

  20. Brutus says:

    …stating, “let me be clear and make no mistake about it, this is hard – a lot of people don’t know hard it is to be president, and we inherited a big mess, it’s worse than we initially planned and, uh, umm, I won, and ah, like I was saying to Michelle, she said, “people in Cleveland understand” and it’s so true and a, ah, ah, person was telling me in, just the other day at a diner there, great fries by the way you should go there, a big shout out to all my firends there, so I was saying – Let me finish my point! We do get equal time, right?!? – Right, so there is no right answer to the question on that which is ah, umm, right there in the transcript of what I said. So in closing, like I said, before I spoke, I’m right. I was right all along. Can we move along? Can we change the subject?”

  21. Jimmy says:

    …”Alex, I’ll take water boarding for a thousand.”

  22. rodney dill says:

    “… you’d do it for Randolph Scott.”

  23. James says:

    While starting directly at Ms. Crowley’s chest “Hello boys, did you miss me?”

  24. Keln says:

    Every thing below this post is in BOLD

    Did you forget to close a tag Harvey?

  25. plentyobailouts says:

    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate… uh can we stop for a minute, mt earpiece seems to have gone out and I can’t hear prompter.

  26. Brian says:

    “Take the Wookie to my ship!”

  27. DamnCat says:

    …in response to a question from a Hispanic member the audience: “Yes, I do have six fingers on my right hand. Why?”

  28. Marc says:

    When asked a question he replied “present” and sat back down.

    When he tried to explain how an economy on the brink of collapse with out of control inflation actually reduces gas prices and that high prices are a sign of recovery.

    When he tried to reason that “less is more” on the number of oil drilling permits issued by his administration.

    When he stated that he is for the Second Ammendment….that’s the one that lets you eat dogs right?

  29. rodney dill says:

    @DamnCat #27. ~~~~~


  30. Dohtimes says:

    …he said: You ever seen liberal women? It’s obvious we put the binders into them.

    …claiming that he was more qualified to be the middle leg of the govt. teat milking stool.

  31. HokieGomer says:

    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…he said “Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg Ni”!

  32. lokidoki says:

    May I mumbo dogface to the banana patch?

  33. Jimmy says:

    …regarding Welfare payments, “Your numbers sound inflated to me.”

  34. Bob in Feenicks says:

    …”Who am I? Why am I here?”

    …”How am I looking? …I’m looking good! What’s that? …It’s my shadow! Even my shadow’s looking good! Owww!”

  35. blarg says:

    …after being asked about his record over the last 4 years, he just charged the audience yelling “LEEROY JENKINS!!!!” and punching people.

  36. tanstaafl says:

    he foamed something about “and your little dog too.”

  37. Jimmy says:

    …”Well, because my ears form what’s called a ‘phased array.’ See, the more I turn my head, the greater is the strength of a differential signal, which when integrated by my on-board microprocessor, only enhances the simpler delta-T phase angle calculation done by my subconscious all the time. This way, I know where the sound is coming from better than most. Huh? Oh, you didn’t ask the question? Well, then who did?”

  38. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    …after being asked about reducing gas prices, Obama said “Man…what’s nitrous running per tank these days? Cause I’ve got this Bolivian dentist for a connect who hooks me up with a few on tha DL when I can’t get my choom on.”

  39. CTCompromise says:

    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…when he answered questions about the embassy attack by saying “On the advice of my counsel I wish to invoke my 5th ammendment rights.” Who knew that he was aware of ANY of the Bill of Rights !?!

  40. CTCompromise says:

    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…when he stood up and said his chair would answer that question.

  41. CTCompromise says:

    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate…just about every time he opened his mouth.

  42. Writer says:

    …I didn’t kill that dog, he committed suicide in my barbecue pit.

  43. Jimmy says:

    ~ Writer!

    Yeah, and then his dog just happened to baste himself in Hot Damn Barbeque Sauce.

  44. Writer says:

    …I have to check my binders to see if I have met that woman.

  45. Bad Science says:

    blarg says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    …after being asked about his record over the last 4 years, he just charged the audience yelling “LEEROY JENKINS!!!!” and punching people.
    ~~~~~Bacon to you!
    Obama gave the weirdest answer during the debate… when he tried to do a Biden grin and failed.

  46. Cliff says:

    Allah Akbar!

  47. seanmahair says:

    …….even though he repeatedly practiced the questions beforehand. Maybe that’s why he won’t release his transcripts, maybe he did that poorly in classes he should have excelled in.

  48. seanmahair says:

    Oh my goodness Jimmy I missed your earlier post but just found it. I about fell on the floor. “Phased Array” tee hee, tee hee, gaffaw.

  49. SineWaveII says:

    “Uh Mitt it looks like I’m gonna be out of my digs come January, can I sack out on the sofa for few weeks till I can find a place?”

  50. RAML says:

    Bob in Feenicks says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    …”Who am I? Why am I here?”

    Is this the cat from the old english series Red Dwarf
    …”How am I looking? …I’m looking good! What’s that? …It’s my shadow! Even my shadow’s looking good! Owww!”

  51. Tin Man says:

    which sounded like a muttered ” Must wait kill the infidel until after the election when I have more flexibility.”

  52. Fly says:

    …, “I know you are, but what am I?”

  53. Marc says:

    ….if they take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire

  54. Dohtimes says:

    …when he refused to say any words beginning with an S because he had beaten all the S-Words into ploughshares. Then he thanked the VP for his help in catching up on his Bible stu-stu-uhhh Bible reading.

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  56. Ogrrre says:

    … No, dog does not taste just like chicken. I’d say it’s more like a cross between bald eagle and california condor.

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